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  1. Jesse Halligan
    July 29th, 2022

    received excellent service

    We have always received excellent service from Damart since the goods are top-quality and a great value for money. This is why we purchase from Damart, as we have always suggested Damart to our family and friends.

  2. Jeffrey Raum
    July 23rd, 2022

    The customer was so disappointed

    My mother received mail-order catalogs that contained a coupon for a PS10.22 discount when you spend more than PS25, So she attempted to place an order for the amount of PS34 plus postage. She then tried to use the voucher with code 02958, but the coupon code did not work, to her dismay. The customer was so disappointed. She even canceled the order.

  3. Gary Plotts
    July 13th, 2022

    very reasonable price

    I was blessed to get good-fitting shoes at a very reasonable price. It is hard to find stores that sell sizes three (continental dimension 36). I purchased moccasins in the sale and received them in three days. I will continue looking through all-sale shoes for even more bargains.

  4. Jenny Ashton
    May 19th, 2022

    Deliver the goods

    Damart’s clothing is of high quality. However, Envi/Hermes, who delivers the goods, are the ones I have a problem with.

    The driver doesn’t ring me or leave parcels at my door; he leaves them at my neighbors.

    To be fair to my neighbors who have gotten tired of bringing my parcels to them, Damart must reluctantly cease selling.

  5. Jang Tou
    April 16th, 2022

    Ticky Websites

    Today was a long day spent on the new Damart website, which is very glitchy. I could not log in – I just wanted to pay – but I was sent around trying to reset my password. Neither my email address nor the new password was accepted. I was exasperated and tried again later to make payment via the account. It was more luck than judgment that the funds were available to me. After I had made the payment, I thought another trick had appeared.

    It advised me that I was now eligible to apply for credit (I thought I was already). Instead of telling me that the payment was successful, I refused to pay again. A little later, however, payment had been made. Damart catalogs have been put in the recycling bin. I no longer intend to use this company after being a long-standing customer. I hope that their numerous brochures and leaflets won’t overload me.

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About Damart

Damart is a French-owned global retailer that specializes in old clothing. Damart is best known for its thermal products. These products are made from our unique "thermotactic" fabric, which we patented in 1953. Damart, along with our expanding range of products, has become well-known in Europe. Our sister brand, Sedagyl, is aimed at senior citizens over 75 years old. It offers products that provide comfort and well-being. 2014 Winners of UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

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