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2 Reviews on Massage Prime

  1. Rebecca Ashmead
    October 1st, 2022

    Tips are appreciated!

    I want to add the most comfortable chair massage I’ve had in a long time, with no price gouging. You can ask Baas to give you a truly unforgettable deep tissue massage on your chair. If you’re a man who can endure it, you’ll feel like a million dollars afterward! Very friendly and helpful too. Tips are appreciated!!

  2. Anonymous
    June 5th, 2022

    this place is running for a long time

    They’re back! I’ve tried different chains and massage therapists over the last two years since the establishment shut down in the middle of the outbreak.

    Unfortunately, most of my experiences over the last two years have been ineffective (despite costs of up to two times more), according to my experience.

    I did locate some of the original massage team from the Stonestown area at Tanforan; however, that mall is not for me.

    As the reviews from previous years are no longer available, I’m trying to re-introduce those who haven’t visited before.

    This is a “working person massage spa. While you could request them to be kind and say you’re just looking to relax, that’s not the point this place is for.

    Discuss the pressures you want to exert, particular areas you would like them to concentrate on, etc.

    If you do not communicate with them, they’ll just go through their normal routine, and for certain people, certain types of massage, the style or pressure could be uncomfortable or even painful.

    The massage therapists aren’t trying to harm or harm you. It is part of the nature of massage.

    Sometimes, I offer them advice when I’m in a specific region experiencing severe pain or stiffness but they usually locate my trouble spots and get to work.

    I have a very high threshold for pain; therefore, it hurts so much when they discover knots in my muscles! Sometimes, I feel bruises the next day, but the wound heals, and I feel much better.

    I’m astonished – and thankful – that they didn’t hike the prices. I ended up tipping them more due to inflation. Being honest and being a tough job; an extra few dollars can be a significant amount to ensure this place is running for a long time.

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