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Is Matrix Limos legit?

Matrix Limos has 19 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Matrix Limos customer care?

You can contact Matrix Limos customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 844 227 2169

Where is Matrix Limos located?

Matrix Limos is located at address United States.

19 Reviews on Matrix Limos

  1. Renée Holder
    2 rating

    Horrible! Matrix Limos

    Mar 18, 2024

    I had been a faithful client for years. I withstood the deception of ordering a black car then having any antique car roll up over and over once more. Regardless, this became my first worldwide ride in some time and unluckily we have been stuck in immigration with three different flights arriving at the equal time. I texted the driver while we landed that once we get our baggage, I will name him. It took us over an hour to get out. He saved calling and calling but answering calls in immigration is not allowed.

    A few days later I see they charged me $forty extra than the quote. They claimed it changed into because I made them wait and did now not go back the motive force’s calls. What?!! I am In immigration!!! Do you suspect we were in a cafe sipping espresso? I spoke to more than one people at Matrix who gave me the identical clarification. Where became this disclosed at the website or my affirmation? They saved saying “nicely you did no longer select up the cellphone” to which I responded, “nicely you never left a message!” They manifestly do now not fee a protracted-time customer so no issues…I’m completed and could locate someone else. Horrible!

  2. Mariana A.
    1 rating

    Unprofessional, Horrible, STAY AWAY!!!

    Feb 21, 2024

    I've been using Matrix for few years now, and I didn't hate it, they had been no longer great however also now not horrible. Something took place in the closing yr or in order that the service is getting unfixable. The girl at the smartphone would not understand or has no hobby in doing her activity nicely, she makes positive you sense like she is doing you a massive want.

    My last 2 reports have been terrible, however after these days, I'm disgusted. The driving force (MD) will find some thing to whinge: that the luggage is heavy for the auto, or that he had to wait 5 minutes extra than he have to, when you have a flight to trap he's going to attempt to locate something to make you overdue, so you take delivery of something extra money he asks. The supervisor turned into very impolite and yelled at me once I tried to get a one of a kind driver. It's a SCAM.

  3. Musfirah Asri
    4 rating

    Professional and efficient service

    May 30, 2023

    Professional and efficient service. They informed me of the flight change before the airlines did it. ..!! I'll never use anyone except them in the future. Also, I would recommend them to all my friends.

  4. Patrisha Bartelt
    5 rating

    Speedy and friendly service

    May 1, 2023

    I have used Matrix throughout the years; I've always received speedy and friendly service from all the drivers, most notably Rafiq. A flight to LaGuardia was canceled following a wait on the runway for almost 3 hours. After attempting to book a new flight after 3 hours, I contacted Matrix to transport me home, expecting a long waiting time. It was not so. Rafiq was detained and waited while I was in the middle of navigating through the airport. He drove me back to the airport for the next day. Thanks to all at Matrix.

  5. Sherri Gonynor
    1 rating

    The most unprofessional and incompetent service

    Mar 17, 2023

    The most unprofessional and incompetent service I've ever had. We will never work with this business ever again. The entire trip was ruined by causing a lot of confusion. I don't believe they're licensed under the TLC. Please make use of them on your responsibility.

  6. Elaine Smith
    2 rating

    Everyone was grateful to be safe.

    Mar 16, 2023

    Driver Abdul was in time for driving in a Cadillac Escalade. It was dark and heavy rain. At first, there was a lot of traffic caused by accidents. The car's suspension was not as good since the car felt all bumps on the road. After clearing the road traffic, rainfall intensified, and Abdul's speed increased, reaching more than 70 and even 80. We had several incidents of hydroplaning. No one was comfortable discussing the rate, which was excessive in the rainy and dark conditions, made worse by the damp leaves. Everyone was grateful to be safe.

  7. Robert McIntire
    2 rating

    The flight was late

    Mar 15, 2023

    What I experienced dealing with Matrix at this point was not pleasant. After waiting nearly thirty minutes in the terminal, I phoned Matrix and was provided with a number to contact the driver. When I called him, he told me they were getting closer to the airport. The flight didn't arrive until 45 minutes later than the time that was scheduled for my flight. The flight was late. Therefore, I waited in the terminal for over an hour. Aren't drivers checking the time of arrival?

  8. Melissa Howell
    1 rating

    Driver didn't show up!

    Mar 13, 2023

    The driver didn't show up! It was 5 am on the following Saturday, the day following Thanksgiving. We had to rush to find the Uber driver for our 1hr ride to be able to catch our flight to JFK airport! There was no response from the driver's cell phone, automated notification number, or company-provided number. After 48 hours, nobody reached out to me to apologize or give an explanation. After ten years of using this service, we will switch companies!

  9. Adrianna Liebenberg
    4 rating

    Matrix was very efficient for communication

    Mar 12, 2023

    Matrix was very efficient for communication. We received an email and text message to verify our departure time and pickups. Before picking up, we received a text message with our driver's name and the car's license plate. If our flight departure was delayed, the driver texted us to tell us where to meet the driver. As we arrived, it took only several minutes to find him, particularly in the regular LGA traffic.

