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19 Reviews on Accredited Appliance of Arizona

  1. N. Davis
    5 rating
    Jun 1, 2023

    Excellent Service from Accredited Appliance

    Accredited Appliance was professional, timely and responsive. Eddie, my technician was excellent and was able to fix my washing machine, as well as find an earring that had become stuck inside the machinery.

  2. Shelby Lunsford
    5 rating
    May 27, 2023

    Friendly and knowledgeable

    I am delighted that everyone I spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable. Professional and fast. Drew was even more helpful in solving my issue regarding my Ice maker. I would recommend the company and him to all my acquaintances.

  3. Shawn Sameiro
    1 rating
    May 26, 2023

    Disrespected and misled

    The lady who answered the phone is rude and lies. The person I talked to appeared very friendly. However, I could not get them to leave. When they initially told me that they'd be there between 1 and 5 pm but would like to arrive earlier, I attempted to change some of my plans to happen. I tried calling them several times, but they never picked up or ignored my calls. When I finally got the number, they informed me that they couldn't longer attend because they couldn't find two men for the job; however, when I spoke to them previously, they told me that they did have two people available. They requested rescheduling to make an appointment four days further. Please don't use them unless you don't want to be disrespected and misled.

  4. Hana Roberts
    5 rating
    May 22, 2023

    An outstanding job

    From the first contact until the resolution (repair), the experience did an outstanding job. Eddie was a great technician, knowledgeable, and cleaned up the place. I was delighted with the cost—well done, Accredited Appliances of Arizona.

  5. Dawn Saraney
    5 rating
    Apr 28, 2023

    I am happy

    Patrick was competent and professional. The issue with our fridge was identified as part-ordered, delivered, and put in place in less than two days. I am happy.

  6. Sonia Pereira
    5 rating
    Apr 12, 2023

    They are always excellent.

    Joe showed up at the appointed time. after having called to let me know what was up..he was tidy and professional..this was his second visit to the shop, and he's very competent and efficient. I've worked with Accredited Appliance for a couple of years. They are always excellent. Notch..thank you for your service. Shari Summerson

  7. Marcy Simmons
    5 rating
    Jan 21, 2023

    Dryer repair

    On Friday I called for a tech to come out and fix my dryer. They had a tech out that same morning. Glenn came in he was friendly, professional and got right to work. He found the problem and had my unit up and working. I will recommend Glenn and his company in the future. Thanks for the awesome service.

  8. Juraj Slovak
    5 rating
    Jan 18, 2023

    Great experience

    Significant experience in an appliance repair service! After being ripped off by a different company, Accredited came to our aid and fixed our dishwasher within days. They also kept in touch throughout the entire process. No significant surprises; Glenn performed the top-quality, pleasant, and accommodating installation. We will use Accredited Appliance shortly! Thank you for your service, May and Glenn, for renewing our faith in humankind and appliance repair services!

  9. Julija Bulina
    5 rating
    Nov 29, 2022

    They are affordable too!

    I had this service previously, many years ago. I called them at 8 am and got an agent (Patrick) at my home within a few hours. Friendly, efficient, and professional. He explained exactly what had happened and the steps he had taken to fix it. They are affordable too! I'll be using these services again.

  10. Paul Evenden
    3 rating
    Oct 2, 2022

    He was highly responsive

    Tech was friendly and courteous. He was highly responsive. One issue was that they replaced my ice maker within 10 minutes, costing $415. The part is $98 on the internet, so 10 minutes of work was a lot. I'm likely to take it off the next time.

  11. Gail Fletcher
    3 rating
    Oct 1, 2022

    It appears that the owner has changed

    It appears that the owner has changed. I called the same number I've had on my phone for a few years to get service for my sub-zero freezer and GE cooktop. The ice maker was not working, and I couldn't find the calibrated cooktop. The same technician showed up who's visited our home several times. We shut off the freezer for 5 minutes while calibrating the cooktop. $160. He was in the office for 15 minutes. It would have "just the $75 service fee" like any other business. The system is working; however, holy cow—$ 160.

  12. Anthony Rochelle
    2 rating
    Oct 1, 2022

    Don't tell the customer lies and claim that it is the cost of the item

    The pump motor failed within the Whirlpool washer. The repairman came in and told me it was a specific pump that cost $453 (the entire washer cost $599 brand new). He also happened to have it in his truck. I found the part directly from the factory at Whirlpool for just $40. I am aware that businesses have to charge fees for their services. And I'm not concerned about your hourly cost. Make it clear if you are charging $300 an hour for your services. Don't tell the customer lies and claim that it is the cost of the item.

