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  1. Raymond Bernadel
    Jan 18, 2023

    Puls were an excellent method to get quick service

    Puls were an excellent method to get quick service. The company refrigerator was not working, and within a few minutes, I could get technicians scheduled for that day or the next. All was confirmed and set promptly. The diagnostic cost was not even costly. Excellent service. I will certainly use them again.

  2. Sharon Smith
    Oct 3, 2022

    Highly recommend Puls to repair your appliance

    Technician Mirza was late and called to inform us of the delay. He was able to fix our 40plus-year-old washer with no problem and had all the parts needed in his vehicle. He finished the task within a matter of minutes. He was very courteous and helpful. Excellent service. Highly recommend Puls to repair your appliance.

  3. James Colello
    Jul 18, 2022

    They do not keep their word on appointments!

    They do not keep their word on appointments! I’ve received three emails around midnight telling me I need to change or remove my scheduled appointment! Terrible customer service! Don’t use! it!

  4. Jaime Munoz
    Jul 1, 2022

    Please do not use this service

    Please do not use this service as it is unreliable and the customer support is not great. I had a minor repair for a dishwasher. I scheduled the appointment for a morning slot on Monday. I cleared my schedule for the early space only to find out 20 minutes before the two-hour meeting that it was canceled, and I had to change my appointment. I then reschedule the work with an afternoon slot on the same day, but not surprisingly, it is also canceled at the last minute. I call customer service, and they give me 10% off; however, they cannot help me make a third appointment. They advise me to go through the site. Then I set the third appointment for later in the week, but it was canceled just 20 minutes before the scheduled time slot began. Customer service gives me the same 10 percent discount (which does not stack with the prior one), but they don’t assist me in scheduling an appointment for a different time. I eventually went to an established repair shop and was taken by within the same day. This business isn’t reliable, and its customer service is poor. Donald, you do not use them?

  5. Boris Montes
    Jun 5, 2022

    highly recommend

    The technician returned to solve a problem in a dishwasher that didn’t remain locked.

    He took a long time to resolve the issue without charge since there was a 90-day warranty time for the service.

    It’s too early to determine whether it’s fixed for good. However, I would use the service and would highly recommend them.

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