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2 Reviews on DriveSafe Driving Schools

  1. Gary Johnston
    July 19th, 2022

    This is complete nonsense

    I’ve been trying to plan an excursion for my son for months, but there are no slots. I paid for a 3.5-hour in-person instruction on driving.

    When I attempt to call, nobody responds, and I am directed to a full mailbox that is not accepting any more messages. This is complete nonsense. What’s the deal about this company?

  2. Lisa Scott
    June 7th, 2022

    The processes in both organizations are awful

    My student thoroughly enjoyed the course work (as the curriculum permits) and was certainly awed by the teacher.

    But, when it was time to collect the license at the DMV, we sat for over 2 hours trying to locate her record since her name was correctly spelled and her DMV confirmation page.

    Still, the form they sent to the DMV contained two letters flipped on her initials (according to DMV).

    This could have been DMV’s responsibility (I can’t determine that); however, DriveSafe refused to let the DMV clerk talk directly to the person who could verify or correct her record for over two hours!

    The processes in both organizations are awful (and yes, I’ve filed a complaint against my local CDOR CDOR DMV), but I’ll never be able to trust DriveSafe to fix the problem ever again.

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