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5 Reviews on InboxDollars

  1. Derek Henee
    Jan 22, 2023

    I would recommend Inboxdollars

    Hello, I’ve been using inboxdollars for quite a while and am currently. It’s a fantastic survey platform. You get paid when you pay them out in a quick and easy. It’s Legit. I’ve participated in an offer they’ve got playing a game with my phone. I was rewarded with $60 for achieving the target. It was able to cash it out without issue to PayPal. Therefore, I would recommend Inboxdollars for those who like doing surveys or other things. Thanks, Inboxdollars

  2. Edward Mcdade
    Jul 23, 2022

    I would not recommend any purchase requirements for any of the offers

    Most of the deals I have taken require a purchase or in-game purchase/. I would not recommend any purchase requirements for any of the offers.

    Once I have completed all requirements, I don’t have any credit pending. I’ve contacted customer support and tickets in the queue but have not received a response.

    There seems to be a problem recording the purchase/spending transaction on its own, the user’s and not the user’s fault.

  3. Gerald lawrence
    Jul 12, 2022

    the transaction was processed quickly

    On the other hand, customer service was excellent, and the transaction was processed quickly. The issue was that the offer stated that you could put the amount of $50 in SOFI investment and receive $75. I’ve received numerous messages from Cole and one from Monica that said the account would be credited; however, on July 1st, it was only credited $25. I had deposited $100 to SOFI. Therefore, I’m supposed to receive $50. I’ve tried to contact SOFI several times, but I haven’t received a response in the past week.

  4. Ronnie Gray
    Jul 1, 2022

    The surveys are enjoyable

    The surveys are enjoyable, and most are incredibly rapid, and I am convinced that the payoff is worth it. I’ve just cashed out 215 gift cards. One was working while the other was in process, and I still have more cash in my account that I can withdraw. the money for about five years and am extremely satisfied

  5. Jon Matusiak
    May 5, 2022

    100% recommended This company

    I love inbox dollars. Although the offers are not always immediate, I have been frustrated. However, they do work. The customer service team responds quickly. This site has allowed me to make hundreds of dollars and cash out.

    The online link is better than the app. It is simple to use and understand. Bonus: Earnings from different offers and other apps are a bonus. I have never heard of these companies, but I can learn more about them and make money. This company is 100% recommended.

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