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4 Reviews

4 Reviews on Robison Oil

  1. Michelle Adams
    Jan 19, 2023

    The office was not willing to cover the cost of the contract

    Ongoing problems with Robison’s capability to fulfill their obligations in their costly service agreements. They have been unable to solve problems with heating, which are a significant issue in the winter months when temperatures are at their highest. The office was not willing to cover the cost of the contract.

  2. Joe Hughes
    Sep 30, 2022

    They all have problems with follow-up and communication

    The technicians are pleasant and seem to know a lot. The service department, delivery of oil personnel, and others. They all have problems with follow-up and communication. We’ll likely switch companies when we can resolve our latest issue with Robison.

  3. Sharon Berryman
    Jul 28, 2022

    The operator on the phone is always pleasant and helpful

    The operator on the phone is always pleasant and helpful. Martinez, the technician, is also extremely accommodating and helpful. He is also very informative and friendly. But, I needed to set up an appointment for another visit.

    Then I called twice, and, due to the time delay, I decided to make Robison call back, but no call was returned. I have successfully utilized this option previously. It’s not clear why it wasn’t working this time around.

  4. Bruce Wenig
    Jun 18, 2022

    highly recommend Robison

    I’m currently getting five mini splits with ductless (Bosch) fitted by Robison.

    Tim Fernandez from sales came to my home, gave me a an immediate quote, and guided me through the entire installation.

    The installation crew, Chris, Matt, and Eddie, are knowledgeable about the productand installation process and are respectful of our home.

    The installation crew made sure to check that everything was installed correctly and also worked closely with the electrical contractor recommended by Robison.

    The process was smooth, and I highly recommend Robison and the installation team.

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Robison supplies natural gas and electricity at a great price and provides clean-burning biofuel. Offers services and installations of all kinds of air conditioning and heating systems. It also offers high-quality plumbing services all the time and can solve problems with indoor air quality.

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