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2 Reviews on Northern Oil Company

  1. Savvy Shopper
    July 28th, 2022

    Excellent company to work with

    Excellent company to work with. I have to deal regularly with them on a daily basis. David & Brian and the team are always responsive and helpful. They are the best. and cannot praise them anymore.If you’re in need of any need for fuel in the Nottingham region, contact them and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Michael Sims
    June 18th, 2022

    Highway Robbery

    I was introduced to this location in the course of searching to purchase Kerosene within the Little Rock area. $5.05 per Gallon (Highway Robbery) but ok.

    Tax included and 2.4 percent since I paid with credit card. Really? Who has cash in the first place? They then refused to let them use their bathroom.

    When you’re going out of business five or six months later, please Don’t blame it on big-box retailers.

    This is the reason you can’t maintain customers that keep you operating. I’m sure it’s worth it for you.

    I am a massive fan of supporting local businesses, however I’m going to freeze my money before buying another bottle of Kerosene from this store.

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About Northern Oil Company

In 1970, the founder W. A. Northern's distribution and fuel business became the property of entrepreneur Marshall Rachel. More than 50 years later, the family-owned company continues Marshall's legacy of high-quality services, friendly customer service, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Northern Oil provides fuel and Lubricants to Central Arkansas. Central Arkansas region.

501 315 1518
[email protected]
302 W Hazel St, Benton, AR 72015, United States