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  1. Angela Brown
    September 27th, 2022

    Absolutely fantastic!

    Fantastic! It’s a fun, fast, and simple method of obtaining your driver’s safety certification! The course is simple, beautifully illustrated, and multi-platform, with some “funny” Ace jokes… Highly recommended.

  2. Rachelle Schaff
    July 19th, 2022

    This is an excellent alternative

    This is an excellent alternative to the traditional classroom Drivers, Ed. The format is a bit basic, and the robotics aren’t as strong and therefore outdated. It’s nice that you can take the course from home in your own time. But overall, it’s a great experience.

    This review was requested early in the course, which is evident today. The cost was higher than advertised, and the duration was not just 6 hours. It was more like 8 hours. I had a total of one hour of breaks. I ended at 10:45 and began at 3:00 at 2:30 pm.

  3. Thaer Mahmoud
    July 2nd, 2022

    This course is incredible!

    This course is incredible! It keeps you on your toes by presenting pop-up questions that refresh your mind on the topics you’ve covered and help you prepare for the tests in many ways. They will keep your toes and are user-friendly. We recommend them for children who want to get their license but do not wish to attend an instructor for driving.

  4. Amy McKintosh
    May 20th, 2022

    Aceable was extremely educational

    Aceable was extremely educational, I believe. I gained a lot of knowledge about niche rules that could be useful in certain situations. It was a bit cheesy at times, so I didn’t give it five stars.

  5. Carlos Sandoval
    April 25th, 2022

    Excellent content and visibility

    I gained a lot of knowledge. I remember a lot thanks to the videos and quizzes included in the course. I knew exactly where I was at any given moment and what was coming up. It was simple for me to review past lessons.

    Although some parts were repetitive, they were essential lessons that I needed to learn. It was a wonderful experience that helped me pass my permit exam.

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