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4 Reviews on GoPillar

  1. Roger Webster
    September 29th, 2022

    A fair to middling outcome

    We probably had too high of expectations to come up with valuable ideas to remodel our house. We received 13 designs for our project. Some great ideas and some were a bit bizarre, but none of them could meet the quality of professional design. The winning strategy emailed us a request for payment via Paypal, but the website only pays the designers and not the customers, which may not be sufficient for all designers.

  2. Sheryll Jeffers
    July 18th, 2022

    Excellent service

    Excellent service, thanks in particular to the prompt and precise technical support of Marco who helped me to translate the requirements of the design to be completed, and guided me step-by-step to help me answer my technical queries during the design process of architects as well as the final evaluation of the project. It is highly recommended!

  3. Ruben Cordova
    July 1st, 2022

    A friend suggested your site to me

    A friend suggested your site to me. I was awed by the speed at that you can reach your desired goal, and then the first few minutes being aided by someone who called me on an afternoon on a Sunday to help me. Amazing! Very pleased with the high quality of the work. It isn’t easy to choose the winners.

  4. Joe Ficarra
    June 9th, 2022

    highly skilled

    Utilizing Gopillar is a breeze and helpful in communicating with other people worldwide and in better understanding the thinking process of architects from around the globe.

    I would recommend Gopillar to search for innovative solutions for an idea or to come up with creative ideas to improve an existing one.

    The architects who work for Go Pillar are highly skilled and can comprehend your clients’ needs.

    Additionally, Gopillar’s Gopillar team is amiable and always willing to assist you.

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