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12 Reviews on Hiatus Spa + Retreat

  1. Omar Hosang
    Apr 29, 2023

    Not anything special

    The massage was good. Erin is great with feet and legs, if you're having issues with feet, choose Erin! My point was with my neck, and I was leaving with huge knots across both sides. Spa in itself is pretty regular, not anything special.

  2. Damalie Nantumani
    Jan 19, 2023

    A hiatus is truly a place for every person.

    Austin's hidden gem. I've had access to almost every service they provide. Your skin has never been better. After a manicure, while lying in a recliner with blankets and an eye mask, I do not want to have my nails done in any other method. The massage therapists are gifted and individual. A hiatus is truly a place for every person. Their membership program makes it easy and affordable to take care of yourself each month—love, love, love.

  3. Patricia Ragaini
    Dec 16, 2022

    I would recommend it. Five stars.

    My husband scheduled an appointment for me to get a massage at Hiatus spa in Austin as a present. I was somewhat apprehensive since I'm not used to receiving what's known as the "spa treatment," and it was m more luxurious than I'm employed to. Overall, I was delighted with the experience. The staff was amiable, and waiting times were minimal despite being hectic. There was plenty of staff (which is not often). Jessica made sure I was utterly rejuvenated after leaving. I would recommend it. Five stars.

  4. Brian Rowe
    Dec 13, 2022

    Excellent work.

    What is the best place for spa therapists visiting Austin to get a massage on their days off? Hiatus Spa. This morning, I had a great experience, from checking in to checking out with Mandy and Kimberly. My Scrub was performed in the hands of Kurt, who has a great touch of a therapist. He also performed some excellent energy work as I was being wrapped. Amazing. After that, I got my nails trimmed with Thy! Excellent work. !!!! The woman truly is an artist. I also liked the fact that the nail salon was silent. There was a relaxing soundtrack, and the nail technicians didn't talk to one another; I was placed in the position of lying down with my eyes closed—excellent atmosphere and professionalism.

  5. Steven Langridge
    Dec 10, 2022

    Normally very excellent, but expensive

    Typically very excellent, but expensive. However, my last manicure went down within an hour, which is unacceptable considering the price. I wrote an email regarding it, but nobody replied. You will find more value elsewhere.

  6. Cecilia Kennedy
    Dec 6, 2022

    I amcannotomment about the other services

    Being an out-of-town guest, I was ecstatic to pamper myself with an appointment at Hiatus Spa. It was, however, wor worst cure I've ever received. I do not typically do reviews, but I recommend anyone avoid paying $70 for a chipped manicure in just two days. Pedicures aren't the only thing lacking quality for the price. The massage took about 3-5 minutes, and the lady performing my pedicure was not there the entire time. Yes, the noise-canceling headset and eye mask were excellent, but it was a disappointing experience. I will never go back there once again. I amcannotomment about the other services; however, for the cost, you're better off going to a different salon.

  7. Linda Clavell
    Dec 5, 2022

    The check-in experience was a complete mess.

    The check-in experience was a complete mess. The front desk staff understood the procedure they had to follow. It was stressful, but not comfortable, and by far the most unpleasant spa experience I've ever had. During my massage, I could hear the staff talking in the hallway. I didn't feel like a valued client. I would not recommend this spa and won't be booking it next time.

  8. Jackson Caito
    Dec 3, 2022

    This is a horrible service

    After a 90-minute facial, I ended up with swollen eyelids that were bruised. I appear to have been hit in the face. I thought a healthy treatment for my skin had turned into an absolute nightmare. After I privately contacted the spa, I received a general apology but no details on what products they applied to my skin besides Aveda products. I've previously used Aveda products and had several facials, but I never experienced this kind of reaction. I'm astonished by the inadequacy of the spas aspect. I wouldn't recommend them and strongly advise against going to this spa. Two days have passed, and my face looks swollen and bruised. This is a horrible service.

  9. Diane Bagley
    Dec 2, 2022

    Absolutely terrible customer support.

    I've been a member of H Circle for over a year. H Circle for over a year and pay an annual cost. Hiatus hasn't responded to my calls or emails at all. They've never been able to make appointments. The only work I could schedule was scheduled three months in advance. The moment I walked in, the whole building was under construction, and it wasn't the kind of spa experience. I requested to speak to the manager in person regarding how I have to pay monthly to be a member of the H circle, but I can't use my benefits due to insufficient reception assistance. I was promised that I would be contacted. Nothing. My account is charged each month, and I'm not even able to plan an appointment for a massage. I've tried to cancel, but nothing—terrible service. Lawful customer support. Don't sign up.

  10. Deborah Oliver
    Dec 1, 2022

    The time is now to find a different spa service that can service clients.

    I've been looking through the schedule since the beginning of October/November, trying to make an appointment, but there are no appointments open, even when I look over a month on the calendar. However, the spa is pleased to pay each month's membership fees to cover services it cannot provide. I spent the price for membership even though the hotel shut down during COVID to aid the company in staying in business. This is how members are reimbursed. I cannot use two years of credit because I cannot make an appointment. And they're offering a membership option on their website even though they cannot provide the members who are currently on their site. The time is now to find a different spa service that can service clients.

  11. Keith Graham
    Sep 30, 2022

    Never offer flexible appointments

    Never offer flexible appointments. I've lost hundreds of dollars because the monthly membership ends before you can schedule an appointment. Therefore your H-circle membership is useless unless you can work in the morning.

  12. Victoria
    Jun 5, 2022

    Kurt was absolutely incredible!

    Kurt was incredible! I've never seen anyone take such care to make me feel better and explicitly focus on my problematic areas. Even during hard work, I was completely relaxed and calm. Jessica was also excellent with my face! I've been dealing with hormonal changes and felt rejuvenated and radiant. Overall, a wonderful experience. I'll return!

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We welcome you to our Austin site of Hiatus Spa, and Retreatthe brand new spa location features 18 treatment rooms, a nail lounge with four zero gravity seats, and a skin-nourishing hydrotherapy area. In a booming city with newcomers and an exciting nightlife scene, the Hiatus concept fits: regular relaxation is an integral part of a complete life of health and wellness.

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