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  1. Sandra Carol
    5 rating
    Nov 22, 2023

    Worth every penny

    I am impressed with the quality of the product (Johnson brown jacket). The functionality and the lining are impressive. I wore with blue and black jeans, it looked very stylish and received lots of positive comments. The shipping was one day late but it was totally worth every penny. Thanks, FJackets

  2. Gibson
    5 rating
    Nov 22, 2023

    Very impressed with this company

    I am more than impressed with this company and their management had one or two problems with orders and deliveries but management rectified it straight away which actually left me speechless and extremely happy ... both service and quality of the clothing are excellent and I will definitely recommend this company to family and friends .. Fjackets are a very loyal and caring company and really do look after their customers so here's a massive thank you to Fjackets for your excellent service and for making me feel valued as a customer I can't thank you enough .

  3. Tressie
    5 rating
    Nov 22, 2023

    Exceptional Quality and Style from Fjackets!

    Thrilled with my Fjackets purchase! Exceptional quality, diverse styles, and top-notch customer service. The jacket exceeded expectations in craftsmanship and durability. Quick shipping and secure packaging. Fjackets is a standout in the world of fashionhighly recommended!

  4. Teresa
    5 rating
    Nov 22, 2023

    Top quality leather jacket

    Jacket The jacket was great just as it was pictured and described. It was great. I love the jacket. Very well packaged and arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

  5. Ben Smith
    5 rating
    Nov 22, 2023


    Just got it today, so here goes first impression.
    First of all it Fits perfectly, as promised,
    The materials look extremely good and it looks great wearing, really.
    Im really happy with it and totally recommend it.

  6. Ben Smith
    5 rating
    Nov 21, 2023


    Bought the Brown “Wick” jacket,size Small, about 6 months ago. Like it so much I just ordered the Black version. For reference I’m 5’10” and 160 lbs. The small fits me perfect which according to the manufacturers chart is correct. Please note as explained in product description this is a “Modern” close to the body fit.. This style jacket fits in at any occasion and level of dress, formal or very casual. Recommend this item 100%

  7. Ben Smith
    5 rating
    Nov 21, 2023


    I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. The jacket fits nice, the leather has a great feel to it. It has 3 pockets on the inside, 2 and 1 for your cell phone. So 5 pockets all together. The workmanship seems very, very good. The delivery packaging is some of the best I have seen on Amazon. It arrives safe and not very wrinkled. They have an outstanding package containing desiccant to keep it dry also.. And of course it arrived very timely. I loved the looks of this jacket. Mine looks just like the picture. This is a great buy.

  8. John Austin
    5 rating
    Jun 15, 2023

    Outstanding Services and Quality Products

    This is my second time, I purchased a letterman jacket for my brother from and I am extremely satisfied with their services. The customer support was prompt and helpful, guiding me through the ordering process. The website was easy to navigate, and my jacket arrived quickly and well-packaged. The quality of the jacket is excellent, with impeccable craftsmanship and a perfect fit. I highly recommend for their exceptional service and top-notch products!

  9. Teresa
    5 rating
    Jun 15, 2023

    Buttery soft leather, Quality Craftmanship

    I recently purchased the 2-buttons leather blazer jacket and I couldn't be happier with my choice! The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is remarkable. The jacket's sleek design and premium leather give it a luxurious feel, making me feel confident and stylish whenever I wear it. It's definitely a worthwhile investment that deserves a solid 5-star rating!

  10. Logan
    5 rating
    Jun 14, 2023

    Unmatched Quality and Service

    Can't get over how awesome my leather jacket from FJackets is! The folks there really know how to treat a customer, too! I ordered their Johnson biker jacket and the product has all the features I was looking for. Good leather quality and best functionality someone could ask. Will surely be ordering again soon.

  11. Cristin Gerczak
    5 rating
    May 31, 2023

    Fantastic customer service

    Fantastic customer service, gorgeous coat! I bought a blazer made of beautiful leather. However, it was not long enough for my physique, and Fjackets immediately offered me the opportunity to swap it out with another. I'm thrilled with the selection of my more long car coat. The material is soft and comfortable, its cut is perfect, and the color is beautiful. It was replaced quickly and with no issues. Delighted!

  12. Vickie Herridge
    5 rating
    May 3, 2023

    Service is a great

    Finding the right product or sup[plier which is a perfect match regarding quality, value, and customer service makes it a challenge. Excellent service is a great item identical to its image in its advertisement. It fits like a glove and is made well by paying attention to minor details, such as stitching.

  13. John Murray
    5 rating
    May 2, 2023

    Top high quality

    Fantastic customer service and communications from FJackets. From the moment I placed my order until it arrived, I experienced only excellent communication. The quality of the product was top high quality. I am delighted to buy from FJackets and would recommend them to relatives and friends.

  14. Vincent Melendez
    5 rating
    May 1, 2023

    It's excellent

    I bought the Rip jacket. It's excellent. It was a bit too large, and I figured it wasn't my style. I called jackets for returns, and I had no issues. They went above and beyond to allow me to return the jacket or to refund. At some point, I'll get a coat from them very soon.

