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3 Reviews on Ummah Charity

  1. Richard Owen
    July 18th, 2022

    May Allah keep them safe and bless them with more willpower and strength

    From the things the NGO permits to see and the projects it manages with the help of Allah, It brings peace to the soul. I pray that he continues in this direction and offers the needed services to the most people possible.

    If my review is only four stars, but the other rating is 5, that’s because I’m not perfect. I’m not an internal worker; I only know that NGOs work from the outside, as an unassuming donor, and I’m not sure what could occur internally, etc. May Allah keep them safe and bless them with more willpower and strength.

  2. Joshua Ramirez
    June 27th, 2022

    I am grateful for Ummah Charity's work

    I am grateful for Ummah Charity’s work, and I am confident in their efforts. Let Allah grant them blessings and aid them in their work

  3. Anonymous
    June 14th, 2022

    do not know about the details

    Salem Ahlikoum, I’m sorry, but I don’t have an opinion about this particular association, given that I do not know about the details of it.

    Therefore, I offer an impartial opinion and do not intend to increase or reduce the note.

    My concern is: that on Google, the association appears to be closed; however, it’s possible to donate.

    How do you make this happen? Is it a reliable source to make my Zakat?

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About Ummah Charity

Ummah Charity is a French humanitarian organization that promotes worldwide solidarity and growth geared toward alleviating some of the burdens of most minor fortunate populations around the globe.

018 544 0404
[email protected]
1 Rue de l'Union, 60100 Creil, France