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3 Reviews

3 Reviews on Indo-Pak Massage

  1. Phil Mundy
    October 1st, 2022

    Amazing team!

    My first time at the hotel was awe-inspiring. Fantastic team! the receptionist was so thoughtful and accommodating to my schedule. Everyone is amiable! A variety of yoga classes and treatments. Enjoyed my visit Monday. Thank you for your visit!

  2. Carlene Dailey
    May 19th, 2022

    "One of my favorite massages"

    Anu is a great hands-on person. Anu is a great therapist. She combines science and art to give you a relaxing and scientific massage.

    She uses the correct pressure on the right places and then moves it in a way that leaves you feeling relaxed and energized—highly recommended.

  3. Rev Mysticfogg
    May 5th, 2022

    Professional Massage Therapist

    Crossfit causes my back and legs to become tighter. Anu is a licensed professional massage therapist who works from her home office. It is a peaceful and clean environment that promotes relaxation. She was attentive to where muscles needed to be loosened. A tightened muscle can cause injury and pain, and restricted mobility.

    Several times, I have returned to Anu to remove muscle knots from my back, legs, and shoulders. Anu did an excellent job of releasing the knots. Anu is a skilled professional who truly cares about her clients’ specific ailments through massage therapy.

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