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Who owns Liberty Home Guard?

Liberty Home Guard is a home warranty company co-founded by Benjamin Joseph, who currently serves as its CEO. Under his leadership, the company has focused on providing comprehensive home warranty services to its customers, emphasizing transparency, customer satisfaction, and a wide range of coverage options.

Is Liberty Home Guard a reputable and good company?

Liberty Home Guard was named the #1 Home Warranty Company by U.S. News & WORLD REPORT in 2021-22, highlighting its consumer-focused approach. They have an A+ BBB rating and are known for prioritizing customer satisfaction. However, there are some criticisms: they have been noted for lack of service fee transparency, an unclear sample contract, some plans restricting coverage limits until 90 days after purchase, a relatively low $2,000 coverage limit per item, limited septic system coverage, unclear roof leak coverage terms, and high pool and spa coverage rates.

Is Liberty Home Guard better than 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty?

While Liberty Home Guard has been recognized for its customer ratings and comprehensive coverage, the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is noted for its affordable appliance plans. The choice between the two may depend on individual needs and preferences.

Is Liberty Home Guard better than First American Home Warranty?

Liberty Home Guard offers customizable home warranties with numerous add-on service options and promotional offers that can help lower the cost of coverage. In contrast, American Home Shield, an established home warranty company, has paid $2 billion in claims over the past five years and offers extensive coverage options. The choice between Liberty Home Guard and First American depends on individual needs and preferences.

30 Reviews on Liberty Home Guard

  1. Akr. Obirthy
    3 rating

    Unfair claim passed

    Dec 29, 2023

    My air conditioner's compressor blew out and I put forth an offer to repair the issue. Liberty stated that they don't fix compressors of air conditioners. According to their website, they repair things or even substitute their components. This is not true. I was offered the sum of $650 towards a brand new 3000-dollar air conditioner. I've not come across a house warranty service that repairs the appliances they repair or replace. They will always come up with an excuse not to repair the issue or even repair it or replace the appliance.

  2. Jean Smith
    2 rating

    Dubious Repair Experience with LHG

    Dec 6, 2023

    I recently faced a frustrating experience with my pool heater. It suddenly stopped working, so I contacted LHG for assistance. They promptly sent a contractor who assessed the issue and quoted a hefty $800 for the repair. Little did I know that a cap on the covered expenses was buried in the fine print, forcing me to cough up an additional $300+.

    Despite the significant payment, the contractor replaced the specified part, only to find that the heater still refused to cooperate. He claimed it needed yet another part, one that came with a much higher price tag. Feeling uneasy about the escalating costs, I consulted my previous pool service provider.

    To my surprise, my trusted pool expert looked at the situation, contacted the manufacturer's representative, and secured a new control board at no cost. All he charged me was a reasonable $60 for his time and expertise. When I shared the details of my ordeal and the name of the LHG contractor with him, he revealed that the individual had previously worked for him but was terminated for misusing the company charge card for personal expenses.

    This revelation raised severe concerns about the contractor's integrity and suggested the possibility of a scam to inflate the repair expenses. Despite bringing this to the attention of LHG, they offered no refund or resolution. As a customer, I can't help but feel taken advantage of and question the legitimacy of the entire ordeal.

  3. Michael Murray
    1 rating

    LAZY thieves and liars

    Oct 26, 2023

    I filed a claim for my hot water heater on October 7th. This company takes between 1-3 business days to make EVERY single decision. EACH STEP. I was assigned a technician the 9th. I was unable to reach the assigned tech. I was assigned a new tech, but he was a plumber and said I needed an electrician. I was charged a second fee of $80 to start a whole new claim (even though I clearly stated that I didn't have ANY idea what the issue was). The new tech was scheduled to show but never came. A guy showed up to diagnosis the problems and I'm STILL waiting for any resolution. I have paid $160 and waited 3 weeks. It is now October 26th. This company is horrible. Use UHP instead. Wish I had...

    This company takes DAYS (usually 2-3 business days) to make ANY decision (or assign a tech) for EACH step. The process is endless and irritating. I will NEVER use this warranty company again (for future homes). I will NOT be renewing my plan.

