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  1. Randolph Haith
    Jan 22, 2023

    I've never had a bad experience

    I’ve never had a bad experience when I make a call to any technical assistance. Fortunately, I don’t frequently need to call; however, when I do, I am confident that it ensures swift and courteous. The staff is always knowledgeable and quick to determine the issue. They’re very adept at making sure I am aware of the problem and what I can do to solve it.

  2. Debbie Parker
    Dec 11, 2022

    I am grateful for Hughes Net's outstanding customer service from REIN and Andrew. Thank you.

    The two representatives I talked to about my contract renewal were amiable, accommodating, and efficient: Rein and Andrew offered me the most excellent customer service! I’m 80, and I truly appreciate any assistance I can receive. I .a.m grateful for Hughes Net’s outstanding customer service from REIN and Andrew. Thank you.

  3. Philip Cox
    Dec 7, 2022

    I've been very impressed with Hughes and the employees

    I’ve been very impressed with Hughes and the employees. The office staff and the ones on the field. This was particularly true for the installer (his initial nickname was “Chase”). The installation was clean, professional, and certainly worthy of applause. Chase was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and enjoyable to be around and to work with. I felt as if I was with “an old friend,” although I’d never had the pleasure of meeting him. Chase relaxed me regarding the process since it was evident he’d done it several times before.

  4. Susan Campbell
    Dec 4, 2022

    I am not happy that you can experience service

    I am impressed with your speed and efficiency. I am not happy that you can experience service interruptions but come back quicker than CenturyLink. Additionally, I am impressed by the knowledge that your installation team has.

  5. Sarah Langdon
    Dec 3, 2022

    the most horrible customer service!

    It was the worst internet connection that I have ever experienced. It could not stream any apps, and connectivity issues were always present. Customer service was horrible, constantly insisting that it was the apps that were causing the problem and wouldn’t load, told me that I had the best internet connection at 25 Mbps, even with the speed tests they have themselves, I got 5 Mbps at the highest and lowest was 1mbps or less, stupid me purchased the dish for four bills and then canceled. The highway is a robbery with the most horrible customer service! They’re telling me that I’m still owed four more late cancellation charges, DO NOT use Hughesnet.

  6. Damian Byrne
    Dec 2, 2022

    Do this to keep your customers satisfied.

    Transferring tokens from the previous plan to upgrade to net fusion is a significant hassle. This shouldn’t be as difficult. Limiting token transfers up to 20GB per calendar day seems ridiculous. It’s been 3 hours, and we’re not even done! Do this to keep your customers satisfied.

  7. Mariana Dantas
    Dec 1, 2022

    I'm not sure if we'll be able to reschedule.

    We planned an installation time of 8-11 am in a new house that we’re planning to move into that is 2.5 hours away from our current home. The night before, at 8 pm, we received a message saying that it was changed to 11 am until 2 pm. After 1:30 pm, I called to see whether they’d be at the house at 2. The person who answered said there would be that they would be at a couple of places later, which would have been around 3:30. Around 45 minutes later, we received a message that said 8 pm when it would become pitch-black in the woods. We canceled for today. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to reschedule.

  8. Gillian Gaskell
    Nov 30, 2022

    You resembled her more

    I purchased additional data tokens that were not put into my accounts. I had to contact eight times and obtain three different case numbers before the issue was solved. The only bright spot was the person who helped me. She has fixed the problem for me. You resembled her more.

  9. Becky McDougald
    Nov 29, 2022

    Slow wifi

    we only got Hughes because it was the service that came here. We have complained about how slow it is, so they gave us free tokens. They have tokens you can buy through the month and the speed picks up. But that can start costing a lot of money. Finally spectrum is putting their cable back here and we will have them. I never had this problem with spectrum. Never had it slow down and we had anywhere from 4-5 people using the data.

  10. Bazil Miller
    Nov 28, 2022

    She was truly pleased

    I completed my setup of the new information on my card with a professional who helped me out when I made a mistake. She was genuinely pleased to guide me through every step. I paid my bill and was informed of the payment

  11. Adina Neagu
    Nov 26, 2022

    It isn't enjoyable. capacity

    I find HughesNet okay, but I cannot access specific streaming platforms. I can stream these platforms on my phone, but watching them on my computer is impossible. It’s as if HughesNet doesn’t have enough bandwidth. It isn’t enjoyable. capacity

  12. Lesley Cornick
    Nov 25, 2022

    Poor internet service. It’s not working as it should. Keeps going down. We were also informed that the price would cost $55, and because the service was so poor, we needed to pay an additional $90 for a better speed service.

