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Is InboxDollars legit?

InboxDollars has 46 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach InboxDollars customer care?

You can contact InboxDollars customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at

Where is InboxDollars located?

InboxDollars is located at address Saint Paul, MN, United States.

46 Reviews on InboxDollars

  1. Timothy A.
    1 rating

    Inbox dollars is out of box.

    Dec 26, 2023

    When I've recently taken surveys, I have ended up filling in three to seven minutes of data before it drops me off and tells me that I didn't meet the requirements. I was really impressed with Inbox at first however it's just not good, but I always respond with honesty, but sometimes it'll suggest that some of my answers aren't accurate. The world is constantly changing and it's not constantly the same. Therefore, these sites store data as if it remains the same.

  2. Cassandra Kinser
    3 rating

    I don't like the constant

    May 29, 2023

    I like completing tasks for surveys each day. I don't like the constant email rants that remind me to play. Furthermore, I've participated in over 250 scratches and won at the highest 20 cents payout, even though the website claims I can earn more than $25. So, I can give three stars because all the hype they've put out doesn't seem accurate.

  3. Reuben Sisson
    3 rating

    It isn't easy

    May 29, 2023

    It could be due to old age, but I often cannot find surveys. It's incredibly frustrating when you're $.13 far from reaching your bonus money goal and can't function properly. I reported the problem and never got any response. This leaves me alone. I'm finally at 80 dollars, and I'm not planning to push myself so much going ahead. The process isn't fun anymore for me. It isn't easy. I'm unable to recall the exact date so I will guess at the time.

  4. Brittany Lodge
    1 rating

    It's a fake card

    May 29, 2023

    I have redeemed the American Express card that was supposed to be able to use wherever in the world where American Express is accepted. This is not the case; I own the card UNUSED however, I cannot convince anyone anywhere in the world to use the card; I wish I'd waited for it and then cashed it out using the money in my mailbox. !!!! It's a fake card, but I'm yet to use it to spend a dollar on it!!

  5. Jeni Schmidt
    1 rating

    The message was not displayed

    May 1, 2023

    I decided to give it a go by playing games on your website. The dollar value seemed far too appealing to be true. I downloaded the game Slots Era, and it tells me I have to play three levels in 30 days. I made it to 60, which cost 4.00, and then up to 110 at 8.00. I got both amounts. Suppose I crossed 170 and received 30.00. The message was not displayed after one week. I went to customer service and attempted to type a message, but it wouldn't let me write it. It would say I need to wait for two days. It's been over six days since I completed level 170. I also tried a different Monopoly game, and it was the same. I received credit for the first five levels, but there were no credits when I passed all the levels. In the end, when I play Rewarded Play, I get credits. I have used it for nearly two years and have never experienced any issues.

  6. John McAtee
    4 rating

    Inclusive and easy

    Apr 30, 2023

    I like taking these questionnaires. What I don't find appealing is that I do not meet all their requirements. This should be more inclusive and easy to be eligible. There are better ways to earn money, too. There are a lot of offers I click on. I don't get credit for it without any reason. Bring videos back.

  7. Kelsea Morrison
    1 rating

    It's a ploy

    Apr 29, 2023

    It took a lot of time to make it to $5. After that, when the funds from my American Express card came through, I was unable to put it into my PayPal as I was instructed I was able to. Are there any helpers available? Perhaps I should change my credit card to PayPal. It's a ploy to get me out of the way.

  8. Rose Desmond
    2 rating

    It's a scam

    Apr 27, 2023

    I've probably answered a long time of inquiries to discover that I was not suitable for the questionnaire, which I completed in less than just an hour in answering endless questions which may relate to my credentials; however, I am feeling as if they're trying to trick me or offer me a trick questions. It's a scam. They should be able to inform you in just five minutes if they're qualified, or not an hour after having finished, answered all sorts of questions and lost your time.

  9. Gretchen Duff
    1 rating

    An avid customer

    Apr 25, 2023

    This is what I get with Inboxdollars. I've been an avid customer for over ten years and have witnessed cutbacks after cutback. After a few searches, you are given a zero-win status. So why should I even bother looking since you've eliminated all interest? STUPID

  10. Theresa Phillips
    4 rating

    Not convinced

    Apr 24, 2023

    It's been an excellent website for most of my time, engaging in games and the like. Due to the imminent change in paid emails, I'm not convinced it will get a lot of my time soon

  11. Terry Coffman
    3 rating

    The money did not arrive

    Apr 22, 2023

    I love that I could make cash. However, I am not happy with how long it takes. Also, I am not happy that Pillsbury along with other businesses are now emailing me even though I registered to receive cash, however the money did not arrive. I never join any more following that. It's not a chance to be eligible to take part in surveys. They do not inform me until I'm about 10 minutes to an hour into it—the surveys, I am assuming, are no longer as well.

