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  1. Christine Andrews
    September 21st, 2022

    The service is not reliable

    Hughesnet is just a bit shaky all the way around. The service is not reliable even on good days. If you don’t buy the highest-priced plan, you will eventually run out of data and only stream videos. Returning equipment is an enigma. Don’t let them put the device on top of your home because it is your responsibility to bring it down if you do not want to or employ someone from them to bring it down. They drilled holes into my roof to accommodate their equipment, charging me to remove the equipment, and I’ll have to cover the cost of repairing my damaged roof.

  2. James Bass
    July 23rd, 2022

    Beguiled by a zealous Hughes sales rep

    I asked for a modern Gen 5 modem. I had a 7-year older Gen 4 modem. I was unaware the Hughes representative changed me from my previous unlimited data plan to a 10- GB monthly plan at a cost of $10 per month.

    He also signed an entirely new contract the same day I asked for the latest modem.

    The representative probably earned the commission from sales however, he ended up losing me as a long-term 7 1/2 years customer.

  3. Donald Haman
    July 12th, 2022

    their representative, who was extremely kind and patient

    I have to save every penny as a 73-year-old retired with Social Security. I was having a hard time signing up for ACP and then getting it to be applied to my Hughes account. ACP is a program of the government that Hughes cannot influence. However, their representative, who was extremely kind and patient, took the time to confirm that it was added to my account. It only took one phone contact to fix the issue.

  4. Robert Taylor
    June 14th, 2022

    This is extremely frustrating

    We were extremely excited to be a part of the Hughes family. However, the service is questionable.

    I’ve needed to call four times since the Internet is so poor and is not working.

    Each time I phone the techs who are not in the state, since no one in the state receives these calls and then I am told after a string tests on computers that it’s working fine even when I tell them I’m able to provide them with the screen of my laptop and say there’s no Internet connection.

    This is extremely frustrating. I joined the service because they claimed they are experts in remote areas and that their service would be superior to any local firms, but this is not the reality.

    We have not had a good experience with our clients. I hope your service will be superior.

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