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5 Reviews on doctorSIM

  1. Christine Channon
    October 3rd, 2022

    However they are not correct

    I ran an IMEI check/report request, and it returned a clear. This is my son’s stolen phone (IP13 Max Pro), and it’s BLACKLISTED. The phone was reported stolen by police, network carriers, and insurance companies. I’ve tried to contact you twice, and you keep saying hurry up and purchase/unlock the phone. Today, another email is sent to take advantage of your discount. Why not open your iPhone with discounts of up to 45% for 4 hours? Check out all of our checks. We’re sorry! You don’t know what checks you have made. However, they are not correct. You’re reporting STOLEN as well as BLACKLISTED phones, but not.

  2. Markelda Ellis
    July 18th, 2022

    So far so good

    So far, so good. I just learned about doctorSIM on the first day and am thrilled to have learned about these services. The interface is easy to use, and monitoring my iPhone is simple. I will use these to unlock the phone if the checks are successful.

  3. George Gray
    July 1st, 2022

    Excellent website

    Excellent website. I hope to increase the free service and provide new unlock prices for iPhone 13 pro max so I will be able to pay you.

  4. Rivka Zayat
    May 18th, 2022

    A false company

    I paid for an unlock. I was given a quote of 0-5 business days. When I checked the status, it stated that it had been completed successfully and that my unlock instructions would soon be emailed to me. It now says that it is in progress, but there is a delay.

    How did it get from being completed to in progress with delays? It cannot be finished if it suddenly stops. It’s done means it’s done, but now it’s not. We are now past the five-business-day deadline, and there is no word on when or how it will be completed. They’re giving me the runaround, and I feel they aren’t being truthful with me.

  5. Hazel
    April 19th, 2022

    Unlocked by EMEA Service

    Apple sent me a replacement iPhone for my unlocked iPhone, which could not be fixed. It worked in Switzerland, but it did not work in Brazil as the iPhone was locked by EMEA Services. This is Apple’s region lock. Apple refused to assist me. doctorSIM was able to unlock the iPhone without any problems. It worked quickly, efficiently, and well. Although the price was reasonable, I believe Apple should have paid it.

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