  13. Michael Dufton
    2 rating
    Sep 12, 2022

    Excellent phone customer service

    Excellent phone customer service. A tech was dispatched the same day to fix a refrigerator that was not cooling. I feel cheated by the price charged, however. For a part that costs $130-200 on the internet, I paid $450 (labor included), and for a second part that costs $20-30, the tech said $150 (labor not included). I can assure you that the replaced items are simple (done in a matter of 10-15 minutes) and do not justify the cost of labor at $400! I'm disappointed and was hoping that a fair and honest firm to handle this and similar issues shortly, but this one didn't happen.

  14. Charlie Murdoch
    2 rating
    Aug 15, 2022

    It seems they're unaware

    The technician smashed one of the clips on the control panel when putting the dryer together. He had to note that the owner should contact me. I did not hear from the owner. However, someone from the office called me. They inquired whether the dryer was operating and informed me that the owners' stated that so long as the dryer was working, there was nothing to do. The technician was instructed to contact me with a settlement offer since the cost of replacing the broken part will likely be higher than the $300 we spent on the repair. The dryer can dry the clothes, but it now emits a sound it didn't have before. I haven't heard from anyone since. It seems they're unaware that destroying private property is an infraction within Arizona.

  15. Lisa Walther
    2 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    I would not employ them in the same company again

    After trying to find a different technician for my home, I was asked to make a down payment (who knows where the money would have gone). The technician arrived and initially told me that the he could not repair my dryer or washer since they could be stacked. Then, after explaining to the technician (yes, told HIM) how the component required to be examined didn't require removing devices, he resolved the issue but continued to complain about how tough his job being an expert in the field was. He also offered me a lot of money, which was very nice. However, because of his unprofessional behavior, I'll have to look elsewhere for my appliances. I would not employ them in the same company again.

  16. James Weir
    1 rating
    Jul 30, 2022

    Wrong diagnosis

    Tech Joe W. Came out to look at my Kitchenaid refrigerator, after about 45 minutes of taking doors and drawers apart n putting them back together he said my control panel on the left deli drawer was bad and needed to be replaced for$1300. He also said their was no guarantee that that would fix my problem??? It cost me $109 for his guess which was wrong. I looked up the part and I could buy it online for $450 but I went online to you tube got on a fix it website and within 5 minutes the tech told me it was the cord to the drawer and how to fix for $125. Called to get my money back they said no and hung up.

  17. Peggy Kilgore
    5 rating
    Jul 18, 2022

    Both experienced and experienced

    The second time I've contacted this company. They quickly respond and, after a brief exchange of information over the phone, dispatch techs very swiftly. I've dealt with two different techs, both experienced and experienced. The charges are reasonable. The company is excellent!

  18. Thomas Davis
    5 rating
    Jul 1, 2022

    Eddie is an excellent Repair technician

    Our home has an LG washer that is just two years old. It would not switch on. My wife's attempt to contact LG support was ineffective, and they suggested looking it up on YouTube.We got Accredited Appliance to have them send Eddie out to fix it. It's evident that LG does not offer any support, but Eddie was capable of figuring the issue out by himself. Additionally, Eddie gave a suggestion that could extend the time for the life of the washer. The washer is now working, and we'd like to see it continue running without issue for a long time.

  19. Aelemo Maika
    1 rating
    Jun 5, 2022

    The worst experience

    Rebecca called me. I asked her for a price. She said that a technician must visit the site for an inspection.

    I can understand why they would like to earn money, but when I informed her that I wanted a quote. She could provide an image of the refrigerator and the part code.

    She insists that a technician must be present to examine it to verify that it was the correct part number.

    Sorry, but I'm not willing to pay $79.95 to have someone look at my fridge, the part number I can see.

    I needed a quote to determine if I would utilize the service.

    If I requested her to verify the part's number and offer an estimate, she flatly declined.

    Therefore, I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor then abruptly left the phone.

    I tried calling her back, but she was transferred to voicemail.

    The worst experience in dealing with a repair company ever.

    The only reason I called is that I do not have an evac device to use the Freon.

    I could probably do it by myself.

    1. Grant
      May 27, 2023

      Ripped off

      Tech came out said I had a bad compressor said 1900 dollars to replace. Had another tech come out and it was only evap fan motor. Lie and take your money. Never use this company!!!!

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