    I filed 2 claims for separate issues (and paid $240) and I have had NO resolutions to speak of yet (now going on 3 weeks). I have had other warranty companies in the past. They have NEVER taken over a week to resolve an issue. A week is understandable. A month is totally absurd and completely unforgivable.

  4. Deborah Reed
    1 rating

    My review on Liberty Home Warranty.

    Aug 28, 2023

    I started thinking Noah was the guy to trust for buying Liberty Home Warranty... Oh boy, was I wrong! He promised me the moon, saying I could get any appliance through their wholesale account. But when I needed him? Ghosted. It's been two weeks since this guy sold me the home warranty, and now he's MIA. I sent him countless emails and tried calling, but nada. Run the other way if you get stuck with Noah Carter from Liberty Home Guard. Or better yet, go with a different company. What a joke.

  5. Garett Stinson
    1 rating

    The Liberty Home Tech never appears!

    Aug 27, 2023

    They claim to have everything included. The first issue is that the washer tech never appears. They advised me to purchase my element but won't offer to pay. They contribute to repairing the washer for $200. The soap for the machine is higher than that. Then they become poor lawyers who tell me about my rights. These people are wrong. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  6. Manan Joshi
    1 rating

    The customer service is horrible!

    Aug 25, 2023

    I'm not a satisfied customer. The quality of the customer support and follow-up has been poor. The warranty covers the air conditioner. However, they asked me to pay a fee of 5,000 dollars, and Liberty Home Guard contributed $1102 for the repair. It's not a guarantee but an elaborate ploy!

    What a great idea! Liberty states that they are the top company in service quality, but their customer satisfaction is not high, according to my experience. Quality service means meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations.

    Liberty hasn't met my expectations or exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, they profit from the customer. The customer service is horrible. I have been a regular and ongoing customer for a long time.

    The only time I contact them, I am met with a snarl and get no help. Liberty, I hope you don't treat all of your customers like this. If you treat others with the same poor service, I will try to rectify this problem so that I'm not the last paying customer you swindle.

  7. William Laughton
    4 rating

    Knowledgeable to answer

    May 22, 2023

    Henry Martin was professional and thorough when discussing the home warranties plan. He was able and knowledgeable to answer any of my questions. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with him.

  8. Clara Moldova
    1 rating

    That isn't good

    Apr 28, 2023

    It is important to note that something unrelated to leaks is included in their warranty for home repairs which covers around 90% of all claims. The first time I tried this was when my AC was started. I realized that condensation was pouring from the drip pan but not going through the PVC, so when I decided to submit a Claim, my first claim, they don't accept leaks covered under section D.1. of their policies. Well, that isn't good for everyone.

  9. James Mwarano
    5 rating

    Customer service was fantastic

    Apr 27, 2023

    The person who assisted me was very kind and accommodating. He didn't try to push me and was patient. He was able to answer all of my questions. I was able to review the policy before deciding on it, which helped me feel more comfortable regarding it. He helped to change the date of my insurance policy's start easily. Customer service was fantastic!

  10. Zalman Levin
    1 rating

    It was a complete disaster

    Apr 26, 2023

    I attempted to utilize the items once before, but it was a complete disaster. First, I don't believe the solution proposed will solve the issue in my refrigerator. Another option is to alter the gasket in the door. Okay, but LHG has me be charged $300 to do it. It's just 30 seconds, and my seven-year-old daughter can do it for me. I have decided to cancel my presence. Paying $80 to visit the facility and then paying $300 for the service is ridiculous! Every year, I become more aware that DIY is a way of life in the US since everything is costly and poor quality.

  11. Aimee Suriel
    5 rating

    Quick and thorough

    Apr 12, 2023

    The rep I spoke to was competent and informed me of every option without being overly pushy or giving an aggressive sales pitch. The representative told me about the possibilities and let me choose. Quick and thorough, he did not leave me in contact for long.

  12. Nancy Dow
    1 rating

    They will even use technical solutions

    Mar 18, 2023

    They will even use technical solutions if they can figure out an alternative not to pay; the age of the equipment is not an issue. Still, I was told they only pay fair market value for a period, which means a 26-year-old system in the house I just purchased isn't protected, as Fair market value would be zero because the standard lifespan of homes of 10-15 years.

