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42 Reviews on Pride Car Shipping

  1. Shay
    Sep 25, 2023

    The followed thru on their promise

    I had the pleasure of speaking with someone by the name of Liam. He was upfront and honest about all of the questions that I begin to ask him. I noticed that he is very detailed and upfront when it comes to providing service and giving the proper information so that no one is left in the dark. I dealt with another company prior to calling pride shipping and the person over the phone did not provide all of the information that I needed. They quoted one price and then told me a different price that was much higher.

    He did not share with me that there would be other drivers bidding to transport my vehicle , nor was he honest about any of the information given to me. But with pride transportation, I did not have that problem. Liam told me everything I needed to know and how everything works so that I would have no surprises once they reached out to me.

    This is the kind of company that I will continue to work with, as Liam is very professional at what he does, and as far as I am concerned, pride will always have my business when it’s time for me to do another transport. Liam! I want to thank you for all that you’ve done, and for being honest and not withholding information. It means a lot to me when someone can be professional and have the characteristics to prove as such. Please know that if anyone ever asks about transporting a vehicle, I will be sure to mention this company. As you have earned my business in the near future.

  2. Elizabeth Shea
    Sep 25, 2023


    I was nervous to ship my car. I landed on Pride bc of amazing reviews and glad I did. Liam made the entire process seamless! 10/10 recommend and I will use again!

  3. Darryl
    Sep 15, 2023

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I was like a kid on Christmas morning when the driver called to deliver my vehicle. Even after hearing horror stories, Olivia was able to reassure me that process should be seamlessly and she was right. I would definitely recommend her and Pride Car Shipping .

  4. Jeff Liwag
    Sep 14, 2023

    Olivia is great

    Olivia took care of me from initial contact through post-delivery, and she was responsive every step of the way. She is great and so was the driver who dropped off the car right in front of the house.

  5. Jeanne Atzl
    Sep 11, 2023

    Olivia from pride shipping

    Olivia from pride shipping was great! She worked really hard to find me a delivery driver for the time I needed it and kept me informed on everything. The drivers were great, and they also kept me updated on arrival time and day. Florida-NY I would definitely use her again if I buy out of state again. it’s really hard picking a company when you really don’t know who is legit and who isn’t.

  6. Steffi
    Aug 15, 2023

    Horrible!! Don't go with them

    If I could give NO STARS I would. We worked with Liam. We secured our contract to ship our son's car from PA to FL almost 2 months before our shipment date. We were assured, time and time again, that we would have it shipped by a certain date. The week before we needed our car shipped, we were told there is a 4 day window of when it would be picked up and to be ready with car. We called daily during this window to get the latest updates. We were told there was a freight truck picking up 3 other cars in the area and just figuring out logistics. Then we were told the day it was supposed to be picked up that they had not secured a transport truck and that they didn't know when it would ship. They told us if we paid more money they could guarantee the shipment, but then they told us they didn't have a truck regardless. My husband and son had to drive which caused a lot of unnecessary stress at the last minute. No money is worth the stress!!!! Pay for a better service!

  7. Richard Lincoln
    Jul 28, 2023

    Transport car to Florida

    Liam hardy did a good job , had to move closing date of home up and he got me off the 200$ reschedule fee with transporter . Worked hard to find a new driver. Thanks liam I appreciate you!

  8. Remi
    Jul 26, 2023

    Professional Brokers

    Great communication with Olivia. Exact information. Thank you and keep doing this!

  9. Steven Bailey
    Jul 25, 2023

    Pride Auto Shipping

    Olivia was very helpful securing transport for my car while on vacation. The price quoted was the price I paid. I read many reviews before I chose Pride, and I wasn't disappointed. The delivery was on time and there were no surprises.

  10. Wes Fallan
    Jul 11, 2023

    Fabulous service

    Second year using Olivia at Pride. Very helpful and professional. Attentive and responsive. Will be using again in the future.

  11. Daniel Wallace
    Jun 29, 2023

    Moving vehicle from Ohio to Virginia

    We use pride shipping company to transport our vehicle from Ohio to Virginia. Olivia was the coordinator who set this up for us, and she got us a great deal and got it there in a really quick time period.

