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Is Robison Oil legit?

Robison Oil has 28 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Robison Oil customer care?

You can contact Robison Oil customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 914 345 5700

Where is Robison Oil located?

Robison Oil is located at address 1 Gateway Plaza 4th floor, Port Chester, NY 10573, United States.

28 Reviews on Robison Oil

  1. Dianne
    1 rating


    Oct 29, 2023

    I am the victim of a Bait-and-Switch Scam.

    BAIT: March 28, 2022, I engaged Robison Oil to replace two gas boilers and indirect water heaters (water storage tanks) with two new more efficient, gas, tankless, combi, condensing boilers Bosch Singular 5200 and Bosch Singular 4000; move the boiler location from the middle of the basement to the right side of basement mechanical room for $39,790.00.

    SWITCH: May 23, 2022, Robinson deviated from the contract and hung two Bosch Singular 5200 boilers in the new location and two, old, used, illegal, tank, electric water heaters in the original boiler location instead of installing one Singular 5200 boiler and one Singular 4000 boiler in the new location. Robinson did not connect the new boilers to the gas meter or do the work in the contract to complete the installation. Robinson did not have the plumbing or electrical work inspected by the department of building.

    SCAM: June 10, 2022, Robinson sent me an invoice followed by an email falsely claiming that the installation of the boilers was completed and per the contract the balance of $19,895.00 was due. Robinson intended to rob me of $39,790.00 when they demanded payment for work that was not completed. Robinson robed me of $19,895 when they took my deposit and did not complete the work. We have No Heat and No Hot Water 10/29/23.

  2. Caitlin Sinatra
    5 rating

    It was efficient and polite

    May 30, 2023

    We are incredibly pleased about our recent hybrid (electric/heat pump) water heater installation. They planned the building within one week of buying the heater. The crew who installed it was efficient and polite. They efficiently took out the old heater and put in the new model.

  3. Jim Sterling
    1 rating

    The incorrect flappe

    May 2, 2023

    I was quoted simple plumbing services for four faucet replacements, where I'd supply all elements for $2900. I was billed $400 for a basic plumbing repair that involved replacing the flapper. The first issue was that the incorrect flapper was fitted, which did nothing ($200 at the time of the visit, $200 to cover the ineffective "repair"). I found a proficient plumber who completed the four faucet repairs for just $600! (I paid him $725 as I was unsure if he was honest with himself)! Robison did not show that they could do the faucescheduled faucet task goodness! I have been much more well-served by my new plumber, and I'm done working with Robison.

  4. Kaylen molten
    5 rating

    Knowledgeable and experienced

    Apr 13, 2023

    Robison Oil is a company that serves its customers very effectively—we just completed our annual boiler maintenance. Over the years, the technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and have always sought appliance reliability. This time was no exception. Outstanding. Knowing that the trust one places in service is always met with no exception is lovely.

  5. Kimberly White
    1 rating

    Current customers should check their invoices.

    Mar 17, 2023

    Current customers should check their invoices. If you've been a long-term customer and thought sticking with your local company would get you something, it's only overpriced oil. Price gauging is an excellent method of putting it. Don't put too much faith in this company. Ultimately, e indifferent and will blame you for being negligent. Customers who are loyal to the company will not be rewarded.

  6. Ronald Dombroski
    1 rating

    Horrible service dept.

    Mar 16, 2023

    Horrible service dept. We've been customers for a long time; they even installed an entirely new boiler. Two years later, we contacted them to inquire about being customers again and were told that we haven't seen you in the system since Feb . 2020, so you should look elsewhere! We will do that, and any of our previous referrals will also contact us and advise them to consider other options!

  7. Deborah Rockwell
    1 rating

    We completed the contract and made the deposit, he vanished.

    Mar 15, 2023

    In the beginning, Tim Fernandez was very attentive and responsive to our requirements in HVAC installation. After we completed the contract and made the deposit, he vanished. Then we contacted Jean Weir, the installation administrative manager, to seek assistance. Initially, she seemed receptive to our concerns, but she is now totally unresponsive to calls slowing down our whole house remodel. I do not recommend this business to anyone looking for an HVAC install.

  8. Natalia Spencer
    1 rating

    The worst customer service I've ever received.

    Mar 12, 2023

    The worst customer service I've ever received. The manager was rude and rude. I've been dealing with them for a while because of their insufficiency. I've had many problems and tried to talk with this jerk, and Rafael began to speak to me, tell me that I was wrong, and play a blame game. To recover money from this waste, they told me I could not return my money. If possible, we will look into litigation, but we will never use this company.

  9. Corey Underhill
    1 rating

    Management is not concerned about the satisfaction of customers.