  12. Katie byrne
    1 rating

    Not provide

    Apr 12, 2023

    When I was allowed to withdraw a more significant sum of money, they stopped my account, demanded I confirm my identity, and told me they had closed my account as I had violated the terms of service. If I inquired about the terms of service and whether I read the terms and conditions, which I didn't break the terms of service, they told me they had officially shut down my account and the resolution finalized but did not provide me with the details. They kept the 96 dollars remaining or still waiting to be paid. Scam

  13. William Wulkan
    4 rating

    InboxDollars is simple to use

    Mar 21, 2023

    InboxDollars is simple to use. It was once almost immediately. It now takes a few days. I did not give five stars because receiving rewards can be a bit more than it did in the past.

  14. Anderson Collins
    1 rating

    I've been scammed on two surveys thus far

    Mar 20, 2023

    I've been scammed on two surveys thus far, and every time I try to contact support, the submit button is not working. Today, I spent over 2 hours on a questionnaire and was told after I completed this survey I wasn't qualified. There was no other method to contact support other than using their non-working forms.

  15. Jonathan Guss
    1 rating

    You will not see that amount immediately

    Mar 19, 2023

    I joined hoping to make some money; however, after being on the site and conducting surveys and offers, What is even more complex is that every that you earn is put in limbo for between 7 and 32 days. You'll need to be active on the site all day, every day, every week to achieve anything..when you say something ... I mean that you could make maybe.. 40 dollars, but you will not see that amount immediately. It could take months to work on the site every day for hours.

  16. Leslie Concialdi
    4 rating

    I appreciate how easily you can earn rewards and money.

    Mar 18, 2023

    There are times when there are issues that require a ticket open and resolved within a specific duration of time. Most of the time, those tickets remain unanswered. I appreciate how easily you can earn rewards and money.

  17. Robert Monteverde
    3 rating

    The scratch-off card is not a good idea

    Mar 17, 2023

    There is a long wait to receive payment since you are paid points instantly after completing surveys. It's also highly inconvenient to complete most surveys and then be disqualified towards the end of the study and receive absolutely nothing. The scratch-off card is not a good idea, given that surveys are paid more. I love that there are games you can play without downloading and that there are various choices for cashing out is thoughtful of those who take surveys. I would love to have the option to transfer my money to other banking apps on mobile, like Cash App, Venmo, Varo, Chime, etc.

  18. Robert Vasquez
    5 rating

    It's a straightforward procedure

    Mar 16, 2023

    It's a straightforward procedure. Once you've got an amount you want to cash out, you need to make several entries, receive an email confirmation, and then receive an email with the electronic card of your cash. No hassles, there are no delays, and you don't have to jump through hoops.

  19. Mary Zielinski
    5 rating

    Thanks to Inboxdollars!

    Mar 13, 2023

    Paying cash out has always been quick and easy, and the time to process is always reasonable. Being a stay-at-home mom with zero income, I enjoy the opportunity to earn a bit of money to buy items to furnish the house and for my daughter, thanks to Inboxdollars!

  20. Jean Rezin
    5 rating

    Unbelievably Fast Payout. I love this site

    Mar 12, 2023

    Unbelievably Fast Payout. I love this site, and I'll continue to use it shortly. It is easy to use and relatively quick cash out. For anyone reading this article, based on my personal experiences, you must certainly give this site to try. It will alter your life.

  21. Michael Woten
    4 rating

    InboxDollars isn't a rip-off in any way

    Mar 11, 2023

    InboxDollars isn't a rip-off in any way; the only issue is that it could take up to two weeks to see the credits pass through after you complete the offer. It can take another 2 to 3 days to redeem the cash, but! AT LEAST THEY PAY! This is not like Swagbucks! Thanks to Inboxdollars for being accurate; it's saved me from a massive bind in the middle of a job...I probably wouldn't be able to afford gas money at the moment. Thank you!

  22. Edward Rodriguez
    1 rating

    Better spent elsewhere.

    Mar 10, 2023

    Cheap will not respond to complaints promptly. Two weeks is too long. We won't tell you why you are barred from taking surveys. It's challenging to get even the cheapest surveys. Better spent elsewhere.

  23. Claudia Baez
    1 rating

    I will need to wait 45 days longer to get the money, which is fake advertising.

    Mar 9, 2023

    Before I pick the game I want to play to earn money, it will tell me how long it will take once I've met the conditions to make money, but when I try to withdraw the money; I'm told that I will need to wait 45 days longer to get the money, which is fake advertising.

