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8 Reviews on From You Flowers

  1. Linda
    Sep 23, 2023

    Late and Incorrect Order

    I placed an order for Sapphire and Sunflowers in a burlap wrap and requested that it be expedited by paying an extra fee so that it would arrive before noon.

    Unfortunately, the flowers arrived after 3 p.m., which was quite disappointing. To make matters worse, I received nothing like I had initially ordered. There wasn't a sunflower in sight, which was a significant letdown.

    Although I received a refund for the expedited fee and 30% of the order's cost, it wasn't the anniversary surprise I had envisioned. I decided to give the customer service representative a call to express my concerns. I must say that the representative I spoke with was polite during our conversation.

  2. Nrique Gutierrez
    Sep 20, 2023

    Missed Delivery, Refund Frustration

    Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of my wife's mother's traumatic passing. Since I was leaving town, I sent her some flowers to offer comfort and support during this difficult time.

    Unfortunately, the flowers I ordered never arrived, and when I tracked the order, all I saw was "pending delivery." Feeling frustrated, I decided to reach out to their "24/7" customer service for assistance.

    Come Monday morning, I received a refund of just $6, which was the delivery fee I had paid for the Sunday delivery. I also received a typical corporate response that didn't acknowledge their mistake, provide a proper refund, or show genuine concern for the situation.

    It's incredibly disappointing to have experienced such a lack of empathy and accountability from this company. I would strongly advise others to steer clear of them at all costs.

  3. Bryana
    Sep 17, 2023

    My Experience with a Terrible Flower Delivery Service

    Biggest scam ever!! I lost money ordering from them!! TERRIBLE!! The flowers were wilted and patchy. They looked nothing like the picture. The arrangement looked awful. They only gave me $40 back on an $110 plus order and refused to redeliver arrangements for the funeral service. It's such a terrible company with awful customer service.

  4. Nielsen
    Sep 14, 2023

    Never Order from From You Flowers Again

    If I had known just how unprofessionally From You Flowers company is, I wouldn't have ordered anything at all. Despite paying for a delayed delivery, my order was faulty and lacked both balloons and chocolate. I've spent so much time dealing with them. Never ever ever again. For future customers, STAY AWAY.

  5. Awn Marie
    Sep 12, 2023

    My Unpleasant Flower Bouquet Delivery

    The bouquet that was delivered was delivered by From You Flowers, not the bouquet that I ordered. Because this is what they do for a living, providing flowers and making a mistake as big as they made is inexcusable and unacceptable. I ordered a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers, which was delivered with white flowers and a few red roses.

  6. Cuyar
    Sep 7, 2023

    Flower Delivery Goes Wrong

    From You, Flowers was the most absurd experience ever ordering flowers for my wife's birthday! I ordered and paid for expedited delivery by noon. She received the flowers around 5 p.m. They did, however, reimburse me for the extra fee. However, the flowers were nothing like what I saw in the photo online! My wife said they looked ready to die any day! They looked like they were just thrown together! I will never use this service again! Buyer beware!

  7. Bailey
    Sep 6, 2023

    A Disastrous Floral Experience

    From You Flowers company was terrible. I paid for expedited delivery, which didn't happen at all. They assured me it was out for delivery, but it took almost 6 hours longer than promised. They even lied about the delivery time, claiming it had already been delivered when it hadn't. They insisted I call the recipient, so I did. By this point, the bouquet was about 7 hours late, which completely spoiled my mother's surprise because, unsurprisingly, it hadn't arrived.

    To make matters worse, they delivered a bait-and-switch bouquet. My mother has cats, and lilies are toxic to them, potentially fatal if ingested. Yet, they filled her scent with lilies, and only one of the flowers included was the one I had ordered. Amidst all the dishonesty and this poorly put-together bouquet, I have decided never to order from this company again.

    They eventually refunded me after my fourth or fifth call, but no amount of money could make up for the beautiful surprise they ruined for my mother.

  8. Marie Newell
    Aug 14, 2023

    Very Bad Flower Condition

    My husband decided to surprise me with flowers, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. The bouquet resembled the lifeless, marked-down flowers you'd find at Kroger for a mere $5.00. I've never encountered such dissatisfaction with floral arrangements. To make matters worse, they were tightly fastened together using zip ties and arrived in a dry, sorry state. Most of the flowers were already broken and wilting, leaving me quite disheartened.

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