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  1. Whitting Toney
    Sep 23, 2023

    Abandoning Bonanza And Bad Support and Bugs

    I don't receive any response from support, and they often argue about whether there's an issue. I have to do all the work, including providing screenshots and detailed reports, yet nothing seems to resolve. Numerous bugs cost me a significant amount of money when I'm trying to import listings to eBay, and it's frustrating that no action is taken to address these issues.

    I've reached a point where I've completely given up on using Bonanza because it's just too frustrating to deal with, and it ultimately leads to no sales for me. I've been with them for five years now, and none of my reported problems have been addressed. Instead, they focus on posting cheerleading bug release notes, highlighting how they've fixed minor, insignificant issues like a logo while completely ignoring the critical issues that affect users like me.

    So, I've decided to move on. My advice to others is not to waste their time with Bonanza.

  2. Diane
    Sep 20, 2023

    Dealing with Disappointing Online Sellers

    I ordered, excuse me, I tried to order two Black and Decker jar openers. After a week of receiving no emails stating they had shipped, I decided to email both sellers and ask if they had sent and requested a tracking number. The first person responded immediately and said they didn't think they had the item anymore and would check, which they did, and they refunded my money immediately. However, the second seller never responded. I emailed her daily for five days, but there were no responses. Bonanza would not get involved, so I had to go to my financial institution to get them to stop payment on the second jar opener. So, you tell me it's not an experience I ever want to go through again.

  3. Kira Whitney
    Sep 16, 2023

    Unscrupulous Company

    Terrible company! I would strongly advise everyone to avoid them at all costs. I made the mistake of purchasing a tablecloth from them on 6/25/2023, and I received a notification stating that it would be delivered by 7/29/2023. However, I never received a tracking number, and my inquiries only elicited vague responses. When I tried calling their phone number, it said, "The Google subscriber is not available," which indicates that this is not a legitimate company.

    Fortunately, I found the same item elsewhere with the option for immediate delivery. I promptly requested a refund and asked them to cancel my order. Since they have proven themselves untrustworthy, I have also initiated a dispute with my bank to contest the charge, as this company appears to be engaging in fraudulent activities. They should feel ashamed of their unethical business practices!

  4. Susan Whittington
    Sep 14, 2023

    Non-Existent Sales and Neglected Issues At

    I've experienced non-existent sales volume with Bonanza. When I reached out to their support, I either received no response or had frustrating arguments about whether there was an issue at all. It felt like I had to take matters into my own hands, providing them with screenshots and detailed reports, only to see nothing done to resolve the problems.

    Numerous bugs cost me a significant amount of money when attempting to import listings to eBay. Unfortunately, no meaningful action was taken to address these issues. It became too frustrating to continue using Bonanza, so I saw no sales from the platform. I've been with them for five years, and none of the critical issues have been addressed.

    What frustrated me even more was seeing them enthusiastically release bug notes, highlighting minor fixes like a logo change while completely ignoring the more critical issues. Ultimately, I've decided to give up on Bonanza. My advice would be not to waste your time with it.

  5. Astien Marshal
    Sep 11, 2023

    Not as Free as I Hoped Totally Waste Of Money

    I was frustrated when I tried to sign up for a Bonanza membership and found out it's not free! I wasted so much time attempting to sign up, and it kept failing, so I had to try again and again. It was incredibly tedious and ended up ruining my afternoon.

  6. Harvey
    Sep 7, 2023

    My Unpleasant Experience with

    I would strongly advise against purchasing anything from In my personal experience, they have proven to be scammers. They intentionally displayed a lower price for their skincare product. When I purchased the face cream, they later claimed the price should have doubled.

    I promptly canceled the order, but receiving my refund took a frustrating three weeks. Even more disappointing is that they reimbursed me $38 less than the original amount I paid. When I requested the missing amount, they never responded to my emails. Therefore, based on my encounter, I urge you to avoid Don't fall for their enticing lower prices; it's undoubtedly a scam!

  7. Hala
    Sep 6, 2023

    Deceptive Company Practices

    I had an awful experience with this company. I purchased a blush that didn't match the color I wanted. Even though I was assured I could return it, I replaced the product. However, the seller is refusing to issue a refund, claiming that the product is damaged even though I had insurance. The seller is unwilling to provide any assistance and is blaming me for choosing the wrong color, even though they initially agreed to a refund. I've sent several emails to the company but haven't received any responses regarding this matter. This is highly unprofessional and seems like it might be a scam company. I strongly advise against making any purchases from them.

  8. Ivan J Khx
    Aug 13, 2023

    Very Bad Experience : Not Recommend

    In my experience, if you're considering selling online, I would advise against using Bonanza. My recommendation is to steer clear of this platform. From my interactions, it became apparent that they lack effective collaboration with their sellers and have poor communication practices. The traffic on the forum is notably low, and they enforce some perplexing requirements that you might unknowingly violate, only to have your store abruptly shut down without prior notice. Despite my repeated attempts to seek clarification on the issue, they did not respond.

    Having engaged in online selling across various platforms, I'm relieved to have moved away from Bonanza. While you might be skeptical about my account, that's entirely understandable. You're welcome to explore it firsthand, but I felt it was important to share my experience as a cautionary note. It's always better to be informed beforehand.

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