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Creality K1 3D Printer

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8 Reviews

Creality K1 3D Printer

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Is Creality K1 3D Printer legit?

Creality K1 3D Printer has 8 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.5 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Creality K1 3D Printer customer care?

You can contact Creality K1 3D Printer customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at +86 755 3396 5666

Where is Creality K1 3D Printer located?

Creality K1 3D Printer is located at address 18F, JinXiuHongDu Building, Meilong Blvd., Longhua Dist., Shenzhen, China 518131.

8 Reviews on Creality K1 3D Printer

  1. Micheál
    2 rating

    Customer Service Nightmare

    Feb 12, 2024

    I have offered a ender 3 seasoned and it really works I even have sold the laser accessory the best do not healthy inside the board port like proven on legitimate vid so I contacted customer support with a enquiry once direct, then with the aid of the dealers website online thru Amazon. Sammi responded however simplest to investigate if I had a code that commenced with cre to show it become their product.I went on Amazon and made the equal request through the sellers "Comgrow" customer service get admission to but no respond as but

  2. Nick
    1 rating

    Avoid At All Costs

    Feb 12, 2024

    For expediency we bought from the Creality VAT registered agent in the UK as items had been bought and dispatched from the UK. Our bill had no VAT factor so we asked for a correct VAT bill. The agent said that no VAT become charged and we could upload it and pay it ourselves if vital. We suggested them that VAT desires to be protected as the vendor is VAT registered but they refused.

    The modern day today is an bill with VAT blanketed at zero%, also wrong Prices on the legit Creality website do include VAT, making purchases from their agent significantly more high-priced for any VAT registered client as there may be no VAT shown that may be reclaimed. An enquiry with HMRC is being raised over their sales methods.

  3. Mike Broom
    1 rating

    Unresolved Issues and Costly Downtime

    Dec 21, 2023

    It produced around 10 decent prints. I've now used up nearly 3 sheets of filament because of an issue in the extruder which the company refuses to fix. My printer has gone down for nearly one month. The support response has been extremely inconsistent or not at all, and each moment I must begin again with the same silly concerns. To date, I've had six unanswered email. Absolute rubbish support for customers, no remedy for KNOWN product defects, as well as no reimbursement for the entire downtime. I could have paid for Bambu. VERY expensive lesson learned.

  4. Hujh Jhan
    1 rating

    Creality couldn't provide a flatter bed for a printer

    May 25, 2023

    As an owner of the Creality K1 3D Printer, I've had lots of issues that I hadn't expected, given the price point of this printer. My primary problem is with "Z banding," a print defect that creates a patterned inconsistency in the printed object. This printer has four straight rods on a Z-moving build plate, yet it's displaying this problem. I'm confident this isn't due to the heated bed, which is why it's so perplexing.

    Now, moving on to another issue, the bed leveling. It's been a challenge, and here's why - the bed is warped. I've even captured a screenshot of the Bed Visualizer plugin from Octoprint to illustrate this problem. There's a noticeable dip right in the middle of the bed. It isn't enjoyable because I know getting flatter mirror glass for less than $15 is possible. So, it's a mystery to me why Creality couldn't provide a more matte bed for a printer that costs $600. I genuinely believe this is unacceptable for a printer in this price range.

  5. Mia Kong
    1 rating

    Creality K1 3D Printer is a nightmare

    May 22, 2023

    I recently purchased the creality k1 3d printer, and I've had quite an experience with it. The assembly process was pretty straightforward, but that's where the simplicity ended. I've had a significant issue with the BL Touch, a crucial component for automatic bed leveling. After my first few prints, it failed to pass the self-test, rendering the printer useless.

    My frustration mounted when I contacted Creality's customer support for help. Their responses felt like they were giving me the runaround rather than offering a real solution. I had to buy an extra pin out of pocket, which wasn't something I expected to do for a new printer.

    I'd advise anyone considering buying this 3D printer to think again if they expect to receive quality customer service. It's been my experience that while the printer can work correctly, when you encounter problems, you're pretty much on your own. The support from Creality, in my case, was very disappointing.

  6. Vrohnick Ziang
    5 rating

    Comparing K1 Max, Prusa, and Bambu 3D Printers: Creality Labs ????

    Apr 10, 2023

    I recently had a demo with all three 3D printers: the K1 Max by Creality, the Prusa i3 MK3S+, and the Bambu by XYZprinting. After using all three printers extensively, I can confidently say that the K1 Max is the best option.

    The K1 Max offers a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, significantly more significant than the Prusa and Bambu printers. The K1 Max also has a maximum printing speed of 180mm/s, which is faster than the Bambu but slightly slower than the Prusa. The K1 Max also has a direct drive extruder, which provides better control over the filament and improves print quality.

    In terms of price, the K1 Max is more expensive than the Bambu but less expensive than the Prusa. However, I believe that the added features and performance of the K1 Max justify the higher price point.

    The Prusa i3 MK3S+ offers good print quality and reliability, but its smaller build volume of 250 x 210 x 200mm is a significant drawback for me. The Prusa is also the most expensive printer out of the three, which makes it a less appealing option.

