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38 Reviews on Freelancer

  1. Nina Stankova
    5 rating
    May 29, 2023

    A great customer experience

    Freelancers are easy to use, and their articles on help are concise and correct. If you meet the support staff, you'll be amazed at their speed in handling any issue you're having. They'll ensure that the problem gets solved according to your needs and will guide your needs in the event of need. The customer support department is often an issue for businesses. However, Freelancer has the right formula to get it done. Overall, a great customer experience.

  2. Lamprinou Vasiliki
    1 rating
    May 29, 2023

    Terrible experience

    The most vile, horrible thief. Did you? There's never a better time to get started than right now. Before signing up on, please read my blog post, then visit an alternative site for freelancers such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Guru. The firm earns the bulk of its profits by stealing cash from developers. If you make funds, they'll shut the account and create entirely their own. This is not a reason why this business exists. I'll share this article across all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter... along with my acquaintances. Terrible experience! Beware!

  3. Mayya Sidorova
    1 rating
    May 29, 2023

    A paid membership

    Cons. I signed up to try a trial and gave my card to confirm and "test" some skills. It was my mistake not to realize that the free trial would be converted into a paid membership. It is stated in their terms of service. They do not send out emails to subscribers that show the subscription is either paid for or paid. Therefore, I was unaware because I didn't use it and didn't know I had been made a subscriber! I was charged for two months, but they haven't provided any information regarding my billing. Since then, I've removed my subscription but th; ere's no confirmation message! There will likely be lots of users who don't realize this and continue to pay. VShallowstandards to control the users.

  4. Navnish Kaur
    1 rating
    May 29, 2023


    Thieves! I'm trying to end my membership. The app and website work flawlessly until I click"cancel," the site goes out of control and breaks. '!!! Then I'll have to remove my credit card and then apply for a brand new one to prevent the deduction of funds. Disgusted.

  5. Cheryl Williams
    1 rating
    Apr 30, 2023

    Not completed

    There's no way to claim your refund on projects that are not completed or get the final documentation following the payment of a "milestone" fee. They are only concerned about the commission they earn and the case that many of their negative reviews and ratings have been hidden.

  6. Erick Fernandez
    1 rating
    Apr 29, 2023

    Poor high-quality

    Based on my own experience as a freelancer. This website only takes your cash. They don't care whether their work was copied from other freelancers or websites. They also won the competition. The winner of the contest was never paid. They don't care if the contestant gets phony or poor high-quality results.

  7. Tiesha Conner
    1 rating
    Apr 12, 2023

    No success

    It's a scam service. I've been trying to get the money they took (PS32) to be refunded for four months without success. They requested all kinds of documents and bank statements that I supplied, but they have not yet fully returned my money. This is a highly offensive business and is a total wasted time, for which I was offered numerous opportunities to get my money back, but with no success. Do not work for this company. Cheap skates!

  8. Christopher Groves
    5 rating
    Jan 22, 2023


    Top-notch. Chelsea conducted the process most stunningly and effortlessly. Everything was clear and professional. I'm sure she'll be happy! I want to contact her once more.

  9. Dave Hughes
    2 rating
    Dec 13, 2022

    The freelancer doing the web work was excellent

    The freelancer doing the web work was excellent. Being in contact with the Freelancer software and the support staff was not a pleasant experience. This software can be confusing and inexperienced, and the support representatives were not very helpful and blamed every issue on user errors. I would like to believe that this rating isn't for the individual - it's for the business.

  10. Karen Kellock
    3 rating
    Dec 12, 2022

    It's spendy to work through Freelancer

    To gain access to the most competitive bid opportunities, you need to pay an annual fee as well as pay for the Freelancer's certifications. Freelancers will take a percentage of your earnings when you get a job and get paid. There are a lot of possibilities to pay Freelancers, and, being a freelancer, this is a problem because it doesn't seem like I receive any service from Freelancers aside from an opportunity can showcase my services and possibly get noticed.

  11. Alison Leach
    2 rating
    Dec 12, 2022

    Poor customer support!

    I've posted a project and picked a freelancer for the task. I'm unable to communicate with the Freelancer due to an unknown reason. Poor customer support! I sent two inquiries to the support department yesterday and one today, but with no response. I will not be using them again due to this issue.

  12. Kelvin Elphick
    2 rating
    Dec 12, 2022

    The website isn't wrong, but it is rife with many scammers

    The website isn't wrong, but it is rife with many scammers from Bangladesh, making it extremely risky to use; I've been repeatedly scammed! The project was completed, but I did not receive any money!

  13. Judith Stickler
    3 rating
    Dec 11, 2022

    My experience with freelancer support was fantastic

    My experience with freelancer support was fantastic. They assisted me with an issue I had been experiencing for a long time. But I also noticed one improvement that could be improved upon "delay in reply"; it would be more beneficial to provide live chat on the freelancer's chatbox. This is why I was awarded three stars.