  13. Noel Flanagan
    Nov 24, 2022

    Get away from them immediately

    In every way and from. The installer changed his schedule and canceled on numerous occasions. It required three trips to my home and more than two weeks to install. After installation, the service performexceptionallyely slowly. It was slow and inconsistent. Its poor performance was acknowledged solely by its customer support department. Hughes’s internet is a disaster. Get away from them immediately.

  14. Garry Hughes
    Nov 23, 2022

    The customer service was outstanding

    The customer service was outstanding. My issue is with the buffering of video and the slower speeds offered. If cox were provided for me, I’d choose it and stop using Hughes.net. Cox isn’t dependent on weather conditions, is more reliable, and has quicker speed.

  15. Donna Hughes
    Nov 22, 2022

    I am glad to avail servo ices.

    Speed is slow and not ideal for streaming videos or using the Roku or Dire Stick. But, given my location, I am glad to avail servo ices.

  16. Andrew Hudson
    Nov 20, 2022

    The way the representative handled my situation was absolutely magnificent

    How the agent handled, my case was magnificent. If this were the only thing I had to rate, I would have rated it five stars. The reason I chose not to get five stars is quite simple. The length of time and procedures I had to take to speak to an actual person was, to me, unacceptable.

  17. Sean Bagguley
    Nov 19, 2022

    Customer service has dramatically improved

    Customer service has dramatically improved. My requirements as a valued customer were addressed with a level of care that prevented me from being able to leave. Regardless of the Dish Network promotion, I still cannot afford local TV. This additional service is way too expensive, and the plan does not offer the NFL Network of ESPN. As an avid consumer and customer, I cannot afford that!

  18. Kirsty Baker
    Nov 18, 2022

    We are delighted with the experience of Hughes net.

    We are in a tiny town, and Hughes net has given us many things we are happy with. Our Hughes network has been performing well for the last two months. We are delighted with the experience of Hughes net.

  19. Faraz Siddique
    Nov 14, 2022


    In the absence of lying, make sure you are honest. You offer the most unprofessional service available. No one would recommend you. You charge $100 monthly, then turn the service down three days after we’ve paid. It’s still free, but you have to cost us. Television always claims internet speeds are good; that is a BIG LIE. I TOOK AN INDEPENDENT SPEED TEST. IT SAID SLOW. IT BARELY REGISTERED. YOU ARE A TERRIBLE COMPANY. YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. THEY NEVER GET BACK TO YOU. THEY LIE ABOUT ALMOST ALL OF THE INFO WHILE YOU’RE SIGNING UP. DON’T USE HUGE; THEY ARE A MONEY PIT WITH NO SERVICE. THE WORST WIFI INTERNET SERVICE I’VE EVER USED.

  20. Liz Bennett
    Nov 11, 2022

    extremely polite and professional

    I needed to sign into the app as I recently joined the account, but the app wouldn’t accept my username or password, which we discussed over the phone a few months ago. Kenisha helped me reset my password within a few minutes and was extremely polite and professional.

  21. Valerie Bruce
    Nov 8, 2022

    This is one of the worst companies ever

    This is one of the worst companies ever. The CSRs have been tremendous and have tried to help. The company is corrupt. I cannot comprehend how they can get away with using the method they run their business. Horrible service, outrageous costs. This is the only option, or we would never have considered the service. We’re supposed to be offered alternatives soon and are expected to be done with this business. How do you prove which information you’ve used? No matter what, ours isn’t fully utilized until ten days after it begins over. Then it is fine until around five days before the month’s end. They require you to purchase more data to receive any service. I can’t wait to get finished with this company. I’m confused as to why there isn’t a class action lawsuit against them.

  22. Dan Summers
    Nov 6, 2022

    The cost you are charging is too high for satellite services

    The cost you are charging is too high for satellite services. My bill angers me. I’ve informed several of you that the only thing I do is watch the television since I’m a disabled veteran. I’m unable to do anything, so I only go to the movies, and when you give the bill off my head and thank me by the top of my account. I’m angry.

