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5 Reviews on DrivingSchoolSoftware.com

  1. Pax Romana
    Jan 21, 2023

    highly recommended!

    Driving School Software can make the running of any driving school faster as well as more effective. With its friendly student portal, sales will rise as students do not have to call to schedule or buy lessons. Settings can be changed efficiently, which is useful for removing or adding locations, vehicles, and employees. The scheduling process is super friendly and practical for the administrative/operator. With their instructor’s portal, instructors can see the new lessons automatically after the organizational/operators click on submit. Highly highly recommended!

  2. Alan Marchant
    Sep 27, 2022

    Not Real User Friendly

    A few aspects of the registration process are not user-friendly for our customers. We need to rectify or explain this to several customers. Some customers believe they’ve registered their child; however, due to a link “Pay Later” not being clicked, their students aren’t registered. It doesn’t say “click to enter” or “Click to Enter & Pay later,” which I comprehend. The updates that have been made have prevented other parts from becoming available. Customers were sent the contract once they had enrolled but did not receive it when they clicked to print the agreement; after entering all their student information, the contract is not empty! Why? It used to be complete! As the owner of the business, I don’t believe that you have any authority over the data that is publicly available. You aren’t able to modify it.

  3. Michael Heiser
    Jul 19, 2022

    We are very pleased

    We are delighted with the software and the support staff behind it. They are all accommodating, compassionate and welcoming. They can work with us to help make our business run efficiently, and we appreciate that they constantly introduce new and improved services that complement our business.

  4. Sergio Lucero
    Jul 2, 2022

    I am thrilled with TSS

    We’ve run the truck driving school for over 25 years. The last time we had data, the base system we were using was shut down due to unforeseeable circumstances. Truck School Software has turned out to be a superior system to what we used to have, and it has proven that the moment one door closes, it opens another one and is usually a gift waiting to be found. I am thrilled with TSS.

  5. Steven Clark
    Jun 7, 2022

    Highly recommended to any driving school

    All Star Driving Schools, Inc has been using DrivingSchoolSoftware.com for 8+ years and has found it essential to our operations.

    Not only does it eliminate the hassle of scheduling appointments online and personally (including several locations), but it also provides an accurate record of attendance (both in-car and c/r) and can keep up with the payments.

    I highly recommend it to any driving school, large or small.

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