  14. Adrian Scott
    2 rating
    Dec 11, 2022

    Good for writing gigs

    I found it a great site to sign up and get excellent gigs when I joined. I came across fake profiles that asked for cash. I was tempted to believe the scammers, but I resisted. I'm more careful. I know that Freelancer provides stars to current writers, but this could be a disadvantage for novices like me who write effectively. There must be a filter that allows users to choose the most reputable companies, too.

  15. Rosemary Reeves
    3 rating
    Dec 10, 2022

    Chat support system?

    In the past, Freelancer had a chat support system where members of the Freelancer community could connect with an agent of support and talk with them in real time. Issues were resolved in a matter of hours ... the mail system currently is too slow to respond and sometimes takes days ... I don't know; another way of doing things was much better.

  16. Robert Smyth
    3 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    The issue is now resolved

    The issue is now resolved. However, I'm having a problem regarding payment, and they've not been able to fix it so far. I'll update this review based on the solution for my issue currently.

  17. Christopher Baylis
    3 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    The service was helpful from the beginning

    The service was helpful from the beginning of my issue until it was addressed. Thank you for that. Them. I would only like them to alter the time to respond. It can take a while and prolongs the process.

  18. Jose Pereira
    2 rating
    Dec 8, 2022

    I am a bit skeptical about academy projects

    I am a bit skeptical about academy projects, as I share an exercise to determine whether or not a freelancer can finish the task I'm soliciting. This is not a university project, but freelancers see this as academic work because I posted some exercises to assess the freelancer. Therefore they keep deleting the projects I've posted.

  19. Karen Barker
    2 rating
    Dec 7, 2022

    I like this website, but recently, it's become so intense that I'm considering leaving it to another site

    I like this website, but recently, it's become so intense that I'm considering leaving it to another site. There were many people who used to have about 100 entries per contest. Now it's more like 2000 entries. Therefore, the customers can now sit their backs and relax while viewing hundreds of ideas come in for an unimportant prize. No time to give feedback or check out the profiles of designers. It's similar to (if you're lucky, you'll have a chance to win).

  20. David Robertson
    3 rating
    Dec 5, 2022

    The service provided by the customer was excellent

    The service provided by the customer was excellent in dealing with my concerns. The method they use to manage their suspicious and seems shady and untrustworthy. They will charge the bid winner to perform the work before the work begins. The price must come from the exchanges made in the cost process to the employer.

  21. Debbie Huntley
    2 rating
    Dec 4, 2022

    I didn't even know about them.

    After working with a freelancer on an assignment, I noticed unanswered charges to my account with the freelancer. After speaking to them, I discovered they had charged other balances without revealing them to me or consenting to them. It was a shock to discover that I was charged for credits; I didn't even know about them.

  22. Darryl Pinto
    2 rating
    Dec 2, 2022

    There are massive fees when you don't use your account for some time

    There are massive fees when you don't use your account for some time. I returned after several months only to discover that all the money in my account had gone. They reimbursed me after I filed a complaint, but it damaged my faith in the company. Their free program, where they charge you for accepting the project, and not getting paid, will cost you additional fees.

  23. Gary Venturi
    3 rating
    Dec 1, 2022

    This was extremely disappointing.

    The freelancers (graphic artists) were quickly selected and provided excellent quality work. My only complaint is about the freelancer's service. It took me more than an hour to have my credit card charged, and the freelancer couldn't help me in any way. When I logged into their Live chat room for help after waiting for 5 minutes, they sent me a message saying they'd have to return to me. This wasn't very pleasant.

  24. Jennifer Penfold
    5 rating
    Nov 29, 2022

    It was a fantastic experience to work as freelancer

    I've been here for over eight years and have transitioned to a career mainly on (By All-Powerful). It was a fantastic experience to work as's preferred support for freelancers. It took them about three months before they released the funds that were not locked due to the issue of verification for clients. It is generally a good platform, and hopefully, they'd have been in the process of changing their policy within the senior management.

  25. Colin Lines
    2 rating
    Nov 28, 2022

    I don't be wasting time.

    I'm very disappointed with the accuracy and efficiency of the team's support, who did not follow the official explanation and did not try to give an individual answer. I had to wait more than two weeks and five team members to get a convenient solution. I also expected more personal support since I'm the preferred freelancer, at a minimum, through chat so I won't waste time.

  26. Simon Basey
    2 rating
    Nov 27, 2022

    This website isn't fraudulent

    For clarity, This website isn't fraudulent. It's more of a grievance. The customer service is a joke. They charge massive fees of up to and don't offer refunds. They provide terrible customer support. The projects are usually awful, also. I'm not a fan of

  27. Alison Leach
    2 rating
    Nov 26, 2022

    I've experienced are extremely non-professional.