  23. Rachal Willett
    Nov 4, 2022

    I chatted with agent to pay my bill a few days early

    I spoke to the agent and asked him to settle my bills a couple of days earlier (you aren’t able to pay your bill online before the deadline with a thumbs-down). I believed I had spent my bill in the total amount, as he claimed that he’d had my account pulled up. Then I realized I owed more than the amount that he said. I had a second conversation with another person a feral days later and shared my displeasure and confusion. In the middle of a conversation, here came across a different agent who asked me to repridiculouslous things

  24. Louise Carrothers
    Nov 3, 2022

    We need GOVT regulation for these Clowns

    No, it’s the case that post is selling its bandwidth capabilities too much, not more. Unusual speeds, even with a FULL tank of gas, can be dl’d between 12 and 30 KBs! Slower than DIAL-UP; that was 20 years ago. Customer service is always trying to promote a new useless data plan. It’s your modem, your router, your browser …..etc.

  25. Janet Duncton
    Nov 2, 2022

    It's an excellent internet service overall.

    It’s an excellent internet service overall. It’s pretty good! Yes, it is slightly annoying when the internet stops working when it starts raining, but aside from that, it’s a fantastic service! It’s nothing to write about; however, I recommend it!

  26. James Watters
    Nov 1, 2022

    Overall, the experience was helpful.

    The new modem resolved the issue we were experiencing. The majority of the people the whom we interacted were extremely accommodating. However, it took a long time every time we needed to contact them, and it can be very stressful as a senior. Overall, the experience was helpful.

  27. Sharon Knott
    Oct 29, 2022

    It's cost me lots of money

    Many things weren’t clarified at the time of initial installation regarding how the system functions. It wasn’t even explained when I first called regarding the services. I require internet access because I am a licensed Notary and regularly use my laptop. It’s cost me lots of money, and since I have a fixed income, this is a huge pain.

  28. Adrian Bates
    Oct 27, 2022

    The person I spoke to determined that I required an appointment for service

    The person I spoke to determined that I required an appointment for service, and when your technician arrived, there was nothing to be found wrong with my equipment, so this whole process was unproductive of my time and time. Perhaps you should look into hiring a different person to handle this situation.

  29. Anne Surrey
    Oct 24, 2022

    Never gave me my prepaid card that I was promised

    I have done everything you asked for so that I could get my prepaid card after signing up with hughes.net for the first time. You assured me you would give me $300 for a credit card! They make them take the ringer seriously, and I did what you said. I downloaded the application and filled it out, then printed it off and needed to print it out, but it wasn’t enough. Then you asked for two months. I had to wait for my services and prove that I’d received service for two months.

    My two bills were included in the application; I needed to send them in, which I printed, downloaded, then sent to you. And mailed it to your rebate Department regardless of the address that was in use at the time, and the next time I called to inquire about the location of my card, you told me it was likely to have been lost in the mail, so that’s the only thing I have is the money you promised! There are no false promises! Never worry about getting lost again! What a convenience! It’s a scam, or Hughes Net would make good on this. I am highly disappointed because I was forced to travel to download these files from my computer and print it. I’m still using your services, and there is something wrong. You must make this right!

  30. Simon Hollands
    Oct 23, 2022

    we don't receive good service

    I am not happy that we’re located in an area where we don’t receive good service. It shuts down or fails to function all the time. It’s a necessity for my company, and it’s not working most of the time. Poor business, and I will move to a different business if one becomes available.

  31. Jim Oliver
    Oct 22, 2022

    This is among the most unprofessional service providers

    This is among the most unprofessional service providers. There is only one TV, and the service will last only three days. This is only one film and a few TV shows. We’re using the middle package and were told this is good for watching television. We are the only two at the house working during the week, so the TV isn’t continuously on. We were told it would cost more than $400 to end the plan. I would not recommend this company in any way. My parents have Rise broadband and haven’t had issues with service like this.

  32. Neil Bartle
    Oct 21, 2022

    What can anyone do to give this company a five rating?

    What can anyone do to give this company a five rating? Rating…they are the most outrageous ripoff that I’ve seen…they promised my mother a $300 cash back if she signed up for their service. And they promised her the cashback in a single month…it’s been at most four months, and every time she calls, they’ll give her the go-around….she is 82 years old and has no patience with this scam. ….she needs and can use the money

  33. Richard Burrell
    Oct 19, 2022

    my request not to forward any of my emails

    Everything was fine until you emailed my old account using my new email address following my request not to forward any of my emails to it because my phone was not working. The other one was Hacked, which is precisely what You did with DISH. I’m not able to believe that both of you did it.