    There was a small snag where the original driver had some sort of mechanical issue and was not able to pick up our vehicle, Olivia worked hard to find us another driver at the same price point.

    I will definitely use them again if we have to ship our vehicle in the future, and I will be asking for Olivia.

  12. Celeste
    Jun 12, 2023

    Recommended highly

    My experience with Pride Car Shipping was superb thanks to Olivia and her team for being so ready and hardworking to accomplish my order on a highly unpopular route and scarce availability. Yet they got it done, in two days from request, and at a very good rate.

  13. Ezra
    May 27, 2023

    Olivia - Best Rep!

    Olivia was amazing. Even though the carrier was not the best, Olivia ensured all my needs and questions were taken care of and continued even on her day off. She understands how to take care of people

  14. Kimani Transport
    May 16, 2023


    Working with Pride Car Shipping was so easy. They have great communication skills and you don't have to worry about payment at the end of a delivery. I will be using them again in the future. Thank you for your business!

  15. David Dandrea
    May 1, 2023


    Ashley Devis was amazing. I had to find my car transported to Atlanta. I was disappointed when my second and first drivers had to cancel the day before delivery and the initial price doubled. However, I have to say Ashley was always up to date throughout the entire process. It is said that good things also happen to those who are patient. And three(3) is an omen. Because the 3rd. Driver Ashley was discovered to be Awesome (Greg Reid). Thank you once again, Ashley, for putting my mind at peace.

  16. Ashley Byars
    May 1, 2023

    Agent was prompt

    Overall, communication was excellent, and the Agent was prompt. Although significant, my experience was marred after I discovered that the driver scheduled to deliver my vehicle was unavailable. The following driver in the queue was charged 150 more expensive than the previous one. My truck was unharmed th; therefore, I do not have any complaints.

  17. Mandy Mahon
    Apr 29, 2023

    The Priceshipping service

    I'm happy with the assistance I received. I required my vehicle to be moved across California into Florida. The process was completed within three working days. My car was transported with no issues. The driver was excellent. I am grateful to Sheila for her dedication to ensuring I quickly received what I needed. She kept me up-to-date about every detail at every stage of the process. I'll undoubtedly use the Priceshipping service in the future.

  18. Brandon Phan
    Apr 29, 2023

    Car shipping

    The broker Olivia Williams from pride auto shipping was so friendly and helpful. She made it easy with the transition and my car got delivered safe and sound.
    Thank you Olivia!!

  19. Solomon Gugsa
    Apr 26, 2023

    Excellent service

    My car shipped from Georgia to Texas with Pride car shipping. The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent. They picked up and delivered the car on time.

  20. Mina Antoun
    Apr 18, 2023

    The experience was horrible

    The experience was horrible. My car was unavailable for pickup the day before pickup, and I would have to fly that day. The firm is a third company that promises a fair rate and pickup time; however, they only ask you to sign documents and call you to inform you that no person is willing to take your vehicle.

  21. Holly Harvey
    Apr 12, 2023

    Excellent service

    Chris Peters and Sheila were fantastic to work with as I had to ship my vehicle from Colorado to California. They were very responsive and assisted me in obtaining excellent service from a top transporter Aleh of OGK Transport. Unlike other brokers, they did not alter the cost after we agreed to the price. We highly recommend it!

  22. Zoraida
    Mar 30, 2023


    olivia was great, customer service great, communication great, kept me informed great. Assured driver to transport my car..
    driver was also customer friendly. my car was delivered on time and in great condtion. thank you.

  23. Oyin Akin
    Mar 7, 2023

    Affordable and effective

    Olivia, my agent was very helpful. Even when a driver cancelled on me last minute, she went above and beyond to find me another driver within my budget.

  24. Medjinn Thomas
    Feb 20, 2023


    Olivia went above and beyond to help me ship two of my cars in a short period of time. She was excellent!

