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10 Reviews on Summit Architecture

  1. Patrice Battaglia
    May 31, 2023

    The initial consultation was quick and effective

    We have been delighted already with the quality of service provided by Summit Architecture. The initial consultation was quick and effective. The visit to the site was prompt and thorough. Designing the stage with the help of Carl was an easy process. Also, the planning process was managed by Carl and resulted in the council's approval. Although we're delighted with the progress, Summit struggles to obtain construction costs. We hope that Summit can provide the costs shortly for the great project.

  2. Traci Krider
    Apr 29, 2023

    Architecture was excellent

    Overall, my experience overall Summit Architecture was excellent. First of all, their price for the package was most likely the highest out of the companies I visited. The architect hired initially was terrific; he assisted in visualizing our addition accurately and was easy to communicate with. The structural calculations were submitted promptly, and we received no problems from our builder, indicating that it was completed exactly as planned. It's hard to give five stars as, at times, the communication process was more complicated than needed. This doesn't stop me from strongly recommending Summit.

  3. NH
    Mar 11, 2023

    Not to be trusted

    Same experience as previous comments - our plans which we paid for were found lacking at building control inspections, so had to pay again to have them updated, redone.

  4. A
    Feb 28, 2023


    Please heed Jasper Rogers' review posted 30/01/2023.

    The staff in general were great but communication and waiting times for responses were poor.

    The directors have shuttered businesses previously and then spring up again shortly after liquidation. They do not let clients know until the last moment and leave their employees out to dry. They are not to be trusted. Please save your money and find a reputable firm to help you with your project.

  5. Jasper Rogers
    Jan 30, 2023

    Awful experience

    I'm pretty sure this company has gone into liquidation as they haven't answered my phone calls or emails. Surfice to say I've lost a lot of money for a long, arduous experience. Terrible communication, inexperienced young people who don't know what they are doing. I had to google so many things as they didn't have answers for what turned out to be basic stuff any architect should know. Really awful. The directors have a new business venture called go plans which looks like it will be the same con.

  6. Sherry Shaffer
    Jan 22, 2023

    I would recommend Natalie

    Natalie is a genuine and thoughtful designer who pays close, careful attention to small particulars. I have worked with Natalie on various projects and found she can offer top-quality design and excellent service not just because of her training in architecture but also her innate design intuition. I would recommend Natalie to anyone seeking an architect that can offer personalized service and intelligent design.

  7. Carol Hibberd
    Sep 29, 2022

    I will recommend him to everyone

    Extremely pleased and satisfied with the excellent work Karim did for the home we purchased. Since the first time we spoke to him, Karim has been a pleasure to talk to and easy to communicate with and discuss ideas, and he is always willing to help and answer any questions. The speed at which he has completed the work is awe-inspiring for us. This means that we were in a position to begin work nearly immediately and have received top-quality results from Karim. A 10/10 out of 10, and I will recommend him to everyone.

  8. Sean Noblett
    Jul 18, 2022

    Summit are an experienced one-stop shop for architecture service

    Summit is a one-stop expert shop for architectural services. I have been impressed by their work thus far and have completed a plan with them.

    Follow this space for news! I am a full-service client, which they call a premium" client. I expect to receive continued excellent service once I am in the design phase of my interior working with them..

  9. Angela Sanchez
    Jul 1, 2022

    Professional service

    Professional service, excellent and quick communication. They assisted us with our entire home renovation plan and structural analysis calculations.
    Our structural engineer, Karim, has gone over and beyond to assist us in solving an issue on-site, providing outstanding solutions quickly!

  10. Kiyomi Takeda
    Jun 19, 2022

    The quality and professionalism of the work are remarkable

    I worked with Summit architecture for my loft extension (still being considered, but the planning application was approved).

    I consider Summit the most professional and pleasant company I've enjoyed working with.

    I previously worked with them on a highly stressful extension of the ground years ago (with an independent architect).

    The quality and professionalism of the work are remarkable.

    They alleviate the stress from the project by providing detailed breakdowns of the costs and timeframes of the work that will be completed.

    We want to extend our sincere thanks to the entire team involved in this endeavor (Mike, Kevin, Anees, Cheryl, and Greta), and we look for its completion shortly.

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