  10. Rafael Noriega
    2 rating

    The terminal was not visible

    Mar 11, 2023

    The driver who took me to my destination was clueless about how to get there. The terminal was not visible. The driver who took me home to drive me home was knowledgeable but wouldn't stop talking for an entire minute.

  11. Carmen Duque
    3 rating

    Really disappointed

    Mar 10, 2023

    I received two messages from two different people who said they were coming to collect me, then the car they brought in had a license number that was not in line with the number of plates mentioned in Matrix's email even when the driver's name did coincide. It made me think of sending the driver on his way and hiring a taxi to avoid a similar scenario. I was disappointed, as I've used Matrix for many years.

  12. Reinaldo Teixeira
    2 rating

    Bad experience but have not received a response from Matrix.

    Mar 8, 2023

    I arranged to be picked up from EWR to ensure I'd be home in Westchester promptly. After I arrived, there was no contact from the driver. I contacted the company at 11:15 pm, and after waiting an extended time, I was informed that the driver would get in touch. I got a call from him and was told the traffic was jammed and would take 20 minutes. He was there 45 minutes later, and I didn't get home until around one o'clock in the early morning. I wrote to Matrix to request credit for this bad experience but have not received a response from Matrix.

  13. John Straus
    3 rating

    The significance of the smell from the vehicle should not be undervalued

    Mar 7, 2023

    The significance of the smell from the vehicle should not be undervalued. Three things were going against it that caused me to feel sick (even wearing a mask and having the window open a bit) 1)) body smell, 2.) inexpensive car fresheners as well as three) the food items the driver opened during my trip. It was not an easy ride home. Regrettable that your business does not place a lot of emphasis on the experience for riders.

  14. Angelo Mortellaro
    3 rating

    Everything went smoothly before landing

    Mar 4, 2023

    Everything went smoothly before landing. After landing, I phoned Muhamadou by his instructions to notify him that we had landed. However, we had to wait a few minutes before being on the aircraft due to an electrical problem. When we were done, I called him to let him know that we'd soon be leaving, and he said it was time to go back to the station for gas and would contact me when he'd be back. We arrived at 4:40, and at 4:50 pm, when he didn't call, I phoned him back to inquire about the location of his phone, and the man said he was in line to get gas! I asked him to hurry up and get us right away. He told me he'd be there within a few minutes. After 5 pm, he was not present; he called and promised to arrive in three minutes. He finally arrived at 5:10 pm and forced us to wait nearly 30 minutes before taking us to the airport. We are very dissatisfied with this service.

  15. Gary Hayen
    3 rating

    They'll need to improve their service in the future.

    Mar 3, 2023

    Since my last visit, my experience has been nothing short of a positive experience with Matrix. In my most recent round journey to the airport, however, I experienced issues on both trips. While traveling, our driver checked his messages a few times on the phone...that's inconvenient, and he has to be aware of that. As we drove home, the vehicle was lit by one headlight (on an overcast, rainy evening), and he was traveling quickly in the direction of I-684 (over the 80-speed limit). Again...unacceptable. I love Matrix, and they've consistently provided me with excellent service. However, they'll need to improve their service in the future.

  16. Jesus Guzman
    4 rating

    I will use them again.

    Jan 19, 2023

    The delay. We have utilized Matrix several times with no problems until now. We had a last-minute delay to the morning flight..though we called immediately, and the driver was nearly there. The dispatcher said that the driver would stand in line for the amount of a "wait fee" though the airlines had released the information about delays late, and they also knew our flight information before the delay. Therefore they must have been aware of the delay. The fee was not a considerable amount, and we decided to pay the amount. However, they did urge us to give a further tip to the driver above 20 percent already added to the bill because the driver was waiting. When we dropped off the car, the final sum (with wait charges) the driver informed us was more than the dispatcher said that it should be. We gave the driver what was requested as we needed to be on time for our flight. The return pick-up was flawless! We had a different driver, which was great, and he was eagerly waiting to pick us up. The drive was easy-- no problems. I will use them again.

  17. Stephanie James
    5 rating

    The driver was very welcoming

    Sep 29, 2022

    The driver texted me when my plane touched down to inform me that there was a plane at the airport. My flight arrived 30 minutes late, so it was a pleasant surprise. The driver waited for me through the process of picking up my luggage, which took a long duration at JFK. The journey was swift and efficient, and the driver was very welcoming.

  18. Thomas Vellela
    5 rating

    We would highly suggest Matrix Limos!

    Jul 18, 2022

    We've utilized Matrix Limos numerous times for our transportation for the return trip to airport. They're always punctual and just a bit early, which is comforting because we're anxious travellers. They are friendly and pleasant, and the vehicle is thoroughly neat and tidy. We would highly suggest Matrix Limos!

  19. John Dodig
    2 rating

    Wasn't very knowledgeable

    Jun 8, 2022

    The driver's job was to meet me at the entrance of Terminal 4 with a sign that said my name, but there was no sign. It was a severe communication issue, and I had to contact Matrix to discover precisely where the driver was. The driver was only two months of experience working with Matrix and wasn't very knowledgeable about the Airport. Additionally, I was expected to pay $125, but I ended up paying $151.

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