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3 Reviews on Deepfakes Web

  1. Eugenia Morales
    1 rating
    Feb 7, 2023

    Don't spend your money on this

    I paid $15 for one face swap video that lasted 15 seconds to test this service. The quality was terrible, and face swaps were highly low-quality. The Reface app on my phone may do a better job. Don't spend your money on this. I could use this money to pay for electricity

  2. Darlene Schwab
    1 rating
    Feb 5, 2023

    The cost was 30 dollars to train the model multiple times

    The cost was 30 dollars to train the model multiple times. Consequently, changing the model's face didn't begin, and I got an inferior-quality version of the original video. I can use the money to purchase power and run a deep fake program on my computer. It's better than the older version.

  3. Gary Hansen
    2 rating
    Feb 4, 2023

    It a poor quality for the price of $15

    It is of poor quality for the price of $15. thought from the description on the website that I would receive an authentic deep fake. But instead, I received a low-quality video. This is something I'm ashamed to show my acquaintances.

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The easy-to-use deep fake application uses AI and Deep Learning to generate amazing face swap videos. Create your phony video now.

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