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15 Reviews on Bob Evans Restaurants

  1. Jimmie Gabuccci
    Jun 6, 2023

    Portions were fewer

    I've had dinner chickens at Bob Evans in Laurel, Maryland. I gave a tip online the first three times when I placed an order. The last time, I chose to provide information inside after I had picked it up. It was a disaster the moment I came home. Portions were fewer, the apple pie had dried down and was b crumbled crust—a distinctdifferentnce if you do not tip online.

  2. Dan Athey
    May 5, 2023

    Service was terrible

    The food is good. However, the service to customers service was terrible. The waitress took our order. However, I'm sure tables are waiting to be seated. However, anyone who sits people down is expected to be friendly and welcoming. The waitress turned us around with a blank look of disbelief when we asked the number and told us that she would follow us, not ever hearing her. The waitress placed our menus on the table, then left. After that, we waited for someone to come up for about 10 minutes. The waitress we had did not seem to be... good. The person who snatched my cash at the counter seemed like the one who took our seats: dull and appeared frustrated. Indeed, people aren't easy to manage. Still, as a person working in customer service, it's your responsibility to offer exceptional service to those you're dealing with, and when you can do that, it will make customers feel like they're coming back.

  3. Peach Walker
    Apr 14, 2023

    Not solve a problem

    On the 26th of January, we the 26th to Januaryob Evans restaurant, and after 35 minutes of waiting for anyone to inquire what we'd like for a drink, we got up and left. When we were leaving, three other couples were up and went home for the same reason. TmineThe manager spoke to the cou,ple wad told him that the issue was there and could not solve a problem.

  4. Adimchi Onyenadum
    Jan 22, 2023


    The carpet is dirty. You do not have enough assistance. Horrible. The dinner with turkey was terrible. Your food isn't great. If you can make something positive, then perhaps it's time to shut your doors.

  5. Matt Hricko
    Sep 15, 2022

    Bob Evans needs to do better

    I visit Bob Evans in South Euclid, Ohio, often. The first reason is that I don't enjoy slamming a restaurant, but this is the second time my meal has been mishandled, and the management has been lenient about the mistake. I did not notice that I had ordered and paid, and they didn't complete the order, but on this occasion, the order was incorrect. I was able to go home because it was a takeaway order, and I waited for more than 30 minutes. When I returned to the manager's office, the cashier seemed confused. The order is taken to the back and returns within 3 minutes. I do not understand why it took 30 minutes when I first placed my order. Therefore, I'm saying it's right. Now she says that you can take a look. It's not a genuine apology. How do I make you feel satisfied after waiting 39 minutes to get home and returning to have the right food? Did I mention I called home from work, drove home, and no one answered the phone? They were no one on the line. Bob Evans needs to do better

  6. Elouise Moore
    Sep 12, 2022

    Just average!

    I'm not one to complain about Thanksgiving, but when I have to pay $157 for my family's Thanksgiving dinner, I feel I've earned my right. I bought the meal for ten people to share. The photos on the web provide a decent meal, and I thought it would be perfect. I began to be concerned when I took it out of the container. The ham was cut into three inches pieces. There were nine pieces to provide for ten people! The corn and mashed potatoes containers weren't filled, just a bit more than half full. So, I'm left to experiment to find something to cook, so there's enough food for the family. I'm very disappointed and regret that Cracker Barrel was sold out of their holiday meals before I could purchase one!

  7. Jane Whitlock
    Sep 9, 2022

    The service is slow

    The restaurant serves good food, and the decor is beautiful and elegant, but the service is slow. As I write this, I've just received my food and had to wait to get our food for two hours. Then another 30 minutes. Fantastic food and excellent service. Slow service.

  8. David Yuan
    Sep 5, 2022

    Two stars for flavor and the delivery time via Doordash

    Doctor, I am employed by offering lunch to the office staff that we could choose from. We all ordered Grilled chicken served with broccoli, green beans, and broccoli, with only one person. The most pathetic portions we've ever had! The chicken breast can't even be called breast; however, the slices and portion of green beans were just 1/2 Cup. It is safe to say that we won't ever give another large order for Bob Evans again! Two stars for flavor and the delivery time via Doordash.