  15. Kahla Ivester
    4 rating
    Apr 13, 2023

    A good experience.

    Overall, a good experience. The jacket's quality was excellent but unfortunately too large, so I needed to return it. It took some time to let them know my request for a refund, but they eventually agreed. Overall, it was a positive shopping experience. I'd order from FJackets once more and most likely would.

  16. Charles Howell
    5 rating
    Jan 20, 2023

    I bought a gorgeous jacket from FJackets

    I bought a gorgeous jacket from FJackets; unfortunately, it was too large. I contacted customer support via email. I'm pleased to say that their customer service is excellent! Fast response, friendly, and always willing to help me. I'll be purchasing jackets shortly.

  17. Matthew Rowntree
    5 rating
    Nov 5, 2022

    The quality was higher than I expected

    Sorry for the late review. I'm fascinated by the jacket. I bought a black leather jacket in M. The quality was higher than I expected it to be. The pockets are handy. I love it. I can't wait to wear it with any outfit this season. Guys, stop looking for a high-quality leather jacket. I'd suggest you check FJackets instead.

  18. Marie Morris
    5 rating
    Nov 3, 2022

    I purchased an authentic leather jacket

    I purchased an authentic leather jacket from Fjackets that was beautifully constructed. The company delivered the incorrect size. I contacted the company and informed them of what had happened and some issues I was having due to my understanding of the return policy incorrectly. I got Fjackets, and they promptly returned them to me and sent the correct size. The customer service department is very patient and wonderful. They will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the purchase. I'm planning to purchase a second leather coat. This will be my primary store for future leather items!

  19. Paulo Albasini
    5 rating
    Nov 1, 2022

    Fantastic product

    Fantastic product with an excellent fit, quick delivery, and high quality. It feels and looks great—many compliments from my family and friends. I've recommended my friends shop at Fjackets. We are waiting for them to design an unlined suede t-shirt!

  20. Benjamin Franklin
    5 rating
    Sep 8, 2022

    Great Jacket

    Great Jacket. I wasn't expecting the jacket to be this sturdy as it is. I've had bad experiences with other leather jacket manufacturers from abroad. The leather was a mess. It was shiny, the fit was off in size, and it took me weeks to obtain. The jackets came quickly, and the coat was perfect. I'm a size two; however, the jacket needs to be cut to fit because the arms are too long and the waistline is too large. The coat I received did perfectly, however.

  21. Brien Meinhart
    1 rating
    Sep 6, 2022

    The worst "business" I have ever had to deal with

    The worst "business" I have ever had to deal with. is a Small, poorly built item. It took weeks for the return. Many emails with offers for discounts. Then I finally agreed. I gave them the article, and they said they would not accept returns. They kept the item but never reimbursed my money. They have my money and an inexpensive Chinese manufactured product. 100% Rip-Off!! Don't ever trust this dishonest business.

  22. Donald Ostermeyer
    1 rating
    Sep 3, 2022

    Poor service and non-professional

    They've updated their Operational Software, and due to the minor issues in their application, my purchase isn't going to be shipped. This was my Halloween costume for tomorrow's party. !!!! I'm screwed. I paid 6 dollars for 3-4 days of shipping, but nothing was completed—poor service and non-professional.

  23. Joseph Myers
    5 rating
    Sep 1, 2022

    I would highly recommend this business to try

    I bought the Peaky Blinder coat for my grandson. I am delighted by the high-end fabric and the fashion. It fits him perfectly, and I and I ordered a larger size: a simple website to navigate and exceptional service. I would highly recommend this business to try.

  24. Ron Mediate
    1 rating
    Sep 1, 2022

    Rude, ignorant customer service rep

    Rude, ignorant customer service rep. I mustn't read actual queries. They'll advise you to visit FAQ, and then the FAQ redirects you back to the Customer Service email. I mentioned this to them in a polite manner, and they responded with an empty email. I'm not interested in dealing with BS. The jackets look gorgeous, though, and it's a shame. I've always wanted one. I'll look elsewhere, even if that costs me more. I'm a big fan of energy-efficient and honest businesses.

  25. Daniel Scheinfeld
    5 rating
    Aug 29, 2022

    My son is extremely happy with the size and fit

    The jacket was purchased as a present for my son is extremely happy with the size and fit. The leather feels soft and supple. I would recommend it to anyone. We will buy another one if you require another jacket.

  26. Cynthia Jackson
    5 rating
    Aug 25, 2022

    Wonderful purchase

    Wonderful purchase. It's well-made and extremely comfortable. Numerous tutorials assist the perfect fit on the FJ website. The delivery was quick, and the postage was prompt. We will purchase again from this trustworthy company. Thank you, so thank you!

  27. Timothy Rose
    4 rating
    Aug 23, 2022

    I'm pleased with it

    I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed. It took longer to receive my product due to shipping issues. However, the company was very accommodating and did its best to ensure that I was satisfied. My purchase arrived just within a couple of days. It was good quality for the price, and I'm pleased with it.