  13. Michael Harrison
    1 rating

    Beware of this firm.

    Mar 16, 2023

    Unfortunately, this connection hasn't been a success. It's been a nightmare since the very first claim. The claim management is rude, rude, and unhelpful. I'm still waiting for them to repair and replace the air conditioner. We're getting closer to winter! Beware of this firm.

  14. Delana Tieken
    1 rating

    Don't spend the money you spend here

    Mar 15, 2023

    Don't spend the money you spend here. When it is time for them to make the demand, they'll find ways to bill you and then charge visitors. You'd be better off spending the money instead of paying out of pocket.

  15. Cynthia Drost
    1 rating

    Zeeero began with the most severe of my water heater being broken.

    Mar 14, 2023

    Zeeero began with the most severe of my water heater being broken. The person who came to inspect it did not even touch it and was only here for an hour later. We then got an email from liberty stating that all they could do was give us 200$ in credit, which is fine. Still, the employee liberty threatened my husband and me to cease asking questions and agree on the distinction as the company was planning to remove it when we continued to inquire about our options after asking for an administrator or a higher level. He said they were the top and that he would remove us from receiving the 200$ credit if we ever asked for another. Sorry but.. this isn't how this works. We should not be put in danger; we were seeking how to proceed with the credit thing. I'm amazed at how unprofessional and rude the people in charge of this situation are. It's unbelievable.

  16. Verna Winter
    1 rating

    They do not transmit third words.

    Mar 13, 2023

    They do not transmit third words. They offer hidden fees that they will not reveal when signing up. When you begin making claims for services, they explain the garbage policies. Unprofessional, and don't give them your honest opinion as they can find any mistakes and contradict your word. I would never recommend anyone. Please review their secret and unclear policies carefully before deciding to go ahead.

  17. Edward Gauldin
    1 rating

    The response time was over two weeks

    Mar 12, 2023

    I have submitted two claims; the response time was over two weeks. Furthermore, the reps did not help me bring techs onto my website. I tried calling the techs, but they were unavailable, and LHG didn't even attempt to reach them. A plumber would not visit my home due to the lack of payments from LHG.

  18. Casey Turok
    1 rating

    They have repeatedly lied to me.

    Mar 11, 2023

    I've been waiting for months to receive the money to be refunded because they misled me regarding coverage. The company promised that they could remove the negative review I wrote bu,t I refused, and I'm still waiting for my money. Do not work with this company. They have repeatedly lied to me.

  19. Larry Cohen
    1 rating

    This business is an utter fraud.

    Mar 10, 2023

    If I could rate 0 stars, I'd. This business is an utter fraud. They require you to wait for two days before they respond to your request for work. They said they could not find the part when my refrigerator broke, so it needed to be replaced. They offered me $200 for it. This was not an old and dirty refrigerator. They offer the most terrible customer service. Do not purchase their warranty. Th

  20. David Clayton
    1 rating

    I claimed my refrigerator.

    Mar 8, 2023

    I claimed my refrigerator. The company sent a contractor who concluded that the fridge could not be fixed. When the documents were sent to LHG, they informed me that they couldn't cover it and that my only choice was to buy a new one myself. I was charged for protection but was told I had no choice because the refrigerator "reached its expected lifespan."

  21. Margaret Kahn
    1 rating

    I have submitted two claims to date

    Mar 7, 2023

    I have submitted two claims to date. One claim was not accepted, and the latest one is "in progress" and has been processed over nine days. In the meantime, we are without water. Poor service whenever you make a call. No promises and no value for money.

  22. Janet Tauscher
    1 rating

    I filled in the form online

    Mar 5, 2023

    I filled in the form online, and when I had finished studying the data, I received three calls from them in less than one minute. My potential business was lost because they constantly called my number to make calls.