  9. Laura Trushel
    Sep 5, 2022

    The service was terrible

    I had the family's dinner with fried chicken breasts; as I told you, it was a disaster. You will be shocked. It's not like the photos. The chicken breasts were tiny, burnt as well as dried up. It looks like it was in the open for sale throughout the day. Extremely angry. They claim it was due to the fryers, and they have to be cleaned. If they had known that and seen how the chicken was presented, they shouldn't have cooked or served the food with this kind of appearance. First time I tried it, and I'll never attempt it again. Once I had spent my hard-earned money, I drove home only to return to pick up the food. I'm waiting for the refund, and I wasn't given coupons to attempt it again once the fryer was free of filth. The service was terrible. I was never going back.

  10. Gerry Strange
    Sep 3, 2022

    Buyer Beware

    I placed an order on the internet to be delivered, with a 20% tip for the delivery driver. I was told to pick up my food when I made my order. I could not cancel with the restaurant since their "manager" explained that it was against the law. What??? I continued to search on the internet and discovered it was confirmed that Bob Evans has a policy that doesn't allow anyone to cancel an order placed on the web. Once you have the money, there's no turning back. Okay, I've spent $30.00 in taxation. That is a complete waste of money. I'll never repurchase any Bob Evans products. Who has the driver's tips?

  11. Aron Lederman
    Sep 1, 2022

    The waitress completely ignored me

    I walked into the restaurant where a franklin waitress was sitting. The waitress could see my presence and began talking with the wait staff. The waitress completely ignored me, and I waited for five minutes until the hostess mentioned something to her, and she was then able to sit with me. This happens almost every time. If it weren't for the food, I'd not return.

  12. Joyce Purple
    Jul 21, 2022

    She was always smiling and a positive personality.

    The group we had 20 people in that included seven kids, went to the BE located in Beavercreek at Seajay Dr. Our service Brianna was excellent. She deserves the gold star. She took care of our every need, watched our table, ensured that the adult drinking glasses and coffee mugs were always full, and replenished the water glasses for the kids. She was always smiling and had an upbeat personality.

  13. Monika Rounseville
    Jul 13, 2022

    Our Great Experience

    We want to inform us about our experience at your home on Rockside Rd, Independence, Ohio. The kindest, most smiling man welcomed us. The waitress we had was friendly and fast. The food arrived very quickly. The people who move do not mess around. Refill your coffee immediately. The food was also excellent. We asked our waitress' name since we were impressed by her smile and service.

    The name she gave was Tiffiny The lady who took us to the check-out was smiling and pleasant too. We all know that we are more likely to complain when we aren't content with something. We're not complaining. We don't live next to Bob Evans. Bob Evans, but if we lived there, we'd visit at least once weekly. Thank you for your time, and God bless you and your employees, Bob as well as Bonnie Kodiak, Grafton, Ohio

  14. Ronald Mancha
    Jul 1, 2022

    As a plant supervisor for Schwebel's

    As a plant supervisor for Schwebel's, our delivery men would comment that BEs were so clean that you could eat right off the floor. Today, I went to the men's area when I had an expensive breakfast for my wife and me.
    I've been to restrooms during my time serving in the army. They were clean and didn't have the same smell as the men's restroom. I could only imagine how lousy sanitation is at the table! If a restaurant charges Av $11/plate, plus $3.50 to drink coffee, it should at least provide well-maintained bathrooms.

  15. Missy Dolle
    Jun 2, 2022

    20 minutes Wait

    Went to the Bob Evans in Mt. Pleasant on a Sat. Morning (10:30). I was told about 20 minutes. Wait. It was so. There aren't many places that serve breakfast these days.

    As the waitress arrived for drinks, we were ready to place an order. Breakfast was a complete surprise at how quickly we received them because they were crowded.

    We were shocked by how cold our food was given how fast we could get the food. It must have been cooked ahead of time.

    My wife had "Everything something" breakfast. I had two eggs on easy and bacon, American fries, and biscuits and gravy. It was a combination that I could not recall the one I had.

    The breakfast was similar to scramble, but it had the hollandaise sauce. The dish didn't have any hollandaise sauce, and my wife demanded more sauce.

    Final review. There was nothing that struck us as being outstanding. It was easy to get the additional sauce.

    Prices averaged $10.00 for each person. This is the breakfast we had. A bit ordinary!

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Bob Evans Restaurants is an American national chain of restaurants owned by Golden Gate Capital and based in New Albany, Ohio.
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