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Is safe?

No,'s safety is highly questionable due to its low trust score, recent creation, suspicious associations, potential vulnerabilities, and lack of user trust. Additionally, concerns about Chinese ownership and possible data storage by a spy firm add another layer of worry.

Is Nudify illegal? apps or nudifier, which digitally create nude images, often exist in a legal gray area and raise privacy and consent concerns. Creating or distributing morphed or nude images without consent can be illegal, especially if they involve minors, which is strictly prohibited under child pornography laws.

8 Reviews on

  1. Murin
    1 rating

    Undressing ai isn’t safe

    Dec 16, 2023

    Undressing AI websites or clothes remover websites isn’t fun. It can cause a lot of harm to the woman and her family. I used this Nudify website and even paid for a credit. This app is accurate but bad for society.

  2. Reuik
    5 rating

    Mind blowing undressing ai website.

    Dec 15, 2023

    The output of the image is awesome. Fun to explore and satisfy the intimacy fantasy. I know that Nudify is only adults only website.

  3. Nudify Review
    3 rating

    Nudify is clothes remover website but powerful undressing ai tech.

    Dec 13, 2023

    I have tried for fun, they have a few modes to try out and require a paid version to use Undressing Girl. I paid 6.49$ to use their diamond credits and was able to make the s*x image and nudes without any waiting time. The images are so real that its not easy to find out which is real and which is fake. This website is powerful and should be used with all precautions. Just data and privacy should be taken care of.

  4. Dark
    1 rating

    Do not use

    Dec 12, 2023

    This nudifier isn’t safe. Leaking images on public domain and selling on darkweb.

    1. Matt
      Dec 13, 2023

      Hey dark,

      Why nudify isn't safe? Is it just undressing AI or a clothes remover website like others? If you see and try to nudify a minor girl, it won't process the image at all. I do not know why you are all blaming this particular site only.

      Thank you

  5. Jacob
    2 rating

    This nudifier is worst

    Dec 12, 2023

    Nudifier apps are attracting billions of active users, and their increasing popularity poses a significant threat to society and teenagers. The widespread use of these apps, especially in schools, is alarming for parents. The deep fake nudes are so realistic that it is hard to find a difference between what is fake and what is real. In my son's school, someone created deep, fake nudes of girls, leaving their parents in shock. One parent transferred their daughter to another school, while another fell into depression. I urge everyone to stop using such websites and apps. Currently, there is no legal framework or jurisdiction in place to protect our children and teenagers. These apps, originating from China, are a deep concern for the United States.

  6. John
    1 rating

    Pawned photos stored in china

    Dec 11, 2023

    I generated some cool photos of my school batch mate, and it looks awesome I enjoy watching it, but after looking at the meta information of the photos the langue on the mark show Chinese langue and hence their server location might be located there. Check there photos meta data, it will show on modified by and last modified information. I am concerned if the website reveal my information in public as I signed up using my school email account. I will be expelled from the school and end up my career. I made a mistake morphing my school girl image and I humbly request you that you stay away. Not good.

  7. Davi Beckham
    1 rating

    Nudifier apps are illegal and not safe to use.

    Dec 11, 2023

    Please do not use this website; it's unsafe and may hurt you. I am sure that one way or another way, it will come to you in the wrong way that someone may ask for a ransom to delete the nude, deep, fake photo you created about the person who may reveal your email address. The site requires a login, and I think the image you created seals your email ID. Some hackers reveal all these details in the black hat world. Your life could be in shamble. Stay away from this type of nudifier apps and websites.

  8. Mike
    2 rating

    AI nudify apps is dangerous to child

    Dec 11, 2023

    It's a danger website that creates morphed images of a minor girl and circulates them in school. It surely needs a regulator concern and the law. Access to this type of website should be limited. I also hear that this type of nudifier is being built in China and exported to the USA. It's like another ticktock developer trying to dismount the US and the world. These websites are already blocked in China and are not allowed access even via VPN. I used and was able to create deep fake images, and it's so perfect that you can have a difference to tell. Too much AI is a threat to society.

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About is a tool that utilizes AI to generate "deep fake nudes," essentially digitally stripping clothing from images and undressing photo of girls using stable diffusion ai. While Nudifier allows users to upload pictures in various formats, concerns regarding its legitimacy and safety overshadow its functionality.

Security assessments raise red flags about A low trust score and potential vulnerabilities in its HTML code suggest potential risks like malware or spam. Furthermore, the site's recent creation and association with other dubious websites raise additional eyebrows.

Nudify types of apps are part of a worrying trend of non-consensual pornography being developed and distributed because of advances in artificial intelligence — a type of fabricated media known as deepfake pornography quoted by Time

Approaching with extreme caution is crucial. Avoid it entirely, especially when entering personal information or making transactions. Adult content and the absence of significant user trust further justify this wariness.

Recent claims that belongs to a Chinese spy firm and may be storing sensitive user data adding another layer of worry. While these claims require further investigation, this photo nudifier ai web app undoubtedly contribute to the overall impression of a potentially unsafe and unreliable tool.

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