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4 Reviews on Matrix Limos

  1. Jesus Guzman
    Jan 19, 2023

    I will use them again.

    The delay. We have utilized Matrix several times with no problems until now. We had a last-minute delay to the morning flight..though we called immediately, and the driver was nearly there. The dispatcher said that the driver would stand in line for the amount of a “wait fee” though the airlines had released the information about delays late, and they also knew our flight information before the delay. Therefore they must have been aware of the delay. The fee was not a considerable amount, and we decided to pay the amount. However, they did urge us to give a further tip to the driver above 20 percent already added to the bill because the driver was waiting. When we dropped off the car, the final sum (with wait charges) the driver informed us was more than the dispatcher said that it should be. We gave the driver what was requested as we needed to be on time for our flight. The return pick-up was flawless! We had a different driver, which was great, and he was eagerly waiting to pick us up. The drive was easy– no problems. I will use them again.

  2. Stephanie James
    Sep 29, 2022

    the driver was very welcoming

    The driver texted me when my plane touched down to inform me that there was a plane at the airport. My flight arrived 30 minutes late, so it was a pleasant surprise. The driver waited for me through the process of picking up my luggage, which took a long duration at JFK. The journey was swift and efficient, and the driver was very welcoming.

  3. Thomas Vellela
    Jul 18, 2022

    We would highly suggest Matrix Limos!

    We’ve utilized Matrix Limos numerous times for our transportation for the return trip to airport. They’re always punctual and just a bit early, which is comforting because we’re anxious travellers. They are friendly and pleasant, and the vehicle is thoroughly neat and tidy. We would highly suggest Matrix Limos!

  4. John Dodig
    Jun 8, 2022

    wasn't very knowledgeable

    The driver’s job was to meet me at the entrance of Terminal 4 with a sign that said my name, but there was no sign. It was a severe communication issue, and I had to contact Matrix to discover precisely where the driver was. The driver was only two months of experience working with Matrix and wasn’t very knowledgeable about the Airport. Additionally, I was expected to pay $125, but I ended up paying $151.

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