  25. Mary S.
    Feb 17, 2023

    Terrible Car Shipping Experience

    I had my car shipped by Pride Car Shipping this past September. When my car was delivered it was dropped off with a dead battery. My car was inspected prior to shipping and was in great condition with no battery issues. When I contacted the company about the costs of the new battery a man named Chris Peters referred me to their insurance group and the driver’s insurance group. I called numerous times to speak with Joli Garcia from Allsafe Insurance Group of Companies and was only able to speak with her twice. When I spoke with her those two times she said I would hear from the driver’s insurance that same day and I never heard from them. After those two phone calls every time I called to ask for an update on the claim her assistant would answer and would say Joli was not present in the office that day. The assistant then gave me the phone number to Millennium Group Inc which was supposed to be the insurance for the driver. However, according to the web this company had been “permanently closed”. For the past 5 months I have been calling and leaving messages and no one has assisted me from Pride Car Shipping. I strongly advise against choosing Pride Car Shipping to ship your car in case the driver causes any damage to your vehicle because the company will not provide any assurance and will not reimburse you.

  26. Naveen
    Feb 6, 2023

    Good car shipping

    Olivia was very good and helpful throughout my car shipping process.

  27. Steve
    Jan 28, 2023

    Very fast

    I worked with Olivia to get my non-working van shipped. She never missed one of my calls or texts. Not sure why other people are complaining. My vehicle showed up early, and the driver even unloaded it and moved it right where I wanted. Nice!

  28. Ginny Whipkey
    Jan 25, 2023

    Pride Car Shipping with Tiffany

    Tiffany Williams is great. She works hard to make your car shipping experience easy. All I had to do was submit my information. Tiffany did the rest. The driver she found was very nice and very professional.

  29. Marjan Walhain
    Jan 19, 2023

    I would highly recommend

    I was delighted by the professionalism of my representative Tiffany. She was professional and kept us up-to current on all aspects of my vehicle's shipment. I would highly recommend this business based on her work.

  30. Vishal Chilka
    Dec 28, 2022

    Best deal I got

    It was Christmas time and I was shipping my Honda Civic from AZ to TX. Pride Car Shipping got me the best offer in the market. But unfortunately the driver had cancelled the pickup on the day of shipping because he got stuck at some dealership. I texted the shipping company and they arranged a new driver right away. Again this time, they got me the best deal I could get. Finally my car got picked and was shipped in 2 days. I would like to thank Olivia Williams from Pride Car Shipping. She was lighting fast in helping me out when my driver had cancelled. She's very knowledgeable, communicative, professional and friendly.
    Would ship with them again

  31. Declan
    Dec 19, 2022

    Car shipping

    Very easy to work with and good communication. Ask for Olivia

  32. Hidajet
    Dec 14, 2022

    Great service

    I worked with Chris Peters and my car was delivered on time. I would recommend working with Chris and this company.

  33. Peter Maull
    Nov 5, 2022

    I was shocked

    Hayley Henderson, my agent. She enticed me with a reasonable quote. However, she tried to add $450 to the quote as she thought she was locked in. I refused, and we settled on $200 above the initial section. She was courteous, professional, and quick to respond; however, the actual task as my broker was a disaster. There was no critical information passed to the truck driver, and he arrived at the end of a weekend afternoon and was forced to stay inside the vehicle until the business was open on Monday to take delivery of the car. Payment details were incorrect, and the driver was forced to wait three days to receive payment and was not pleased with either. I was shocked by the inept organizational skills of the car shipping business.

  34. Bridgitte Picken
    Nov 2, 2022

    Scam Company

    I initially picked Pride car ship due to the favorable reviews. However, my experiences using the Pride car ship have been less than satisfactory. I called to inquire about a quote and found out shortly afterward that I did not get any message unless it was me contacting them. I called them again a week before the move and was informed they didn't have ana river. I asked them to be able to cancel my service. I then contacted another company, and I am disappointed that I did not go to it. Pride car ship noticed the issue and immediately called to say they had miraculously got one driver and would like to allow them to try again. I decided to give them another chance.

    The person who picked up my car was beneficial and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, it was the only excellent customer service I received from the Pride vehicle ship. Every person I spoke to was inconsiderate and would not answer any questions about my car. I'm sure that my car was inside a garage for several days. I could not find any movements on my tracker, so I contacted and asked what my car's location was.

