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4 Reviews on Easy Driving Safety

  1. Mark Chapman
    September 27th, 2022

    The teacher was dull

    The teacher was dull. Sure, the lessons should be animated, while the instructional videos seem so old, and it is painful to view them. In all, it was a lot of reading, and it was monotonous and exhausting to be able to read through the entire teaching. Change your certificate’s design, like an image printed out.

  2. Matthew Tibble
    July 19th, 2022

    I highly recommend this course

    It was the best course I could have chosen it was very easy to take to take at my own pace and, honestly, I became more knowledgeable about driving thanks to the many things I gained during the course.

    I highly recommend this course, shortly after I completed the course, I received an confirmation that my certificate was going to be sent out within 3 days .

  3. Delmar Wright
    July 2nd, 2022

    The course is well-written

    The course is well-written, and the questions on the test were relevant. Even though some of the videos are older, they’re still current and provide valuable details. The course should be updated to reflect the seat belt laws in effect in Texas. The law has been changed so that when a person who is an adult has not buckled correctly, the person who is not buckled in, not the driver, is the one to receive the ticket.

  4. Linda Hager
    June 7th, 2022

    very frustrating!

    My son attended the class online. I paid for the certificate and his driver’s record on the internet.

    The certificate was received on my computer, but it was not the driving record.

    The email I got said that they were unable to complete it online for no reason.

    After numerous inquiries with Easy Driving Safety And The DPS, his audit number doesn’t match the number on his driving license.

    While this wasn’t their fault, I thought that If they couldn’t handle the request, it was their responsibility to provide the reason.

    They did inform me that I was required to ask for a refund. I did that, and it’s been two weeks since I did not receive a refund.

    It was time to mail a request to obtain his driving record. Since he was late in turning in all his paperwork and we now have an appointment with the court to discuss why he was behind.

    I was informed that if his driving record comes in before when the date of the court is set, we can bring it in without having to see an attorney. It’s very frustrating!

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