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  1. John Fuller
    September 22nd, 2022

    We've had a very unpleasant experience

    We’ve had a very unpleasant experience. It’s tough to stop the service once you’ve started. There’s no option for you to “cancel” — instead, you must reach out to a live support representative and ask them to enable the option of canceling your subscription. We did this and were charged for another four months. I contacted support to complete the cancellation process again and ask for a refund of the wrong charge. However, they did not finish the refund. Support assured me they wouldn’t be charged again. However, I’ll determine if I need to come back to cancel another time!

  2. Barbara Longeway
    July 22nd, 2022

    I LOVE Textedly

    I LOVE Textedly. One thing I would like is that it could do is make it more simple to bring a member to the account after they accidentally unintentionally opted out. However, it serves an excellent purpose and provides superior functionality.

  3. Jennifer Page
    July 11th, 2022

    We've been extremely satisfied with Textedly!

    We’ve been delighted with Textedly! It has made improving our work and getting information to our clients more quickly than ever. We give this platform two thumbs up. It’s easy to use, and the comprehensive overview once you begin using it and live support to answer any questions you might have, is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

  4. Chad Ferguson
    May 18th, 2022

    Excellent texting!

    It’s straightforward to use. It’s concise, clear, and beneficial.

    Support is excellent and responsive.

    It’s been a great tool for mass texting.

    I wish I had tried it sooner.

  5. Bill Moore
    April 28th, 2022

    Highly Unprofessional

    This service is not recommended. This company is highly unprofessional. They won’t even pick up the phone if you have any issues. They won’t help you. Instead, they want to send emails and go around the block. Instead of dealing with a professional company, it feels like you’re dealing with teenagers.

    They don’t want to help you; they want to get rid of your problem. They only have positive reviews because they send you texts if they receive a good review. This service is not correct. Their service automatically renews, and you cannot cancel. I tried multiple times to cancel. They won’t refund me for using their service, which I haven’t done.

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