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3 Reviews

3 Reviews on Driverinrome Tours and Transportation

  1. Steve Brazier
    September 29th, 2022

    Wonderful experience

    Driverinrome for Less staff meticulously organized every aspect of our Moorea/Borabora journey, starting with the agency’s proposal to our return. Wonderful experience. It was a great value. A significant value.

  2. Marian Stolberg
    July 18th, 2022

    Alex as well as Stefania were amazing tour guides

    Alex and Stefania were fantastic tour guides who gave us an unforgettable experience. They are incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely love the work they do. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for a unique experience in Florence and Pisa.

  3. Mark Blackford
    June 8th, 2022

    the most knowledgeable guides

    Estefania was among the most knowledgeable guides our parents and I experienced.

    She was efficient and patient with all members of the group.

    We could ask any query, and she took her time to provide numerous details about the topic.

    She provided great suggestions on what to look for and led us to some fantastic local places.

    These aren’t touristy spots. It is highly recommended.

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Italy's unique historical sites, art treasures, beautiful natural beauty, the enchanting charm... All are accessible to you with the comfort of a chauffeured car van, bus, or van. is owned and operated by a family located in Rome. You can expect first-class Italian hospitality with the company's founders Remo and his wife Angela, and their son Daniele.

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