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Is Experience Mission legit?

Experience Mission has 11 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Experience Mission customer care?

You can contact Experience Mission customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 888 475 6414

Where is Experience Mission located?

Experience Mission is located at address Fort Wayne, IN, United States.

11 Reviews on Experience Mission

  1. Ayden
    4 rating

    Maybe Some Things You Should Change

    Mar 17, 2024

    I was aside of your Experience Mission Costa Rica Immersion program in the february of 2024. Something I concept was interesting became during schooling, we were informed not to bring items or supply money to the locals. When I turned into there, there would be one week brief-term groups that could are available and supply gifts as prizes and such things as that. In my opinion, this is inaccurate.

    Even even though those groups were no longer mine, I saw them doing the alternative of what we had discovered. I know that it's far up to the immersion intern to cope with things of that nature, but it was by no means seen as a trouble. Despite that, I loved the experience of residing with a host family and being able to examine more of their language and greater approximately their tradition.

  2. Carly Haapala
    3 rating

    A Lot Of Growth Needed

    Feb 12, 2024

    I am satisfied I went on my 10-week EM Immersion ride to Costa Rica. I met a few outstanding human beings, had reviews I will never neglect, had my perspectives challenged, and my mind broadened. However, the ride truly turned into now not what I thought it become going to be.

    I felt as even though the organization painted a exceptional image of what the trip would be than what it truly became. Yes, I recognize that different cultures operate at one of a kind paces. But this felt greater like poor corporation and false advertising. If you're laying the foundation in the community and do not but have an organized ministry there, simply be upfront about it.

    I felt our crew was now not so much serving the community in a way that became intentional and organized, however rather looking to restore previously broken relationships and benefit the accept as true with of the network, therefore laying the groundwork for future mission paintings. That is an important step, however that is not in which my crew and I anticipated to be.

    In brief, I lost some trust in the employer and frankly became a little jaded (we all did), however it is an enjoy I would not undo. I appreciate what EM is making an attempt to do, and I need to see them prevail. They're just nevertheless quite younger and their children indicates. I would not discourage all of us from doing an Immersion ride - however simply ask numerous questions.

  3. Angie
    3 rating

    Part Of Program Is Good

    Feb 12, 2024

    Parts of the program are superb, some others need a bit sharpening. My college students and I enjoyed being able to blend them up inside the their companies each day as to who became working together. The specific web page we had been on wasn't extraordinarily organized and there have been some frustrations alongside the manner. I'd spoken with other children leaders prior who had had very good studies different places, so might have been a rarity. Admin personnel prior to the ride became top notch!

  4. Faith Thompson
    1 rating

    Not Recommended This Organization

    Jan 27, 2024

    I experienced and learned lots. I had the opportunity to be a share my testimony with many others and witness Jesus working. Yet, EM has a lot they have to improve on. They have numerous areas they have to improve. The communication between them and colleagues is a mess. Their conduct standards are not properly monitored and maintained high. They don't have any good plan of action for emergencies. It is possible to go on, but I'm afraid to cover things that could be detrimental to the other members of my family. I don't endorse this company and am not going to ever again be associated with them.

  5. Candy Whirley
    3 rating

    Personal experience

    May 29, 2023

    According to my personal experience, EM leaves much of the responsibility to the people who participate, and it's the outcome you create. If you're a person who needs structure, this might be difficult for the rest of your life. If you're free and seeking adventure, you may enjoy the trip more. I believe that if you're prepared and willing to give every single day over to God the Lord and let him do his work in and through you, this journey can enormously impact your community and your personal life. Just do not expect the effect to occur via EM or the resources they provide.

  6. Sara Hernandez
    1 rating

    Experience Missions

    May 29, 2023

    My daughter's six-month Africa journey started well. The young travelers were left behind when the Coronavirus struck halfway through the trip. They were advised to find the way home on their own. The leadership of this offered no help organization. Young people were not provided with WiFi, so it was up to parents to search for tickets back home. We lost the entire amount we could spend on Experience Missions and had to pay for a costly ticket back home. After just three days, our daughter was able to return home. However, 3 of the group couldn't leave until the border was closed. They stayed in Africa until the US Embassy rescued them. Experience Mission refused to help our youth, as they didn't have any plan of action in case the same thing occurred. They didn't apologize, making reaching them difficult for help. My daughter and the other passengers felt wholly unloved and disappointed. The organization has no responsibility for the lives of people who travel with them. I would prefer that my daughter had taken another mission organization.

  7. Adrian Zamfir
    4 rating

    Quite stressful

    May 1, 2023

    I spent time in Costa Rica for three months and loved it so intensely. I will cherish it forever. The most special space within my heart. It brought so much peace to me, and I believe my host family is my family. They were so kind to me and profoundly touched me. It was a wonderful as well as a learning journey. It was different from what I had imagined it would be. However, I tend to be at ease with my surroundings, and I was awed by having no idea what would happen next. It was an exciting experience. But, we were also the first team that partnered with a community leader within the first established city, so we were sort of Guinea pigs of that collaboration, which was quite stressful and somewhat nervous at its conclusion. The partnership hurt several individuals on the team's experiences, and it was an upsetting experience. However, overall, I would not alter the way it was. The Lord has used everything, and I am eternally thankful for it. I will not forget the experience.

  8. Scott Barker
    4 rating

    I am genuinely thankful

    Jan 19, 2023

    I genuinely believe that the mission trip was the most part, my responsibility to me to ensure it was an excellent mission trip. There were numerous occasions to be angry or thankful. There were plenty of chances to complain or to be patient. There were multiple chances not to do anything or get engaged. I did my best to get the most out of my mission, and I am genuinely thankful to God for going through this life-changing experience.

  9. Dorothea Brice
    3 rating

    In the course of six months

    Jul 18, 2022

    In six months, you discover a lot about yourself. You are exposed to your weaknesses and strengths. God has utilized my experience in EM Africa to point me in the direction He planned for me.

  10. Diane Mittenzwei
    5 rating

    Amazing experience!

    Jun 27, 2022

    Amazing experience! My best decision ever! I was lost, but I am found, and I made lifetime friends through the process. They showed me where I could see God in the most remarkable ways and how I could be in touch with God. I have learned much about my religion and how to communicate more effectively with God. I have learned that love is more vital than everything and that the people you surround yourself with and the people you surround yourself with affect your life more than you comprehend. I can't thank everyone who was a part of this trip enough for helping me develop my faith and vision for my next steps! It's been an honor to be part of this fantastic chance!

  11. Ethan Twibell
    5 rating

    Truly indescribable experience

    Jun 13, 2022

    The Lord works in mysterious ways, and it’s the moments you expect God to show up the least that He shows up the most.

    Throughout my time in South Africa, I not only got to know a different culture and country, but I also got to know an entirely different people group.

    I got to learn their names, hear their stories, share my stories and build relationships that never would’ve happened if I decided not to go and backed out.

    Trust me, I had every opportunity to, but when you allow God to do a work in your life and also pour into your life through relationships with others.

    It’s a truly indescribable experience of what God takes you through and how He brings you to the other side.

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Experience Mission is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to help people love and serve others like Jesus—sacrificially, holistically, and whole-heartedly—with all aspects of each person in mind. Serve on a 1-2 week mission trip or join a 1-9 month IMMERSION program! EM connects people of all ages and backgrounds to go and participate in service and learning experiences that provide an opportunity to come alongside and serve those living in often-overlooked communities while building bridges across cultural, racial, and socio-economic divides.

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