  28. Catherine Preedy
    1 rating
    Aug 22, 2022

    I got an extremely substandard coat, which was highly overpriced

    I got an extremely substandard coat, which was highly overpriced. I was told it was genuine suede, but it's fake suede. The zip on the skin was damaged. When I asked for the refund, I was informed that it must be shipped into the United Arab Emirates and not returned to the USA, which is where it was allegedly from. I'd be charged the return shipping cost, which could leave me paying more for my pocket.

  29. John Quinn
    2 rating
    Aug 17, 2022

    The stitching is an awful

    I have a few Lamb skin jackets. I think this is the thinnest skin I have ever seen. The stitching is an awful and not straight line. The button holes are not cheap, so I'm not sure how anyone could give this item an A+ rating.

  30. Kenneth Roeder
    3 rating
    Aug 15, 2022

    The jacket has no shape

    First, the jacket has no shape, so it could be considered unisex and not designed for women. The second issue is that Pakistan delivered it, and I had to wait a month, not a week, to get it. That is entirely unacceptable. In addition, to make things more unpleasant, it has an intoxicating chemical scent, making it not suitable for wear until you can ventilate it. After examining it, my hands were stained black and blue since even touching it will stain your hands. The first complaint was not adequately handled however my subsequent complaint was dealt with professionally and with diligence. I was offered a reimbursement and a refund for the return shipping.

  31. Kevin Thurlkill
    3 rating
    Aug 14, 2022

    The jacket was excellent

    The jacket was excellent. Be sure to purchase the correct size. I bought XL since it's the size I usually get. However, I had to return the order and buy a large one. Make sure to check your measurements and stay clear of the return hassle.

  32. Alex Stefanelli
    4 rating
    Aug 11, 2022

    Overall, we are very pleased with our Peaky Blinders Blue suit

    Overall, we are happy with our Peaky Blinders Blue suit (sent from Pakistan). Quality was made; however, there were some white dirt marks across the garment (we applied a wet cloth to remove the dots). My partner loves the way it appears on his. The size is pretty exact for the top pieces. However, the pants are a bit big because of reasons. Now we need to get the pants changed. The delivery was a bit slow. An issue in my address at the beginning of the process slows the process of sending our order, after which it was held for a whole week at Australia Customs (no responsibility of their own). It's a relief to have the suit on time for our wedding.

  33. Esau Colon
    4 rating
    Aug 8, 2022

    My experience with this business F jacket was extremely positive

    My experience with this business F jacket was extremely positive. I would highly recommend buying from the company on their website. The shipping was quick, the website was easy to navigate, and the price was very competitive. The leather is high-end and comes with lots of pockets. The color is beautiful and perfectly fits. I highly recommend purchasing an F jacket made of leather by Film jacket. Thank you very much.

  34. Marvin Johnson
    4 rating
    Aug 3, 2022

    You'll not be disappointed!

    I am in love with a massive fan of my Linda Jacket. The pockets are a bit more back than I'd prefer when I zip them up. The leather's texture is excellent, doesn't smell strange, and is comfortable. I would like it to be smaller, but it's a perfect fit, particularly if I wear a heavier sweatshirt or hoodie. I'm thinking of buying the Chocolate Brown Jacket!!! If you purchase it through FJackets and you'll not be disappointed!

  35. Davis Mechanical
    5 rating
    Jul 29, 2022

    It's very high-end, soft and exquisite

    Incredible bicycle leather jacket! It's very high-end, soft, and exquisite. I'm currently thinking about which color I'll get the next time. I'd suggest this biker's jacket in black to anybody searching for an affordable coat! When it was shipped, it arrived in a short time, and the price wasn't to beat!

  36. Wayne Page
    5 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    I've just received my second purchase

    I've just received my second purchase in just six months and am completely satisfied with the quality of the item, the service, and the amount of time you've been kept. The thing is perfect for me, precisely what you want. The leather is soft and easy to walk in. I'm sure to purchase #3 in the next few months. It's impossible to go wrong with this brand. Thank you for the fantastic jackets.

  37. Richard Goodboy
    4 rating
    Jul 13, 2022

    The quality is decent

    I ordered a wool jacket to wear for the 2021 Fantastic Beasts Halloween costume and was worried it wouldn't arrive in time. It came to NYC 5 days sooner than expected. The quality is decent and can be used as a regular topcoat, not just as a costume.

    It's probably more expensive than it's worth, considering the overall quality. However, it's a very accurate cosplay that will cost less than an unflattering Halloween costume. The fit is very close according to US sizes, but there aren't any layers under. I would purchase from the company again.

  38. Richard Colquhoun
    5 rating
    Jun 2, 2022

    Jacket is excellent

    Quick Delivery and top quality. I was looking for exactly what I received. I was hoping that the jacket would arrive with the matte finish as depicted and fit well as per the specifications. I am a size two, and this jacket was perfect.

    The usual waist size is too large, and the sleeves and sleeve holes aren't big enough to fit my arm.

    This jacket, however, both were perfect. I highly recommend it to everyone seeking an outstanding style. Motto Jacket is excellent for casual and motorcycle use.

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