  23. Edie Boyer
    1 rating

    My water heater from my brand-new home,

    Mar 4, 2023

    My water heater from my brand-new home, which I purchased, broke. I contacted the warranty Guard to make a claim. They charged me $80 to file the claim. A representative examined the problem and said that the components required replacing liberty. They then called me back to inform me that they could only cover the parts that cost $125, and I'd have to pay $425 out of my pocket. When I looked at the price of a brand new water heater, it was $450, so I paid them 80 dollars, and they're covering 125. I'm unsure how that calculation could be logical, but the labor cost was equivalent to $425. The company didn't appear concerned that I could purchase the new heater for this price and provided nothing other than the possibility that I wanted to pay for it using my credit card in my account or with an alternative card. I don't believe it's worth having a warranty for your home from this company.

  24. Chad Lamson
    1 rating

    Every time I interacted with this business

    Mar 2, 2023

    Every time I interacted with this business, I discovered benefits to be minimal at best. It is not going to save you any cash on repairs. You will need to call each service department on your own. If the company's renewal team rings and you do not think you're interested in renewing, they will call you back and leave. Unprofessional, rude, and certainly not worth the cost. I would suggest you think about other home warranty options from rivals I would have liked to have. Update 12/26. It turned out that after I'd indicated that I wasn't interested in renewing, they charged my card and then continued the policy. I contacted customer service and told them that I did not want to in making a payment for the service. I was informed that the fee would be returned to my credit card.

  25. Maureen Sladen
    1 rating

    I decided to cancel the warranty with them and purchase an independent one.

    Mar 1, 2023

    The worst of the worst. Without much research, I came across Liberty Home Guard on the internet. The seller offered me an amount of credit to purchase an insurance policy for home warranties. Wilt et. When I called to inquire about an issue with heating, I was informed that I would have to wait one month before my policy would begin. A year later, when I called them for an issue with my heating, they informed me that I had to pay $99 to have a technician visit and determine the amount of my deductible. I decided to cancel the warranty with them and purchase an independent one.

  26. Michael Oberle
    1 rating

    My stove required parts

    Feb 26, 2023

    My stove required parts, and they'll send me the details but not provide the installation. Two men had to be brought out before they could sort the issue. They are now saying that they will not pay for the installation. It's ridiculous! I'm not happy. They have already denied my HVAC.

  27. Nicholas Stuart
    5 rating

    Very satisfied with Liberty's service so far

    Jan 18, 2023

    Response from the Liberty team was swift. They sent a repairman to my home the following day after I had submitted claims using their application. Our water heater needed an entire replacement. Based on my prior (not excellent) experience with different companies that offer home warranties, I was glad that the replacement was insured through Liberty this time, and I was fully expecting the process of ordering and installing to take several weeks. I was surprised that everything was completed in only eight days. Everything was smooth, and everyone was professional. Very satisfied with Liberty's service so far.

  28. Holly Snowdon
    1 rating

    They are a complete absurdity

    Oct 3, 2022

    I submitted one claim over the entire year to address an issue with my plumbing. They weren't able to send any technicians out before ten days. They called me to offer me a discount on renewal. I informed them that I did not want to renew. They charged me for a whole year's new contract two months later. What the f *? They are a complete absurdity.

  29. David Seawell
    5 rating

    Nick of Liberty Home Guard was friendly, professional

    Jul 18, 2022

    Nick of Liberty Home Guard was friendly, professional, courteous, and efficient in his work, obtaining a technician to handle our claim quickly. The repairman came to me the day I contacted them to make my claim.

    I want to thank Lorraine for processing that claim! The repairman arrived when he was scheduled and repaired our ten-year-old washing machine on that same visit. He also gave me helpful ideas for getting rid of the odors that occasionally occur in the washing machine. Thank you, Liberty Home Guard, for the outstanding service!

  30. Adrian Villarreal
    5 rating

    Excellent service

    Jul 1, 2022

    Excellent service from start to go. Lorraine, My first interaction was beneficial and professional. The technician was knowledgeable and straight in assessing the issue in our leaky faucet and bathtub. I highly recommend it.

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Do you own Liberty Home Guard?

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About Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard, based in New York, has made its presence felt in the home warranty industry in a relatively short period. While the company touts its commitment to customer service and comprehensive coverage, there have been instances where customers have raised concerns about service fee transparency and the clarity of their contracts. The company's rapid growth has occasionally led to challenges in maintaining consistent service quality across all regions. Some homeowners have also pointed out the restrictive nature of certain coverage limits, especially compared to long-standing competitors in the market.

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