    The Bambu by XYZprinting is a budget-friendly option with a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm and a maximum printing speed of 100mm/s. However, the print quality of the Bambu is not as good as the K1 Max, and the lack of a direct drive extruder can lead to issues with filament control.

    I highly recommend the K1 Max to anyone in the market for a high-performance 3D printer. While it may be more expensive than the Bambu, the added features and performance make it worth the investment. The Prusa i3 MK3S+ is a good option for those who prioritize reliability and print quality over build volume, but its high price point may not be worth it for everyone.

    1. Badboy

      Incorrect build volume

      May 30, 2023

      Yet to review, but just pulled the trigger.

      Vrohnick Ziang is incorrect. Build volume is not 300x300x400, it's 300x300x300.

  7. Stephen Thompson
    5 rating

    K1 and K1 Max Printers are revolutionary

    Apr 10, 2023

    I was afforded the privilege of being among the select few to partake in a private demonstration of the latest 3D printing contrivances, namely the K1 and K1 Max, extended to me by the esteemed manufacturer. Upon witnessing the operational insight and inherent features of these printers, I was beguiled.

    The K1 is a truly remarkable entry-level 3D printer, which is ideally suited for both novices and aficionados alike. It is a cinch to set up, and its user interface is uncomplicated and instinctive. The quality of prints is simply outstanding, and I was able to produce some remarkable models directly out of the box.

    Conversely, the K1 Max is a more sophisticated 3D printer, optimally designed for professional application. It boasts an enlarged build volume, rendering it conducive to printing bigger and more intricate objects. The quality of prints is indistinguishable from that of the finest 3D printers in circulation, while its features are indeed multifarious.

    So enamored was I with the K1 and K1 Max that I expeditiously acquired a number of them for my personal use, following the aforementioned demonstration. I am eagerly anticipating utilizing these stupendous printers to engender a plethora of extraordinary models in the near future!

  8. Ching Yan
    4 rating

    K1 series 3D Printer is an exceptional product by Creality Lab

    Apr 10, 2023

    The K1 Max 3D Printer is a high-performance printer that offers users an exceptional printing experience. With its excellent speed and advanced features, it can defy limitations and produce great prints that meet the highest standards.

    One of the most outstanding features of the K1 Max 3D Printer is its speed. With the capability to reach up to 600mm/s in only 0.03s based on 20000mm/s² acceleration, it is 12 times faster than regular 3D printers that only offer a rate of 50mm/s. This means it can be as productive as several 3D printers, allowing users to complete their projects faster.

    The K1 Max 3D Printer can achieve a printing speed of 600mm/s, which is performed in the Surface Mode with 0.1mm layer height at Creality Lab. Its typical speed is 300mm/s, while its travel speed is 800mm/s. This means that the printer can produce high-quality prints with exceptional accuracy and precision, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

    The K1 Max 3D Printer features a G-sensor in the printhead that measures the resonance frequencies of high-speed printing and auto-tunes the printer to mitigate any ghosting or ringing on the print. This means that users can expect a smooth surface on their prints with no visible lines or blemishes.

    In addition to its speed and smooth surface, the K1 Max 3D Printer offers exceptional flow with 32mm³/s flow in full blast. It also features model cooling by dual fans, which ensures that the printed model cools down quickly, reducing the chances of warping or distortion.

    The K1 series 3D Printer is an exceptional product designed to meet the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike. With its excellent speed, advanced features, and high-quality prints, it is a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient 3D printer.

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About Creality K1 3D Printer

Creality is a Chinese 3D printing company that was co-founded in 2014 by four individuals who started in a small workshop. They created their first 3D printer, and since then, the company has experienced significant growth. In 2015, Creality expanded its team to 20 employees and sold over 1,500 3D printers annually, with its CR-7 model becoming the sales champion on T-mall. The following year, the company reached 90 employees and shipped over 17,000 3D printers, and it released its CR-10 model, which became a global success and earned over 10 million views on YouTube. In 2017, Creality developed the Ender-series 3D printer and grew to 270 employees, with an annual shipment of over 100,000 units. The company continued to expand, with branches in Shanghai, Wuhan, and Beijing, and by 2018, it had grown to 500+ employees and an annual shipment of over 270,000 units. The same year, Creality fully upgraded its brand and strategy and celebrated its fifth anniversary. In 2019, Creality sponsored the first national 3D printing competition in China and developed into a company with 1,000+ employees and an annual shipment of over 500,000 units. The following year, Creality's manufacturing base expanded to over 50,000 square meters, and it developed into a company with 1,700+ employees and an annual shipment of over 1,000,000 units. In 2020, Creality launched five new products, and its CR-6 SE model successfully raised over $4.3 million on Kickstarter. In 2021, Creality implemented the "One Core with Two Wings" landscape and presented the "Create the Future" 3D Printing Industry Summit to celebrate its 7th anniversary. It had over 2,000 personnel and more than 1.2 million global users. Finally, in 2022, Creality released a brand new official website with an online store, upgrading its vision, core, and user experience and establishing a new brand website image. With its commitment to innovation and growth, Creality has established itself as a leading 3D printing company in China and globally.

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+86 755 3396 5666
18F, JinXiuHongDu Building, Meilong Blvd., Longhua Dist., Shenzhen, China 518131