  24. Daniel Chandler
    1 rating

    Surveys are no longer available

    Mar 8, 2023

    There are some parts of InboxDollars aren't being maintained. Surveys are no longer available. .... The videos were shut down in the year 2000. A few "offers" that pay a cent to watch an online advertisement don't make payments.

  25. Gerald Elliott
    4 rating

    The first time in quite a while that I asked for and received my money fast

    Mar 5, 2023

    The first time in quite a while that I asked for and received my money fast. Usually, the process takes about a week. I only have to complain that I've never had a scratch or win more significant than $0.15. I hope this kind of service will continue to be offered.

  26. Jermaine Velasco
    3 rating

    Overall, it's not a bad experience

    Mar 2, 2023

    The process to receive my cash reward appears to be longer than usual. It's the third day of Wednesday (3 more business days, and we're still waiting). I cashed it out on the cash on Friday. The company said that it could be up to 10 days at times, but it's never taken this time in the past. Overall, it's not a bad experience.

  27. Llcustom Homes
    4 rating

    Overall, it's excellent! It was quick, efficient, and straightforward. Thank you.

    Mar 1, 2023

    Because of this, I cannot withdraw money using my mobile number. I need to use my mom's number to verify my identity; I am confused about why this happened, what went wrong, or how I can change my mom's number. And I get my email address for everything else. Overall, it's excellent! It was quick, efficient, and straightforward. Thank you.

  28. Eileen Echezuria
    5 rating

    It takes a bit of time to accumulate cash

    Feb 27, 2023

    It takes a bit of time to accumulate cash. However, they will give out money at the time you want. There are a certain amount of cash options to cash out, but I used a PayPal gift card. Two days later, it was delivered! A payPal gift card.

  29. Charles Cobb
    1 rating

    I made a complaint with evidence, and after an entire week

    Feb 26, 2023

    I owe you $55 in reward for Yahtzee. I made a complaint with evidence, and after an entire week, I was informed the ticket was closed due to it was impossible to determine if I was the one who did it. I provided a photo of the dates completed land levels completed and also explained that I received my first reward (and required opening tickets for the initial premium). I redeemed my money as I was done. I have all pictures of the deal and me completing it, and you did not honor your part of the bargain.

  30. Michael Nagrant
    1 rating

    The frustration over being deceived as I try to complete an honest and thorough job is unimaginable

    Feb 23, 2023

    I've often spent about 20 minutes trying to answer survey questions, only to be kicked out in the final moments without compensation. The frustration over being deceived as I try to complete an honest and thorough job is unimaginable. It happens several times per week, and I mean it seriously. What kind of insane mind should I continue as a slave to these infractions? It's not healthy for my stress levels. What's wrong with being so dishonest?

  31. Mike Mildon
    2 rating

    I've not been compensated for the three games I played

    Feb 22, 2023

    I've not been compensated for the three games I played. I've tried to seek assistance from both parties, you guys and the folks at Scoply or any other company that produces yahtzee and dice for friends. They said it was they ll. I've replied to each ticket, but they continue to give me the same reply. I'm not happy with this. I played the game according to the money and only paid for the first level on the dice and Yahtzee companions. For each, I'm owed 90 dollars.

  32. Robert Amrhein
    4 rating

    Overall, I give a big thumbs-up.

    Feb 20, 2023

    Overall, I give a big thumbs-up. The only issue is when some surveys have to answer an unusually long amount of questions to find out that I won't be eligible to participate in the survey. Every study can figure this out by asking several short questions in advance. It gives me the impression that the study still relies on my input but isn't giving credit to me. It's the "credit," so I invest my time.

  33. Terry Hopkins
    2 rating

    I have done nothing wrong

    Feb 19, 2023

    I enjoyed the app. I played games mostly. I looked forward to it every day. The first cash-out was simple and fast. The second time, after choosing to pay out, a message came up saying that my account was removed! What's that? I tried everywhere to contact support (since I could not sign in) this was quite a task. Finally, I could email support to inquire about the problem. The company says it can last up to 30 days to get an answer. Wow. Every time I attempt to access Inboxdollars since the issue started on the 3rd of June 2nd, it redirects me to InboxPounds. That is the UK. What's going on? Where are the funds I attempted to transfer? Why did my account get deactivated? I have done nothing wrong.

  34. Russ Dillard
    3 rating

    I had no problems, but then all of a sudden...why?

    Feb 17, 2023

    After I've completed a few apps with different levels of payouts, however, I've only received one payout for each application I've submitted tickets to. I'm unable to notice the pending amount, which should be four pending...up to the end of last week, I had no problems, but then all of a sudden...why?

  35. Gregory Neyman
    5 rating

    It's easy to cash out

    Feb 16, 2023

    I also enjoy the surveys. It's easy to cash out, and the money is deposited into your account quickly. However, there are many that you complete for between 10 and 15 minutes before going back to begin another one.