    Mar 11, 2023

    Management is not concerned about the satisfaction of customers. They allow your oil tank to go empty and don't even take responsibility for their errors. They want to understand why they weren't asked when my tanks were empty. Do I have the responsibility to inform them? Is that an element of service YOU offer? Then, they're obscene to the client and appear inconsiderate and entitled. It took me speaking to four people within Management to get an answer—an apology for letting my tank run empty during the coldest winter months.

  10. Christie Dodge
    1 rating

    Tech phoned me to make an appointment.

    Mar 9, 2023

    I'd give zero stars if I could. Tech phoned me to make an appointment. I explained that my wife was at the hospital in Manhattan and I needed an appointment earlier than usual. He told me I'd be the first thing in the morning, 8 am the following Monday. On the day of the work, I had to wait until 8:15 before I went to another job I had planned. The next night, I received an email stating that the task was complete (it wasn't). The next day, I called and spoke with someone who scheduled a second appointment two weeks after. On the morning of that appointment, she called me 30 minutes before the appointment time and left a message saying that the tech could not work and that there was no other person to contact.

  11. Georgianna Braden
    1 rating

    One of the most unprofessional places to obtain your oil.

    Mar 7, 2023

    One of the most unprofessional places to obtain your oil. They weren't even willing to perform their duties to deliver oil, and they canceled our account when they didn't get their way. They claimed that they didn't require our company. This is disgusting and should not be operating in the first place. I wouldn't want my oil to be from those who lie and do not care just because they're too lazy to perform their job.

  12. Charlotte Hathaway
    1 rating

    This is something he must have noticed immediately.

    Mar 5, 2023

    We called for help because there was no hot water an,d the furnace would not turn on. He suggested buying new thermal couplers for $400 as he felt it was old. My husband was not interested, and he lit the pilot light by himself. He noticed that the switches for the oil burner were in an off position. He then was turned on and was working perfectly. This is something he must have noticed immediately. Very sad.

  13. Robin Peterson
    2 rating

    My service would be finished

    Mar 2, 2023

    Greg was fantastic. However, the process was more than one month... They arrived with the faulty component and required 11 days. There was minimal follow-up from Robison because I had to contact them at least four times to determine when my service would be finished.

  14. Stacy Barrett
    3 rating

    Their maintenance staff is excellent

    Mar 1, 2023

    Their maintenance staff is excellent, and their pre-paid rates are acceptable, but the "market price" pricing is absurd and is more than one gall above their competitors. Check the cost you're paying.

  15. Kathryn Tulgestke
    1 rating

    I wouldn't use the service in the future

    Feb 27, 2023

    I needed a Saturday service, and luckily, Robison was able to help in a moment of need. The tech who arrived was so rude that I wouldn't use the service in the future. They currently hold the maintenance agreement for the furnace. If they expire, I'll switch to a different contractor. Why would you want to make things worse while I struggle with an unrepaired AC during the summer?

  16. Paul Collier
    1 rating

    Poor customer service

    Feb 26, 2023

    Poor customer service. We scheduled and confirmed a cleaning with them one week in advance, and when I phoned to verify the timing, they said they didn't have any planned. They told me that they'd change my appointment to the following morning... Feeling a little suspicious, I contacted to confirm the work immediately, but a second person had to ensure they didn't plan to schedule me for tomorrow, and they had me scheduled for the following week. You can avoid hassle and choose a different service that can design and doesn't take up your time.

  17. Barry Joyce
    1 rating

    We've been using Robison for several years.

    Feb 25, 2023

    We've been using Robison for several years. The majority of the time, we've been satisfied with their services, however the time that they last called their plumber, who was at our home to replace one of our pipes, when he was replacing it, created a new leak on the pipe, and Robison will fix the leak at our expense ....the leak their plumber caused. It's expensive, and I cannot afford to contact them to get another service and then spend hundreds of dollars on their employees' work. This is the first time we've had such issues using their services, but it's been a total loss this time. They must stand by their clients.

  18. David Daughtry
    3 rating

    Perhaps this will earn me the opportunity to call them back.

    Feb 24, 2023

    Perhaps this will earn me the opportunity to call them back. Robison took my credit card in advance to renew an agreement for a service I was not interested in, as I could find a lower price. I was told receiving the refund would take 5-10 business days. Three weeks later, and still no refund. I called again this morning and was told that the department that handles refunds is bustling today. No call has been returned. Beware of their frauds concerning auto billing. I had over an entire week remaining on my contract when they automatically billed me without my permission. I don't know how many customers cheated without the other customers' knowing.

  19. Richard Bartz
    1 rating

    Extremely disappointed and wouldn't recommend it.

    Feb 22, 2023

    I utilized their plumbing services for many years and have always been dissatisfied with the results. Most of the work required re-doing and, in some instances, multiple times. Management is not responsive and never returns calls when trying to fix problems, leaving customers with no choice and unable to find other options. Extremely disappointed and wouldn't recommend it.

