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16 Reviews

Phoenix Capital Group, LLC


Phoenix Capital Group, LLC Overview

Disclaimer: “According to information provided to 99 Consumer, Phoenix Capital Group of Phoenix, AZ, a freight factoring company is not affiliated with a similarly named company Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC out of Denver, CO. which is an oil and gas company”

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Is Phoenix Capital Group, LLC legit?

Phoenix Capital Group, LLC has 16 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Phoenix Capital Group, LLC customer care?

You can contact Phoenix Capital Group, LLC customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 623.298.3450

Where is Phoenix Capital Group, LLC located?

Phoenix Capital Group, LLC is located at address 8707 E Vista Bonita Dr #240, Scottsdale, Arizona 85255, USA.

16 Reviews on Phoenix Capital Group, LLC

  1. Anonymous
    1 rating

    Phoenix Capital Group LLC Complaint

    Dec 7, 2023

    I had registered with Phoenix Capital Group LLC as we required the factoring system. I have eventually given a reason to utilize the factoring system at Phoenix Capital as the broker wouldn't give draws on loads.

    This idea was discussed in depth, and we were provided FTS cards from the fleet of Tech Transportation Services that we were told could be loaded with as much as 50% of settlement before it was delivered to Phoenix Capital.

    The cards were particular in needing the receipt of an invoice and a Bill of Lading and rate confirmation sheet before they could pay the FTS card.

    The card was not funded by the initial deadline of 7/10/ The shipping company was behind in releasing its Bill of Lading. The trucking company and drivers are unloading and loading 24 hours a day and on call daily for all situations that may arise.

    I made a mistake commenting on bankers' hours, but it was not addressed to Phoenix Capital as the person in charge was furious, and I apologized once I realized the mistake.

    I had a truck in the load and needed fuel money, so I tried not to rile the agent further and get this over with. 7/11/207. We were told everything was in order.

    They were going to credit an FTS card and that we'd be able to get fuel to allow the driver to travel within an hour of receiving this email that said everything was in order. We had a new agent, and the agent was now requesting the delivery BOL in addition.

    At this point, the driver needed funds for a lumper charge, and we sought help from Phoenix Capital to help with this. We were told that we did not need to unload the load, and they were unwilling to assist.

    At this point, the broker stepped in and offered assistance with the lumper payment. It took us some time to receive the finalized Bill of Lading, and we were told by the new agent they would make sure that we had funds today.

    The broker encountered a problem with the load because of an inconsistency with the shipper. Now, we require the cargo that was just delivered to be returned. On the first load, however, there was an additional one.

    We received an email from the agent saying they could not pay. The broker called several times to inform us that the extra amount to pay back the load. We were already invoicing, and we attempted to contact them via phone and email and were completely ignored.

    At this point, we were left with drivers stuck without fuel funds, and Phoenix Capital Group refused to even talk to anyone I had emailed to say Jeff Berry would contact us via email or phone, but that was never the case. The point is that you should partner with companies that are trustworthy and trustworthy and are dependable. Phoenix Capital Group, LLC should not be trusted, as it was a bad experience.

    The entire email is being exchanged, and I am willing to share it with anyone. Somebody is unhappy that they're not as open as they claim to be and aren't able to take constructive criticism? They don't perform as they promise to do and leave customers in the dark?

    We need to be removed from Phoenix Capital Groop LLC with Landstar, the factoring broker because they are not a firm we can trust. Why would anyone want to pay for such poor service?

    Eventually, with Capital Group LLC, I was forced to fund my drivers, so they could complete their work and take on the job for the broker.

  2. Kerri Bauer
    5 rating

    Fantastic people with fantastic services

    May 30, 2023

    We are working with Wendy Fann, and she's the best! Great business to collaborate with; if you want to increase the size of your trucking business, This company is for you—fantastic people with fantastic services. We've been working with them since day one.

  3. Leah Lavoie
    5 rating

    A great experience

    May 1, 2023

    Reviewing is not my usual thing. However, this is by far the most reliable factoring business; It was also a great experience to be their top agent Mychelle Nunez. She goes above and over to assist and has worked hard to ensure that we are paid every payment on time and without fail. Phoenix Capital is an easy option, but if given a chance, make it Michelle .....

  4. Jennifer Needham
    5 rating

    I highly suggest

    Apr 30, 2023

    If you're searching for a factoring firm, I highly suggest using Phoenix Capital. They are a great team working with them and have a low rate of % to factor. Our person who is our factoring representative is Mychelle Nunez. If I could rate her with ten points, I'd. She always looks out for our interests and is always readily available to help with any problem. I want to collaborate with her because she's fantastic!

  5. Wine Langeraar
    5 rating

    Thank you for all of your assistance!

    Jan 21, 2023

    We have worked in partnership with Phoenix Capital Group for a while; Nakia is an accommodating professional and easy to collaborate with. She responds way quickly and is quick to help to resolve any problems we encounter. Thank you for all of your assistance!

