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  1. Carmen Walbey
    September 21st, 2022

    Keep up the good work!

    Excellent extension that has a worthy cause! It’s fast and beneficial to use when I’m looking to find something. I highly recommend it to all my family and friends. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Stephen Totter
    September 19th, 2022

    I am in love!

    The concept behind Sonmit is simply brilliant! Sonmit’s search engine is speedy and precise, looks fantastic, and allows users to contribute to the fight against cancer in the most straightforward way. I am in love!

  3. Lester Waxler
    September 15th, 2022

    This is an incredible website

    This is an excellent website What a fantastic website! I loved everything about it. A beneficial site with lots of options. It’s an excellent idea to aid cancer patients with this site. Helping people is easy using this site. I would highly recommend this site. Best of luck to Sonmit

  4. Michael Best
    September 12th, 2022

    I'm sure we can make a positive impact!

    A friend suggested Sonmit to me because I’m always seeking innovative ways to help in some way or another through the internet. Sonmit’s app and search engine are user-friendly, and the goal is admirable. I’m sure we can make a positive impact!

  5. Sharon Davis
    September 11th, 2022

    Thanks, Team and Sonmit

    Thanks, Team and Sonmit, for having massive hearts! I am happy to support Sonmit’s exemplary campaign to eradicate cancer globally. I’ve utilized the site for some time since I’ve confirmed it’s the most helpful thing since sliced bread, as someone has pointed out.

  6. Britny Martin
    September 4th, 2022

    This idea shows one person

    Summit is an individual, special and unique and who has the vision of a more positive one, harmonious, and caring world. There is no doubt that Summit is a step forward to the world we all want to live in and wish to leave for the next generation, social and solidarity.

  7. Donna Perry
    September 3rd, 2022

    I'm currently using Summit for a few days now

    I’m currently using Summit for a few days now, and I can say that it has the possibility of becoming one of the major contenders… Privacy settings also seem to be at an excellent level, and the results of searches improve and get better.

  8. Christopher Schmidt
    September 2nd, 2022

    Sonmit is an amazing

    Summit is a fantastic chance to give back and contribute to fighting cancer. And it does not require any expenditure on my part; I simply use it to search, and they earn money. It’s similar to couch activism, but cancer-fighting institutes profit from that. It’s suitable for everyone’s good in the end.

  9. Bentley Pace
    July 18th, 2022

    Sonmit’s search engines for cancer purpose is fantastic

    A friend suggested Sonmit to me since I’m always seeking innovative ways to help others in one way or another through the internet. The application and the search engine are straightforward to use, and the purpose is fantastic – I’m sure we can change the world!

  10. Elizabeth Prado
    June 27th, 2022

    Excellent search engine that is user-friendly

    An excellent search engine that is user-friendly and gives you the feeling of aiding in fighting cancer! I hope that more and more people will use this app and help make a difference! Go SonMit!

  11. Mitesh Sawant
    June 13th, 2022

    A fantastic app with a noble purpose

    A fantastic app with a noble purpose! It feels so good to perform the same actions I have committed to date using other apps/Google and to know that thanks to every search I serve, the funds are donated to cancer patients & their families.

    As a daughter of a breast cancer patient, it excites me very much, and I feel that I help the population that needs it the most.

    The app works smoothly, with zero glitches, extremely user-friendly, convenient, and fast!

    Thank you, Sonmit, for being there! Finally, there is an app that contributes to the world and does it in the best way possible.

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About Sonmit

Sonmit is a search engine, like Google or Bing, that only donates at least 80% of its profits to cancer charities worldwide.

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