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5 Reviews on Architecture Romand

  1. William Rett
    Jan 22, 2023

    Overall the quality is fantastic

    Excellent layout and architectural solution, particularly considering the constraints set by the previous building, which was renovated. Overall the quality is fantastic, and a professional in building project management. It was the first construction venture within France with apparent areas to improve communication (some technical and cost-related issues and alternative solutions). The project information portal was handy but was primarily for professionals, and it contained lots of complicated ” french building jargon.” Images, on the other hand, were highly informative, well-organized, and frequently updated. A good follow-up of minor changes later. “For the next project, we would know all the right questions for a perfect project.”

  2. Simon Johnson
    Sep 29, 2022

    Romand would never over-estimate reality

    We visited Monsieur Romand about an extension to our home. After conducting a feasibility study, we expressed our desire to proceed, but with a transition date when we presented the plan. Monsieur. Romand expressed his dissatisfaction as he demanded that we agree to a contract until work was finished. However, he was willing to go on. After a month of no news, we were informed that he was not ready to cooperate with us. What a disappointment. It’s all for nothing. We wanted to make an extension but look into the project before signing. Romand is a wise man. Romand does not imagine that we’ll have to verify his work. To us, Romand would never over-estimate reality, not even close to it.

  3. Claudia Brown
    Jul 18, 2022

    Excellent service

    Excellent service and prompt follow-up from the beginning of the design phase to completion! Works with the client throughout the process. Attaches great importance to detail. Weekly updates on the progress. In summary, an outstanding architect!

  4. Alejandro Fernandez
    Jul 1, 2022

    design and the construction of a brand new house

    We purchased a property near Le Lavandou, which was in deplorable condition. We decided to choose Sebastien as the architect for our house, and he designed an entirely new home for us. The old house was demolished completely and then constructed a new one. Sebastien managed the entire project by choosing and coordinating all contractors. It wasn’t an easy job for us because we are in London, but we are thrilled by the outcome. We have no hesitation in suggesting Sebastien. Sebastien is highly professional. Are they an excellent sense of detail and have managed the project efficiently? We were provided weekly reports and pictures that helped us observe the progress, despite being far from the project.

  5. David Mendes
    Jun 19, 2022

    Sebastien is extremely professional.

    We bought a home close to Le Lavandou which was in terrible condition.

    We picked Sebastien as our architect , and he came up with an entirely new home for us.

    The old house was demolished completely and then constructed a new one.

    Sebastien was in charge of the entire project from choosing and coordinating the various contractors.

    It wasn’t an easy job for us since we are in London however we are very pleased by the outcome. We be happy to recommend Sebastien.

    Sebastien is extremely professional. has a keen sense of detail, and has was able to manage the project efficiently.

    We received weekly reports as well as photos that allowed us to observe the progress, despite being far from the project.

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Architecture company based at Le Lavandou in the Var and whose work is mainly directed towards the villa, and swimming pool, as part of renovations and new developments.

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