  20. Jessi Mauskemo
    1 rating

    The customer service is terrible

    Feb 21, 2023

    The customer service is terrible. It is impossible to get hold of anyone. They do not answer the phone, and if you leave a voice message and they promise to contact you, they won't. What's the point of calling them if they can't receive service? Even if you attempt to arrange it and finally meet an answer, they claim it will take months to get someone out. Th? y then say that the absence of service is due to the high volume of calls due to the economy and consumers afraid of rising prices and inflation. This is complete nonsense. The cost of oil is exactly what it is, and there's no solution. It is time to recruit more people and not give excuses. Signing up for a service that will never serve you is a waste of time.

  21. Kristen Henderson
    1 rating

    A technician was at my house when the heating was turned off this winter.

    Feb 20, 2023

    A technician was at my house when the heating was turned off this winter. He cleaned a part but did not completely take care of my system (even even though I paid annually for the program of service) or even check the system. Because of this lapse, I experienced immense flooding in my basement two days later. I needed the services of a water remediation specialist at my residence andpaand paid out of pocket. Robison has refused to acknowledge responsibility for the incident and is making me pay for their mistake. The company's position says that these two incidents are unrelated. It's not the first time I have dealt with this business, and their incompetence has led to the leak in my home. I also had my air conditioner repaired by this company (and I paid for their annually-billed plan). It was "serviced," and the water began to flow from the ceiling as it overflowed. As they say, it's not their responsibility. The annual maintenance plans aren't correctly maintained through this group. BE CAREFUL!!!!

  22. Elizabeth Carr
    1 rating

    Not an excellent service

    Feb 19, 2023

    Not an excellent service. My boiler was operating fine without any issues, and after the service, it stopped working. Functioned. A temp line had to be installed on my floor. I was then charged $500 for the replacement line that was not needed before it was established "servicing. "

  23. Leszek Szostak
    1 rating

    I could not get the issue resolved

    Feb 18, 2023

    Dan was great, but I could not get the issue resolved. I was caught in a trap and was told I required a new thermostat, but I did not . Dan told me the wires weren't good and suggested I call an electrician. Once an electrician arrived, he told me the cables and old thermoset were fine. The technician was around 10 meters in and repaired the problem. I've never had to buy a new thermostat or wire. This is why I was tricked into buying it, or the electrician was unaware of what to do. The electrician assured me it was simple to fix and worked fine. He was, however, friendly and polite. Hopefully, it was just one mistake. I'm hoping they don't cost me this. The thermostat was never damaged. I'll see. Every time I call, I require a different opinion, which is not ideal.

  24. Saqib Khan
    3 rating

    We had scheduled service for the weekend

    Feb 16, 2023

    So far, it's been disorganized. They are very kind people who plan everything, but not everyone has the same calendar they're using. We had scheduled service for the weekend, waited an hour, and then realized that it was not planned correctly. They sent someone out one hour later, which was nice, but not the correct person... And then we changed the date, got an appointment for 3:30 on a working day, and she was gone after 10 minutes, even though my husband sent an email and they talked over the phone. She was told that he was in traffic and would arrive anytime. However, she left. That's why... I'm not sure I'll use them again in the future. Every person we've spoken to has been friendly and prompt by making phone calls and emails... however, nothing has been accomplished.

  25. Michelle Adams
    1 rating

    The office was not willing to cover the cost of the contract

    Jan 19, 2023

    Ongoing problems with Robison's capability to fulfill their obligations in their costly service agreements. They have been unable to solve problems with heating, which are a significant issue in the winter months when temperatures are at their highest. The office was not willing to cover the cost of the contract.

  26. Joe Hughes
    1 rating

    They all have problems with follow-up and communication

    Sep 30, 2022

    The technicians are pleasant and seem to know a lot. The service department, delivery of oil personnel, and others. They all have problems with follow-up and communication. We'll likely switch companies when we can resolve our latest issue with Robison.

  27. Sharon Berryman
    5 rating

    The operator on the phone is always pleasant and helpful

    Jul 28, 2022

    The operator on the phone is always pleasant and helpful. Martinez, the technician, is also extremely accommodating and helpful. He is also very informative and friendly. But, I needed to set up an appointment for another visit.

    Then I called twice, and, due to the time delay, I decided to make Robison call back, but no call was returned. I have successfully utilized this option previously. It's not clear why it wasn't working this time around.

  28. Bruce Wenig
    5 rating

    Highly recommend Robison

    Jun 18, 2022

    I'm currently getting five mini splits with ductless (Bosch) fitted by Robison.

    Tim Fernandez from sales came to my home, gave me a an immediate quote, and guided me through the entire installation.

    The installation crew, Chris, Matt, and Eddie, are knowledgeable about the productand installation process and are respectful of our home.

    The installation crew made sure to check that everything was installed correctly and also worked closely with the electrical contractor recommended by Robison.

    The process was smooth, and I highly recommend Robison and the installation team.

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