    When working with freelancers, moving through projects is a source of frustration. Freelancer is filled with fraudulent posts and fake freelancers, making the job search process painful and sometimes dangerous to financial well-being. Many of the legitimate freelancers who have posted jobs I've experienced are extremely non-professional.

  28. Richard Thomas
    3 rating
    Nov 22, 2022

    The Freelancer team is trying to fix the issue right.

    Freelancer is a platform that offers an option to bid for free on several projects. Customer service is exceptional. My queries are always answered with a timely response from a person who is actually. However, many projects are not well-written, and most bids are not read. It makes you think about whether some tasks are genuine. Certain 'users' (the users who submit assignments) make use of the system in a way that isn't legitimate such as insisting that you communicate via Telegram (and provide your bank information). This is in direct violation of the Freelancer policy. It's been a pity to witness a variety of these instances. The Freelancer team is trying to fix the issue right.

  29. Ken Burgess
    3 rating
    Nov 19, 2022

    Fake projects

    First, I am a freelancer fan and think it's an excellent place to search for unique jobs. However, there are plenty of fake deals or people who would like to cheat us. If I come across one, I consistently report it and have the freelancers cancel the project. However, there are many of them. Therefore freelancers should be able to filter out these kinds of situations. Not only because I bid on this project, I was unable to win one bid (which is a price) however, but it also happens that sometimes it is hazardous.

  30. Linda Nixey
    3 rating
    Nov 16, 2022

    The support representative was able to respond to my inquiries

    I'm brand new to and was unsure about how to calculate the Automatic Charges, the fees for projects, and the method of calculation. The help page is far from helpful. The terms aren't well-defined, and I was confused when I first accessed them. I needed to contact someone from customer support, who initially provided me with the same info on the page; however, after expressing my concerns, the support representative was able to respond to my inquiries.

  31. Martina Reitbauer
    2 rating
    Nov 14, 2022

    A terrible experience as a buyer!

    A terrible experience as a buyer! When I transfer funds to the site, and the freelancers have done their job, I cannot release funds to the seller because the Freelancer requires me to upload my ill and photo ID. Seriously?? Imagine the scenario where Amazon and eBay will request you to upload your ID if you wish to purchase! Ridiculous!

  32. Zahid Malik
    2 rating
    Nov 13, 2022

    Two stars go to the great freelancer I worked with

    Two stars go to the great freelancer I worked with; gets zero stars from me due to a confusing procedure, the absence of clear directions, and an attempt to offer me everything you can think of. I'm unhappy when I don't know precisely and clearly,, the price I'm paying. My credit card was placed on hold due to the shadiness.

  33. Helen Martin
    3 rating
    Nov 4, 2022

    It's a terrifying website

    It's a terrifying website, to be truthful. It is highly stressful to use. It is impossible to predict which support team will block your account due to an unrelated suspicion. They took your account and all funds until you submit all the required documents and pray for the most favorable outcome. I've been through three verification procedures in two years. I'm not sure why.

  34. Richard Kiss
    3 rating
    Nov 2, 2022

    I've been loyal to Freelancer for the past five years

    I've been loyal to Freelancer for the past five years. Out of more than 150 suggestions that 50 or more people received, at least 50 have replied to me to manage my accounts on Upwork, lease my computer, and many other bizarre things. Freelancers should request that when they create proposals for work, they deposit a deposit guarantee to ensure having these kinds of situations. In addition, Freelancers must avoid bids with outrageous payments such as 0.005 EUR or USD per word. Thank you.

  35. Laura Leiker
    5 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    It's a great system

    Simple but powerful tool that can save you time I never thought I would come across this simple instrument.

    I was in desperate need of an interpreter; I discovered this in just two days as well as during summer vacations It's a great system.

  36. Matt Murdaugh
    1 rating
    Jul 12, 2022

    Really poor service

    Really poor service. You must register for an account to join 1. Check for jobs on other websites for which you need to sign up for.
    The customer service is also terrible. The site does not clearly explain the fact that it simply forwards users to other websites. A waste of money!

  37. Mark Nguyen
    1 rating
    Jul 1, 2022

    Never use them again

    The company will usually beg for your money but refuse to refund it if the task isn't finished and then end your account. This has been happening to me three times, and I'll never use them again.

  38. Kara Rodriguez
    5 rating
    May 4, 2022

    A simple-to-use talent platform with a responsive support team

    Freelancer is an easy to use platform. Even their help articles are concise and straight to the point. You'll be impressed by their speed in solving any problems that you have. They will ensure that everything is resolved to your satisfaction, and they will direct you in the right direction if necessary. Many businesses find customer support difficult, but Freelancer has a way to make it easy. Great overall experience.

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