The Woodhouse Day Spa

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1 Review on The Woodhouse Day Spa

  1. Jessica Godsey
    June 5th, 2022

    enjoyed the online booking system

    In a charming historical home, The day spa provides luxurious treatments that can be found in any hotel!

    I suggest arriving 30 minutes before your appointment to relax and enjoy a peaceful time in your robe in the relaxing room.

    There are snacks, tea, and lounge chairs available for your visit before the treatment.

    I received an 80-minute massage, and the masseuse took care of my knots, and I was left feeling content and relaxed.

    I also enjoyed the online booking system. I loved being capable of choosing my time on the internet without contact.

    A minor feedback item – It would be great if honey were for tea!

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About The Woodhouse Day Spa

In the heart of the city's Swallow Hill National Historic District, The stately Merritt House was constructed in 1886. It is currently the location of The Woodhouse Day Spa Denver. The elegance and charm of this meticulously maintained three-story victorian, with its ten bedrooms, creates the perfect setting for a relaxing spa experience.

303 813 8488
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941 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218, USA