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11 Reviews on Metro Appliance Repair

  1. John Vincent
    Jan 18, 2023

    It could have been more expensive!

    I purchased a used washer and dryer at this. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was not to me on the same day, which was disappointing, but it's how it's. It was installed, but the latch for the door failed after a couple of days of using it. They did get an engineer to fix it as they promised. It is not easy to purchase second-hand appliances, but at most, they stuck to their promises and repaired the issue! It was more than what I could have said about other stores! It took a few days for it to be put in and shipped after I purchased it, and then a few days to wait for the component after it had broken. However, I'd like to return to this place. They stuck to their end of the bargain regarding fixing the issue. I would have liked to have refunded a small amount or something else after the part broke because it only lasted one day, but as I stated. This is what happens when you purchase used ones! It could have been more expensive!

  2. Julie Thomas
    Oct 2, 2022

    That's not always feasible

    The appliances we received were a reasonable price. We've purchased some items and have had a good experience. Unfortunately, the fact that they sell older items and not brand-new ones makes the inventory system a little more complicated, and we haven't encountered any issues. Delivery isn't perfect however, I have discovered it to be more efficient than big box stores. I could see that most of the negative reviews were based on delivery problems. I would instead pick them up and set them up myself whenever I buy anything from any retailer because I am not a fan of waiting; however, that's not always feasible.

  3. Jonthan Higgins
    Oct 1, 2022

    They fixed the issue

    Everything is utilized—a small range of items. I purchased a refrigerator on Monday, and it started leaking water into my basement due to a weak water connection. They fixed the issue, but I had to be patient for three days.

  4. Stephen Newmarch
    Sep 28, 2022

    I we don't recommend them anymore regretfully

    They have caused damage to two of my areas in the course of installation. I was hoping to work with them, but they didn't attempt to fix or fix the problem. I we don't recommend them anymore regretfully.

  5. James Maloney
    Sep 22, 2022

    Avoid them, trust me

    I am a customer service representative, and when I came across negative reviews, I assumed they were blowing things way out of proportion. It wasn't! The woman who answers the phone is rude. The repairman looked like an addict. I called them to discuss my refrigerator that needed to be fixed, and when the repair man arrived on a Monday, he told me that it would cost $56.00 and they'd need to order a replacement part which would take two days. Two Days passed, and on the fourth day, I phoned someone else, and they repaired the problem the next day. I didn't receive a call from Metro the following Thursday, ten days after! They also were trying to charge me the cost of a service charge. I smiled and then hung up. Avoid them, trust me.

  6. Robert Buxcey
    Sep 18, 2022

    It took five days to wait for my appointment

    I called for an appointment with a service technician and gave the model/make of my refrigerator needing repair. I specifically inquired whether they serviced built-in units and was told they did. It took five days to wait for my appointment, and then the repairman arrived and took a glance at my fridge, and told me, "we don't service those." This isn't even the first time such a thing has occurred. And now, I'm without a fridge, and it could be another week before someone else will arrive to fix it.

  7. Michael Moore
    Sep 11, 2022

    Service is scheduled to be scheduled in two days

    Service was scheduled for two days, but it was useless. If it's an issue with the Freon leak or seal system, they will not fix it. I paid the entire cost of the diagnostic only to hear in 5 minutes that he couldn't fix it and to make the same diagnostic appointment with Sears Appliance Repair.

  8. Anne Belbin
    Sep 2, 2022

    They charged $180 as a service charge

    They claimed that they had LG certified when I made the appointment. They showed up and said they couldn't repair the LG, and we'd have contacted the manufacturer. Then they charged $180 as a service charge: a complete rip-off and unmoral business method. They simply made up what they could accomplish to get them to our home and charged us absolutely nothing.

  9. Kellie Gillaspy
    Aug 4, 2022

    They refused to pay

    They were deceitful in their estimate, telling us that the parts would cost between $10-100 and turned out to be an item valued at $250 (the tech assured us that it was a standard part) which was when we were stuck with an initial diagnostic cost of $92. They failed to deliver the service by the date they agreed; however, when we contacted them, we were told they didn't have any record of the component we needed. We ended up moving elsewhere and were left with a bill of $92, which they refused to pay. The result was two weeks without a refrigerator.

  10. Michelle Brydalski
    Jul 18, 2022

    The technician did fantastic work

    The technician did fantastic work on the old Dishwasher. It's an old Kenmore model and dates back to 2008 and cost $1,350. It has a steel interior. In the end, it was worth paying the $250 to fix an inlet valve.

    They were gracious enough to accept the coupon without needing to configure it. The initial visit cost of $95 is similar to what other companies charge.

  11. Ana Mejia
    Jun 5, 2022

    They gradually grew and covered

    I never thought there was a place like this. My washing machine broke.

    I nearly gave up and began to think about getting a new one, but then I called Metro and set up an appointment.

    Oh my God, it was a family-owned company, the young man Yarvar was there and explained to me how socks end up... in the washer!

    Check out the picture attached! Five years of socks.

    They gradually grew and covered the shafts of the washer before stopping the spin cycle.

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