  34. Paul Rosser
    Oct 17, 2022

    Hughes Net customer service representative was very accommodating

    Hughes Net customer service representative was very accommodating. I had to update my credit card details, and she could do the task promptly and professionally. It was nice talking to someone who could understand what I needed to do and did it on one phone call.

  35. Anne Marcant
    Oct 15, 2022

    This service is fantastic for WIFI.

    The expert tech installed the equipment. This service is fantastic for WIFI. Our mountain home was among the 12 among 400 homes to survive the Troublesome wildfire, communication is vital, and HughesNet satellite WiFi keeps us connected thanks to your service.

  36. Lisa Purdey
    Oct 14, 2022

    It is the most awful company I've ever dealt with

    I called around the 22nd of March because I didn’t have internet. I was informed that I had exhausted all the data on my internet. I agreed to take the following plan into place. I had internet access for two days, but then it stopped altogether. My computer was broken, and so were my two tablets. The tv would be on for about an hour, and then the audio would cease for around 30 seconds. Today, I am in the process of canceling my service with HughesNet. It is the most awful company I’ve ever dealt with.

  37. Fran Ludford
    Oct 13, 2022

    The technician resolved my issue

    The technician resolved my issue; however, when I requested an appointment to connect another router, I was told I didn’t need help. Then all I needed to do was touch it, and it worked. The device was connected, but it was not working. Then I stopped working with this technology. I now have to use another router for some reason, so I’m not using the other router to connect to the television.

  38. James Beer
    Oct 13, 2022

    Since the installation of our satellite network

    Since the installation of our satellite network, we’ve seen a sporadic data speed. Most of the time, it’s too slow to function. When it does work, it’s fantastic. When it doesn’t, it’s useless.

  39. Helen Hearn
    Oct 11, 2022

    Internet seems to be acceptable

    The Internet seems to be acceptable. But we live in the forest, and connections will not be stable for very long. Some technological advancement that could make the relationship stronger has likely been developed by now. We haven’t been informed about the new technology.! An examination of the manual could be done to rectify the situation.

  40. Marta Kompinska
    Oct 6, 2022

    Hughesnet technical support is trying to be very helpful

    Hughesnet technical support is trying to be very helpful. In other words, they are an excellent company. However, when they run the speed test, they don’t do it often enough, or at the very least, to the location I’m getting my signal. It took seven days after calling them to discuss an issue before they could identify my problem. Then I’m forced to wait another 13 days until the technology arrives.

  41. Steven Leeder
    Oct 3, 2022

    I'm curious to know the reason I'm dissatisfied.

    I’m curious to know the reason I’m dissatisfied. The internet is too weak to function correctly. I pay more than $100.00 monthly fee for internet. And when I access it, it’s gotten slow. If a more reliable internet comes my way, I will take it.

  42. Audrie Moorhouse
    Oct 2, 2022

    This issue didn't occur in h our internet service provider

    The internet service is slow, and the buffers appear on our television even before we have reached the allowance limit. This issue didn’t occur in h our internet service provider; in the past, we used the same TV.

  43. Charlotte Foster
    Oct 1, 2022

    Customer Service was prompt, helpful, and courteous

    As a customer who recently signed up, I am pleased with the customer service provided by HughesNet Gen5. Customer Service was prompt, helpful, and courteous. They were able to answer every question and concern I had. The addition of a new plan with high-speed internet against its competitors and an unlimited data plan is fantastic. A great option to pick satellite internet for your home, and I’m a huge fan. I urge the company to keep providing these great services and anticipate more in the year 2023 and beyond, with outstanding quality and value.

  44. Tony Westley
    Sep 27, 2022

    The most enjoyable part of my experience is the rep I spoke to

    The most enjoyable part of my experience was the rep I spoke to. She was knowledgeable and accommodating, answering all my questions and describing all my choices. The instructions were easy to comprehend, and there were pictures of what should be done and where. I received my equipment in two days and didn’t encounter any issues installing it. New equipment could be operational in a matter of minutes. The difference in reception is evident.

  45. Sharon Kerins
    Sep 24, 2022

    My most recent experience was with a support issue

    My most recent experience was with a support issue. No internet. The case was resolved quickly and precisely. While the customer service experience was five stars, the internet service provided by Hughesnet isn’t. The problem (having poor or no internet) is a common occurrence. Too often.

