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  1. Michael Charden
    July 23rd, 2022

    The material was excellent and highly relevant

    I put a portion of my savings into attending their live instructor-led courses, and I’d consider it to be worth it. The instructor who led the classes was excellent and competent. He guided us step by step, which is essential for someone like me. The instructor can clear your questions in one go.

    The instructor describes any doubt. If you have any doubts, he asks you to bring up any questions via mail, and he will clarify the doubts during the next class. The material was excellent and highly relevant. I’m also able to apply it to my daily work.

  2. Susan Lafer
    July 12th, 2022

    It was a wonderful experience

    I took part in the DevOps Certification Learning Course. This was my second online course, and my experience was great. The study was held in a great online learning environment. Experts conducted the training on the subject from the field. It was a wonderful experience learning experience with Edureka.

  3. Nelly Sandoval
    July 1st, 2022

    Amazingly high levels of professionalism were demonstrated

    It is an excellent platform for learning and upskilling with the best support and the most price for the price. I highly recommend this fantastic course to help you develop your skills with Microsoft Power BI certification. This is an excellent course with some of the top instructors and coaches on the internet to help you learn and improve your skills. The technology efficiency of Edureka is top-notch.

    It also has excellent support (technical and system assistance and learning and coordination). I needed to be most concerned with my course’s regular progress and monitoring. My coaches and mentors were highly engaging and easy to reach to help me gain an advantage of obtaining my accreditation within the parameters of the course. Amazingly high levels of professionalism were demonstrated.

  4. Ryan Bates
    May 10th, 2022

    The best platform to learn at home

    I signed up for a cyber security course. The portal is robust and has many features. They offer chapter-specific classroom recordings, demos, assignments, and quizzes. The instructor answered most of the questions and was patient and understanding.

    Edureka could offer support for instructors to share their teaching videos via video. They extended class time by 6 hours (2 classes). Excellent customer service is also provided.

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