  6. Adam Deedigan
    5 rating

    I highly recommend this business

    Jan 19, 2023

    I've worked with Lisa Sintori at Phoenix for a while in the past, and I can assure you that she's always in the loop and highly efficient, and I can be confident that my paperwork will be processed according to the requirements. Even when I contact her with numerous questions, she assures me I'm not and gets the most efficient solution. I highly recommend this business to anyone with ownership or Ofleetsor.Operators

  7. Steven Amet
    1 rating

    The most unpleasant experience at a factory

    Jan 17, 2023

    The most unpleasant experience at a factory. The agent was not responsive to my calls, and they only paid me within seven days, but I had to refund the money as the broker didn't pay them. ........ ..................: the money. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  8. Marina Allan
    5 rating

    Everything is working smoothly

    Nov 5, 2022

    The process was easy to follow, and a person was there to guide me through every step. My questions have been addressed, and everything is working smoothly.

  9. David Richards
    5 rating

    We are looking forward to our next purchase

    Nov 2, 2022

    The presentation was brief and concise. Matt seemed easy to converse with and utilized logical terms. The electronic documents for signing require improvements. How come we can't sign the same document? It's a minor issue. Returns are being processed and deposited. I am happy.
    We are looking forward to our next purchase.

  10. Angie Waters
    5 rating

    Matt and Cameron are true professionals

    Oct 28, 2022

    In a circumstance in which an investment I had previously made abruptly ended made a phone call and left me in the dark. I happened to stumble upon PCG and was a little intrigued but was a bit hesitant to risk it by investing in energy. After enquiring, I got a call from Matt, and I answered by saying thanks, but I was not interested. Then I had an unintentional change of mind, and after several conversations between Cameron and Matt, I decided. Matt and Cameron are true professionals who stand by their words and actions. They have done everything they said they'd done, and I have consistently received two months' worth of investment thus far.

  11. John Reynolds
    2 rating

    I have been receiving checks for the last two months

    Oct 26, 2022

    I have been receiving checks for the last two months. I informed Matt I didn't want to accept reviews. I intended to leave the account after the first. I've lost both. I am still waiting for an answer to this. I also informed Matt that I wanted to discuss rolling over the 401k funds. He said two times that he would reply but didn't. My third message was not responded to. Matt is good but has too heavy of a workload and could use some help.

  12. Rosie Remmer
    5 rating

    The speed of response is amazing

    Oct 20, 2022

    Matt is a pleasant person to interact with. The speed of response is fantastic, and all my questions have been addressed in person or via meetings with Matt every month. The calls at the conference helped describe the investment opportunity clearly and well. I'm impressed with Matt and Phoenix Capital's work and their friendly, transparent approach.

  13. Brian Fowler
    2 rating

    I feel that I have been deceived

    Oct 17, 2022

    I feel that I have been deceived. Although the language in their announcements is accurate, 9% APY, I believe they could do better by stating that it's 0.75 percent per month. This information should be included in their sales statistics statements. Positive: Matt Willer, One of the co-founders, seems very friendly and will assist you in obtaining the information you need when you look into their business.

  14. Eamonn Kelly
    5 rating

    The process of funding for the first time was pretty simple

    Sep 29, 2022

    We are grateful to have found a secure method to invest with a 9 percent return in the present. The process of funding for the first time was pretty simple, and when Matt needed assistance to move forward, Matt himself spoke with us via phone. The process has been easy. We have started receiving the first of our monthly distributions precisely as we expected.

  15. Harry Martin
    4 rating

    So far , everything has been as expected

    Jul 18, 2022

    So far, everything has been as expected. Plenty of information is available, and it has been a good match with our experiences.

    These videos are beneficial in explaining the ethos of the business. So far, the experience has been good. Thanks

  16. Danny Deal
    1 rating

    Never again with phoenix capital group llc for the factoring

    Jul 17, 2022

    I needed a factoring business quickly and quickly went through factor finders and were connected to PCG, and, from there, it was a simple downhill experience. I was made to feel at ease signing with them, but they gave me the biggest challenge in receiving any money I'm paying their 5% fee to get my loads wired.

    They say I have to send them BOLs and Rate Conformations, and invoice copies aren't good enough. My documents were crystal clear. Day Gina will not even answer your calls and insist you send her an email.

    This is a hassle when you're in the business of running and driving at the same time. I've broken down twice in the last two days without money in my bank and slept in my vehicle and cold because she would not respond to my calls. I am saying this business isn't working.

    I'm sure many other tales will be similar to mine. I was just home after a trip to California, where I had loads of $in to be factored in, and there was a small error on all documents. Invoices were not there when they were in the right place; they were Very selective and challenging to work with. I would never recommend them to anyone.

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Phoenix Capital Group, LLC (PCG) is focused on offering affordable, efficient Freight factoring and other services. As a one-stop transportation service business, PCG offers freight factoring services to truck drivers and fleets, and our financial factoring services are expanding daily. Independent truck drivers can get accessibility to the freight bill factoring, non-recourse freight factoring services and our own EFS Fuel Card service, equipment financing, and a free load board online via PCG.

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