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4 Reviews on Fonus

  1. Marc Heyrmam
    September 21st, 2022

    The price, coverage, and data services are far beyond what we had hoped

    After months of using and using, I am experiencing the extremes with FIS. The price, coverage, and data services are far beyond what we had hoped. However, phone calls are usually of poor quality. We have two iPhones that use these, and my wife’s cell phone often goes to voicemail. Another problem is that when I attempt to connect to her phone using my phone, it appears as if there is a problem, and the call won’t connect. It even got me to switch the phones to an upgrade. But no improvement. The suggested solution is to restart the phone. I’m wondering how many times per month, week, or day we’ll have for this to be played to solve these technical issues. I want to see that our relationship that has been in place for over six months, Fonus, was addressed correctly!

  2. Tyrone Flowers
    July 23rd, 2022

    I have been using FON in my phone for several months

    I have been using FON on my phone for several months. My only issue is that it drops the majority of incoming calls. I’ve tried to reset the app several times according to the suggestions each time I make a complaint. However, it does not answer most calls after one phone ring, and I am required to call back. I also would like them to allow my SIM card to work on the iPad Air.

  3. Robert Uland
    July 12th, 2022

    I highly recommend Fonus Mobile

    I set up my phone within 5 minutes. I now have unlimited data in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. For 30usd /month. There was a minor issue when I entered the incorrect APN. I was assisted via chat on their website within two minutes. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend Fonus Mobile.

  4. Daniel Buss
    June 14th, 2022

    data service is good

    What is the reason I haven’t removed my previous comments? I continue to post reviews after removing them.

    It isn’t recommended to Canadians Avoid this company. The only data service is good as it is provided via Rogers, But the Phone and Txt service is not good.

    You pay C$40+ for 20GB of data. It is impossible to receive or make calls or send text messages using their app.

    Fonus’s app is rubbish. I am developing a VoIP service no for new subscribers from Canada. I’ve lost my subscription and do not want other people to fail. So stay away

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