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  1. John Symes
    September 29th, 2022

    Beware of Cad Crowd!

    Working together with Cad Crowd started off feeling promising. However, it was difficult and stressful, with many mistakes and a lack of care for the minor details. The rush to deliver everything and then be done had me in a bind for several weeks. After they failed to get my idea to work, I was forced to scale the design down (dumb it down). )….. Having not provided me with complete information, Liviu and his team requested more money due to their many unorganized and inefficient revisions. Worst experience. 3k for a single, elaborate image. I then used up works and obtained professionally rendered images using a few freelancers, which cost less than $3000 for 15 photos! (Cad Crowd had quoted me between 20k and 30k for similar ideas, and I now know they’d never be able to capture). !!). The photos I got from up works (video that a specific individual provided)weres flawless. I also had the privilege of working in a team of intelligent folks who grasped the idea by paying for their work.

  2. Shonda Eidem
    July 18th, 2022

    Great job by Adam

    Great job by Adam. Quick and attentive to fixing and modifying any errors. Excellent communication and helped me through the entire process. The price was much more affordable than I would have imagined in Ireland. Thanks for the kind words, Folks!

  3. Daniel Montoya
    July 1st, 2022

    Excellently professional in their work

    Excellently professional in their work and very easy to get along with. They helped me bring my ideas to reality. Highly recommend them and will use them within the next few months, for another project.

  4. Jackson Douglas
    June 9th, 2022

    The quality of work is excellent

    Our company has used Cad Crowd to create CAD sketches of products for more than four years. The quality of work is excellent.

    Response time to requests is fast (typically within a couple of hours), and the turnaround time is quick. If we require minor changes, there’s no issue.

    Their rates are affordable. Service, quality, and price! What’s not to like? We’re not going anywhere with our designed sketches.

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