    I askvehiclean executive to contact me back, and she did and was extremely accommodating. But she promised metoive me a call and an update on my car on Sunday, as she was on vacation for the weekend. I said no, no call or communication, and no vehicle. Suppose you are taking any advice from this review. Make sure you choose a different shipping service for your car. I promise you it will help you avoid anxiety and stress.

    1. Ginny philippeaux
      May 26, 2023

      Pride car shipping

      My dispatcher Olivia was excellent. She embodies the notion of great customer service. She is courteous, professional and patient. She kept us updated throughout the process of shipping our car and was determined to help us and exceeded our expectations!

  35. Jeremy Levin
    Nov 1, 2022

    Excellent worker at Pride

    An excellent worker at Pride. Taylor helped me with all my questions. She was clear and straightforward. She wasn't pushy. I asked whether she could offer it to me within three hours, and she did. This wasn't what I was looking for, so she continued her investigation and returned my call within one hour. We agreed on a fair and reasonable price. I was impressed with her ability to communicate in English at my level. When she sent me a text message, there weren't any typos. I'm a professor at a college, and I'm not a nerd like that. However, it was clear that the woman was educated.

  36. Penelope Pitstop
    Oct 21, 2022

    Olive was an amazing woman

    Olive was a fantastic woman. I would not have been able to do it without her. Her dedication and patience in customer care are incredible. She responded to all my concerns as well, and when I had been a horrible customer to her, she made her professionalism and provided the highest level of service.

  37. Helen Greaves
    Oct 18, 2022

    Excellent service

    Olivia was fantastic. She helped us get the best price and provided the best service to move our vehicle. She was professional and extremely accommodating. Our car was delivered within four days instead of five days. Excellent service. Thank you, Olivia.

  38. Susan Papworth
    Oct 9, 2022

    I am satisfied with the way the car was delivered in a timely way.

    I needed transportation and had several options, but Blaze's professionalism and friendly, reassuring, and welcoming persona made me select this particular company. Blaze and his team quickly answered my calls and addressed my numerous concerns and questions. I am satisfied with the way the car was delivered in a timely manner.

  39. Caroline Lumley
    Sep 29, 2022

    Easy and quick

    A great group to collaborate with. Easy and quick. My son's car arrived at his destination on time and without issue. If you want your vehicle shipped ASAP, then this team is your team to call. Alice Terry was such an excellent assistant. She quickly responded and, in no time, answered any question you had and ensured that you were treated with respect. I was thrilled

  40. Long Dck
    Sep 6, 2022

    Rip off

    I placed an order to ship my car driver was to be at the place of pick up but then called 1 hrs before pick up time and said he was in an auto accident early this morning and his truck would take one week to fix hemm why to wait till the last min to call me 2nd holland said he found another drive but be 1500 they are just a sorry rip off company same with 90% of the people telling me that this is the entire busy season to ship cars and price will go up next week to .50 to 1.50 per mile just another way to rip people off. He got mad when I told them that I had shipped seven cars in the past 2 yrs and no bull was shitting on me.

  41. Jim Sabiston
    Jul 18, 2022

    We are not pleased with the outcome!

    We are not pleased with the outcome! The initial quote was $700, but the driver could not speak with an accent on the pick-up day. He was forced to search for a last-minute driver and ultimately paid $1000. I'm still mad! I had my car within four days and the delivery was smooth to Chicago until Miami.

    Alex Holland arranged from start to finish, and I personally would have given five stars to him even if I had not experienced the incident. He did his best to in order to accommodate the circumstances.

  42. Mituba Billingsley
    Jun 8, 2022

    The experience great

    Excellent service. I needed to transport my car to MD to TX with very little notice.

    Pride Car Shipping responded quickly and with a fair price I spoke to Taylor White who set up pick-up and delivery, and checked in to see how things were going and if the car had been delivered.

    The delivery was delayed and she contacted the shipping company to find out what was happening and what time delivery would take.

    Continuous communication also makes the experience great. We would use them again if we needed.

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