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5 Reviews on Liberty Home Guard

  1. Nicholas Stuart
    Jan 18, 2023

    Very satisfied with Liberty's service so far

    Response from the Liberty team was swift. They sent a repairman to my home the following day after I had submitted claims using their application. Our water heater needed an entire replacement. Based on my prior (not excellent) experience with different companies that offer home warranties, I was glad that the replacement was insured through Liberty this time, and I was fully expecting the process of ordering and installing to take several weeks. I was surprised that everything was completed in only eight days. Everything was smooth, and everyone was professional. Very satisfied with Liberty’s service so far.

  2. Holly Snowdon
    Oct 3, 2022

    They are a complete absurdity

    I submitted one claim over the entire year to address an issue with my plumbing. They weren’t able to send any technicians out before ten days. They called me to offer me a discount on renewal. I informed them that I did not want to renew. They charged me for a whole year’s new contract two months later. What the f *? They are a complete absurdity.

  3. David Seawell
    Jul 18, 2022

    Nick of Liberty Home Guard was friendly, professional

    Nick of Liberty Home Guard was friendly, professional, courteous, and efficient in his work, obtaining a technician to handle our claim quickly. The repairman came to me the day I contacted them to make my claim.

    I want to thank Lorraine for processing that claim! The repairman arrived when he was scheduled and repaired our ten-year-old washing machine on that same visit. He also gave me helpful ideas for getting rid of the odors that occasionally occur in the washing machine. Thank you, Liberty Home Guard, for the outstanding service!

  4. Adrian Villarreal
    Jul 1, 2022

    Excellent service

    Excellent service from start to go. Lorraine, My first interaction was beneficial and professional. The technician was knowledgeable and straight in assessing the issue in our leaky faucet and bathtub. I highly recommend it.

  5. Manan Joshi
    Jun 5, 2022

    The customer service is horrible

    I’m not a satisfied customer. The quality of the customer support and follow-up has been poor. The warranty covers the air conditioner.

    However, they asked me to pay a fee of 5000 dollars, and Liberty Home Guard contributed $1102 for the repair to be repaired. It’s not a guarantee but an elaborate ploy!

    What a great idea! Liberty states that they are the top company in service quality, but their customer satisfaction is not high, according to my experience.

    Quality service means meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

    Liberty hasn’t met my expectation or exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, they profit from the customer.

    The customer service is horrible. I have been a regular customer and an ongoing customer for a long time.

    The only time I contact them, I am met with a snarl and get no help. Liberty, I hope you don’t treat all of your customers like this.

    If you treat others with the same poor service, I will try my best to rectify this problem so that I’m not the last paying customer you swindle.

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