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  1. Maryann Deleon
    July 18th, 2022

    I'm very pleased with my experience

    I’m pleased with my experience using the Road Ex card at loved travel destinations. The only thing I’d like to change is that the discount wasn’t shown at the time of the purchase. It would be helpful to me significantly due to how I handle my business’s paperwork. Beyond that, I like the card and company.

  2. Nancy Boaz
    June 8th, 2022

    Computer glitches and big chains

    Only the major chains accept credit cards, and when you go to the west or on the east, on the northeastern portion of the nation, There are Conoco, Casey’s, and Sunoco’s, and that’s all there is.

    Planning can often prevent you from needing to purchase fuel at these places, but this is not always the situation.

    It’s frustrating when the smaller stores aren’t able to accept the card. I’ve also encountered an issue with my card where it was stopped without reason.

    I called to find out what was going on and the person I spoke to told me to call him back the following day during business hours , as they couldn’t get their supervisor to answer the phone and could not find out the reason the reason why it was cut off.

    I was stuck in Wyoming and had no time to wait due to my delivery. Within an hour, they finally found the cause and told me the issue was with a PC problem, and there was nothing wrong with my credit card.

    He told me that in 10 minutes, it would be back to normal and it did.

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