  46. Christine Andrews
    Sep 21, 2022

    The service is not reliable

    Hughesnet is just a bit shaky all the way around. The service is not reliable even on good days. If you don’t buy the highest-priced plan, you will eventually run out of data and only stream videos. Returning equipment is an enigma. Don’t let them put the device on top of your home because it is your responsibility to bring it down if you do not want to or employ someone from them to bring it down. They drilled holes into my roof to accommodate their equipment, charging me to remove the equipment, and I’ll have to cover the cost of repairing my damaged roof.

  47. Stephen Nixon
    Sep 21, 2022

    Do not usually leave reviews like this

    I do not usually leave reviews like this , but it’s poor service. They’ve been a problem for a couple of years. It’s been too long since I have had US Cellular in a rural year with less. Poor customer service. My account was closed, and it took forever to mail the box back to send the equipment. I then returned quickly and checked to confirm that they received the kit, not to accept the ridiculous 210-dollar fees I was concerned about. They told me they had received the equipment, and it was December, and they took 210 dollars from my account. In essence, they stole. Then we go from paying from paycheck to. Then they tell us to wait for the entire billing cycle for a refund. We are so thankful that we do not have Hughesnet for a while.

  48. Dyfed Williams
    Sep 18, 2022

    HughesNet was no benefit for us

    We opted for HughesNet since we live in a rural region of TN. The HughesNet service we got was excellent! After dial-up, HughesNet seemed lightning quick, but as time passed, the streaming services we love to stream slowed continuously, and HughesNet was no benefit for us. We are now moving to a more efficient server.

  49. Michael Cutmore
    Sep 15, 2022

    Thank you, Hughesnet.

    Hughesnet helped me solve my issue repeatedly (Phones were receiving busy signals when making the outgoing call). They would always call me to check-in. They were consistent and patient with me. The issue turned out not to have anything to do with my Hughesnet service. I programmed the dial codes in my phones incorrectly for the pulse function instead of tones. It’s been a great experience. Hughesnet’s Internet signal is excellent and is comprised of an indoor line and an outdoor line. Its Voice service is transparent and crystal clean. I’m grateful to have this kind of service in a remote area. Thank you, Hughesnet.

  50. Alexis Hadjisoteriou
    Sep 11, 2022

    This was a miserable and upsetting experience.

    This was a massive error for us. The service was such a mess that we were fortunate to check our emails. We spent hundreds of dollars and seldom received any benefit. We repeatedly contacted the company for assistance but without success. They said they’ll reduce your service once you’ve consumed the entire amount; however, they reduce our service to nearly nothing. This was a miserable and upsetting experience. Starlink is now in place, and everything is working great!

  51. Cheryl Anderson
    Sep 9, 2022

    I needed help when I was unable to stream on Hulu Netflix. I wanted to know the speed at which I have the fastest rate, or did it happen to be the slowest of the reasons I could not stream? I spoke with the young lady, and she said that the Wi-Fi was in decline at the close of the month and the first month, but I’d like to know what amount I have to get to watch Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon with no buffering. Constantly buffering. I do not want to

  52. James Bass
    Jul 23, 2022

    Beguiled by a zealous Hughes sales rep

    I asked for a modern Gen 5 modem. I had a 7-year older Gen 4 modem. I was unaware the Hughes representative changed me from my previous unlimited data plan to a 10- GB monthly plan at a cost of $10 per month.

    He also signed an entirely new contract the same day I asked for the latest modem.

    The representative probably earned the commission from sales however, he ended up losing me as a long-term 7 1/2 years customer.

  53. Donald Haman
    Jul 12, 2022

    their representative, who was extremely kind and patient

    I have to save every penny as a 73-year-old retired with Social Security. I was having a hard time signing up for ACP and then getting it to be applied to my Hughes account. ACP is a program of the government that Hughes cannot influence. However, their representative, who was extremely kind and patient, took the time to confirm that it was added to my account. It only took one phone contact to fix the issue.

  54. Robert Taylor
    Jun 14, 2022

    This is extremely frustrating

    We were extremely excited to be a part of the Hughes family. However, the service is questionable.

    I’ve needed to call four times since the Internet is so poor and is not working.

    Each time I phone the techs who are not in the state, since no one in the state receives these calls and then I am told after a string tests on computers that it’s working fine even when I tell them I’m able to provide them with the screen of my laptop and say there’s no Internet connection.

    This is extremely frustrating. I joined the service because they claimed they are experts in remote areas and that their service would be superior to any local firms, but this is not the reality.

    We have not had a good experience with our clients. I hope your service will be superior.

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