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6 Reviews on Berman Architecture Design

  1. Gary Burchett
    Jan 22, 2023

    As a mechanical engineer with experience

    As a mechanical engineer with experience, Joe B. asked me to work on a thorough report on electrical panel report of his project. I spent fifteen hours researching to complete this task (this was a municipal licensing house project). It was a requirement for a complete report and documentation on my side. I collaborated with an electrical professional who was a journeyman. I wrote words and finished the task in the interest of Joe and his team at his offices. Then, I asked Joe B. also to perform additional tasks for him. This included a deep research project on the electrical wattage of some appliances that are used at home. I also submitted it to Joe B. and his office. I was never compensated for my work. I was a part of his projects using the online (COVID-19 protocol). It's been more than 18 months, and 1tentimes since to collect $800 worth of time for this project, and he has refused to pay me. I have spoken to him numerous times, and he claims he'll pay me, but he lies about the matter. I'm about to take Joe Berman and his architecture firm to small claims court for the contract breach he signed with him. If you come across Joe B.'s plea, we ask him to reimburse his contract engineers, just like me. This is a highly non-technical way of operating an enterprise. Be cautious regarding Joe B. and his company. The evidence I've got is all papers and emails to support my case against Joe B. He has shown me disdain as a Hispanic engineering graduate.

  2. Karen Jennings
    Sep 29, 2022

    Joel Berman is smart

    Joel Berman is smart, talented, funny, and can draw! Berman and his team assist small and franchisees to put their ideas on paper, then onto brand collateral, brick, mortar, or both. If you're creating an idea for a franchise, are looking for sketching classes, or need certified architectural self-certification, contact Berman Design!

  3. Kevin Simpson
    Jul 18, 2022

    I highly recommend Berman Architecture!

    For a new small-scale business owner, It's refreshing to find a professional you can count on. Joel Berman and Evan Bobo from Berman Architecture are two of the most reliable experts. They're top of the line regarding their focus on particulars. One team member stated that the plans of Berman Architecture were the most precise she's ever seen.

    Joel personally led the way in solving a problem concerning soundproofing my studio, establishing positive relationships with my landlord and general contractor, working tightly with both to make sure that they had that the solution was acceptable to everyone and that it was under the terms for my lease.

    It is a blessing that customers who use my meditation area in my yoga studio don't hear dogs barking from the adjacent vet clinic, thanks to Berman Architecture's expertise and focuses! Joel and Evan also built strong working relationships with local city planners, leading to speed and efficiency in obtaining permits.

    If you're a business proprietor seeking an architect who puts your interests before all the minor things, I highly recommend Berman Architecture!

  4. John Olesen
    Jul 1, 2022

    Their level of service to customers is unique

    It's been an enjoyable time working with Evan as well as Joel. They always go over and beyond to meet every request we have. Their level of service to customers is unique, and I highly endorse them for anyone searching for a great experience and honesty.

  5. Anne Wolka
    May 19, 2022

    Joel Berman is funny, intelligent and talented

    Joel Berman is funny, intelligent, talented, and can draw! His team helps small businesses and franchisors to translate their visions onto paper and into brand collateral or brick-and-mortar.

    Berman Design can help you create a franchise model, sketch courses, or provide self-certified architectural services.

  6. Anthony Campanale
    May 6, 2022

    Absolute pleasure to work with

    Joel Berman and Berman Architecture are exceptional firms. They combine a deep knowledge and experience in the field with a passion for the process and creativity. This is crucial to creating impactful design spaces.

    Their technical skills and Joel's ability to create sketches, artistic renderings, and visuals are critical components of the long-term vision for a larger project. They are great partners in the project and an absolute pleasure to work with.

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About Berman Architecture Design

BERMAN DESIGN is a boutique studio that includes architects, interior designers, and graphic artists. We offer comprehensive, creative, and practical design services. Freehand drawing is an iterative design tool. Each project is approached with a visual conversation. We use rapid 3D freehand sketches to illustrate design concepts quickly. Technology is also used to facilitate a quick and thoughtful collaboration between project owners, contractors and engineers, consultants, and vendors. We can review 3D plans in person or via video calls. Each business' brand and story are highlighted throughout the design process.

5212 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640, United States