  36. Michael Garber
    1 rating

    It wouldn't let me pay out to PayPal

    Feb 14, 2023

    It wouldn't let me pay out to PayPal, but it allowed me to use a prepaid Visa when I wasn't interested, and now I'm unable to use it in all places or in any situation where I have to pay a fee when yoIeed physical cards.

  37. Guy Hunter
    4 rating


    Feb 11, 2023

    The process of cashing out is simple. However, it takes 2-5 days to be delivered. I would like it to be faster, but it will always be there if you're working in a hurry. I've been in the club for quite a while and never had issues with my cash-out. What I love more than they did before is that they have many items to be used as magical receipts. I love it because it allows cash to start increasing so fast. Congratulations!!

  38. Elizabeth Eubanks
    3 rating

    I check the site every day and take surveys every day

    Feb 10, 2023

    There's not much to be gained from this website; however, it's just a time filler for me. I check the site every day and take surveys every day. I seldom earn 5Ca a day, but I sometimes make 25Cor. In rare instances, will it accept receipts? Even when I highlight the item. It's 2Cand the time it is.

  39. Eric Vaughan
    2 rating

    The average test time is 15 minutes with 0.10-0.50 cents.

    Feb 8, 2023

    The average test time is 15 minutes with 0.10-0.50 cents. Understandably, the pay is not high for expressing one's opinion about benchmarks, brands comparing, or other such. It is pretty unsettling to spend 2/3 of the time responding only to suddenly become "disqualified" for specific surveys after spending a lot of time trying to earn just a few dollars.

  40. Maureen Rohde
    1 rating

    I am it's not clear what is causing this issue

    Feb 7, 2023

    I bought the 9.99 pack as per the offer. I was hoping to receive the reward of $8; however, I received nothing. I contacted support and received an unspecific response that was not helpful and provided no specific information about what caused this to happen. I got no response when I contacted support with additional information and inquiries. I even contacted support within the game, and everything is in order at their end, so I am it's not clear what is causing this issue, but I would love to see this be resolved.

  41. Nunzio Cuttitta
    5 rating

    I have worked with InboxDollars since the beginning of their website

    Feb 6, 2023

    I have worked with InboxDollars since the beginning of their website. I have watched the company expand and grow in a variety of ways. Cash-out is always simple, and they continue to add methods to make money.

  42. Derek Henee
    5 rating

    I would recommend Inboxdollars

    Jan 22, 2023

    Hello, I've been using inboxdollars for quite a while and am currently. It's a fantastic survey platform. You get paid when you pay them out in a quick and easy. It's Legit. I've participated in an offer they've got playing a game with my phone. I was rewarded with $60 for achieving the target. It was able to cash it out without issue to PayPal. Therefore, I would recommend Inboxdollars for those who like doing surveys or other things. Thanks, Inboxdollars

  43. Edward Mcdade
    3 rating

    I would not recommend any purchase requirements for any of the offers

    Jul 23, 2022

    Most of the deals I have taken require a purchase or in-game purchase/. I would not recommend any purchase requirements for any of the offers.

    Once I have completed all requirements, I don't have any credit pending. I've contacted customer support and tickets in the queue but have not received a response.

    There seems to be a problem recording the purchase/spending transaction on its own, the user's and not the user's fault.

  44. Gerald lawrence
    2 rating

    The transaction was processed quickly

    Jul 12, 2022

    On the other hand, customer service was excellent, and the transaction was processed quickly. The issue was that the offer stated that you could put the amount of $50 in SOFI investment and receive $75. I've received numerous messages from Cole and one from Monica that said the account would be credited; however, on July 1st, it was only credited $25. I had deposited $100 to SOFI. Therefore, I'm supposed to receive $50. I've tried to contact SOFI several times, but I haven't received a response in the past week.

  45. Ronnie Gray
    5 rating

    The surveys are enjoyable

    Jul 1, 2022

    The surveys are enjoyable, and most are incredibly rapid, and I am convinced that the payoff is worth it. I've just cashed out 215 gift cards. One was working while the other was in process, and I still have more cash in my account that I can withdraw. the money for about five years and am extremely satisfied

  46. Jon Matusiak
    5 rating

    100% recommended This company

    May 5, 2022

    I love inbox dollars. Although the offers are not always immediate, I have been frustrated. However, they do work. The customer service team responds quickly. This site has allowed me to make hundreds of dollars and cash out.

    The online link is better than the app. It is simple to use and understand. Bonus: Earnings from different offers and other apps are a bonus. I have never heard of these companies, but I can learn more about them and make money. This company is 100% recommended.

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