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8 Reviews
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Is Costa Palmas legit?

Costa Palmas has 8 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Costa Palmas customer care?

You can contact Costa Palmas customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 624 142 5884

Where is Costa Palmas located?

Costa Palmas is located at address Av, Sta Maria de La Ribera, 23570 La Ribera, B.C.S., Mexico.

8 Reviews on Costa Palmas

  1. Monique N.
    5 rating

    Great Experience

    Feb 10, 2024

    We had a first-rate live at Costa Palmas. The house is stunning & current, smooth and well stocked. Randi furnished plenty of information about the place, where to consume and activities. She advocated a nearby lady to cook dinner for us which worked out first rate. There are not too many dining options in La Ribera so plan on a lot of meals on the house.

    The Four Seasons is close by and there are many eating alternatives there. We had been two households and the house provided plenty of area for anyone. We simply enjoyed the jacuzzi and fire pits because the evenings are cool within the iciness. I would genuinely propose a live a Costa Palmas.

  2. Melissa Sanchez
    5 rating

    Tranquility Unleashed

    Dec 21, 2023

    An amazing place filled with tranquility and peace The view from its surroundings of the Sea of Cortez is unparalleled. The minimalist design of the exterior are a perfect blend with nature. The interiors serve to cover the beauty of the outside.

  3. Miller
    2 rating

    Regrettable Stay at the Four Seasons

    Oct 19, 2023

    It's not worth my money, to be honest. I had to endure an hour-long drive from the airport, and it was a genuinely horrendous journey that made me feel car sick. Moreover, I paid extra for an ocean-view room, but I could only see the children's pool from my window. To make matters worse, the beach was so vast that it required a considerable walk to reach the water. I've decided that I will never return to this Four Seasons property. The only redeeming aspect was the adults' pool, which was lovely. I had previously stayed at the One and Only, and Las Ventanas, and I wanted to try something different this time. In hindsight, I wish I had read some reviews before I wasted both my money and my precious vacation time here.

  4. Nivi Hadasina
    4 rating

    Memorable Stay and Golf Experience at Costa Palmas

    Oct 10, 2023

    I stayed at the Four Seasons and played at the Costa Palmas Golf Club. It's an RTJ course in the East Cape Baja region, right on the SEA of Cortez. The course had a beautiful open layout, many beach bunkers, and several blind shot holes. I recommend going there early to experience their hospitality. They offer a great breakfast and full-service driving range; you can even stop at a spot for lunch or drinks. It was a fantastic experience!

  5. Matthew
    1 rating

    An Unpleasant Experience at Costa Palmas

    Oct 7, 2023

    I strongly advise staying away from this Costa Palmas property. It has been my unfortunate experience to have stayed here, and I must say it's the worst Costa Palmas I've ever been to. Upon arrival, I had the sad experience of losing my luggage during check-in. Many facilities were shut down during my stay, leaving very little to do on-site.

    Additionally, the location is hours away from downtown, making it quite inconvenient if you plan to explore the city regularly. The overall experience left me feeling like I had been deceived; it was a total fraud.

    The rooms themselves were pretty basic, and the level of service I received was far from what I expected from a Costa Palmas property. The attitude and professionalism of the managers were disappointing, and their handling of various issues came across as amateurish.

  6. Hornstein
    1 rating

    A Disappointing Golf Experience

    Oct 3, 2023

    This incredibly stale Robert Trent Jones-designed resort golf course is one that you cannot walk at all. Hidden in a bustling urban area surrounded by artificial landscapes, this high-strung club is divided into three-hole loops and offers underwhelming views of the Sea of Cortez. PRO TIP: Avoid any guidance from head pro Lizzy Coghill on the lackluster practice facility to exacerbate your trouble shots before your round.

  7. Thadasina
    1 rating

    Unfavorable Review of Four Seasons and Costa Palmas

    Sep 28, 2023

    I decided to skip the Four Seasons and opted not to play at the Costa Palmas Golf Club, an RTJ course in the East Cape Baja region right on the SEA of Cortez. The layout didn't impress me much, lacking beach bunkers and blind shot holes. I wouldn't recommend arriving early as their hospitality didn't meet my expectations, with a less-than-satisfactory breakfast, a below-average driving range, and a suggestion to pass on the #8 hole for lunch/drinks.

  8. Ponzanelli
    1 rating

    Hit-and-Run Incident Involving a Foreign National at Costa Palmas

    Sep 27, 2023

    This is a formal request for Costa Palmas to provide me with the name of the foreign member (North American) of Costa Palmas, who today, September 23rd, ran over a motorcyclist and subsequently fled, leaving behind the injured motorcyclist. I find it incredible and inadmissible that a foreigner comes to our country to commit attempted murder and is currently being hidden, with his identity being withheld.

    The victim is in the hospital because some empathetic Mexicans helped him. After all, the North American, despite seeing that he injured a person lying on the ground, did not provide first aid, which automatically converts the crime into an intentional one, plus the omission of assistance.

    Please let this be a formal notice that I am the lawyer of the injured Mexican. We have the car's license plates and a medical opinion, and I will request the foreigner’s immigration status.

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Do you own Costa Palmas?

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About Costa Palmas

Centrally located within Costa Palmas, Marina Village serves as the backdrop to the many adventures at sea. It is the heart of the community, beating from dawn to dusk and even into the early hours of the following day. It provides the perfect setting for an evening stroll and offers a chance to witness the lights on boats and yachts twinkle off the water or to socialize with friends over a sundowner. For those desiring adventure, Marina Village also offers the opportunity to set sail in search of new experiences. Marina Village is where world-class yachts, sailboats, and fishermen embrace the Baja lifestyle. It is a picturesque and lively destination adorned with elegant boutiques, a selection of signature and casual dining venues, an outdoor lounge area, a nightclub, and waterfront gathering spaces. This vibrant hub of activity perfectly complements the energy of the East Cape.

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624 142 5884
Av, Sta Maria de La Ribera, 23570 La Ribera, B.C.S., Mexico