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Is legit? has 28 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach customer care?

You can contact customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 1-702-251-9244

Where is located? is located at address United States.

28 Reviews on

  1. Ethan Shultz
    5 rating

    Very thoughtful and friendly

    Dec 30, 2023

    I was not able to figure out the tracking for my package. Decided to call up customer service to get some help. Got a rep named Anna on the line and she was super friendly and eager to assist. Answered right away and didn't leave me on hold or anything. Walked me through the tracking process step-by-step. We were able to see that the package was still making its way overseas. Anna told me she'd keep an eye on things and give me a shout when it arrived stateside.

    Sure enough, got a call from her just a few days later letting me know my package had landed. Anna was seriously impressive. Top notch customer service for sure. Beyond the shipping snafu, I ordered one of them paint by number kits. Wanted to see what all the hype was about. Also grabbed a lighted magnifying glass since I figured that would come in handy. Just finished my first canvas tonight and I gotta say, it was mad relaxing. And the lamp was a game changer with helping me see all the teeny numbers. Really happy I stumbled across this site.

    Gonna be doing a lot more paintings in my free time now!

  2. Donna Zimerman
    1 rating

    This site offer terrible support

    Dec 27, 2023

    I ordered a couple paint by number sets from this company because of how they showed the products in their ads - the canvas looked nice and flat instead of all folded up. Their site said to expect a wait, which I get these days. But they claimed orders take just 2-3 days to process before shipping out and and shipping time aside, I should've at least gotten tracking numbers or something by now.

    I sent the company an email asking them to cancel my order since it's taking so long, but no reply yet. So I went ahead and disputed it through PayPal. There's another brand called Masterpiece by Numbers that makes these in the US. Im gonna try ordering from them instead starting today. It's just annoying how so many of those social media ads are from foreign companies with crappy customer service. You never know where they actually are.

  3. Toynita Martinez
    1 rating

    I haven't received any confirmation

    Jun 5, 2023

    I ordered something online recently and got a tracking number when I placed the order. I emailed the company to ask about my purchase, and some guy named Alex wrote back saying my kit would ship out. But here I am weeks later and I still ain't gotten nothing! I kept checking that tracking code they gave me, and at the end of April it said Packed for picking up but that was the last update. No package ever showed up. I'm still waiting on any kind of confirmation that my order shipped.Pretty annoyed I wasted $35 bucks on this nonsense and sure wish I had read some bad reviews before I bought from these jokers!

  4. Donald Burrow
    1 rating

    Customer service is lacking

    Mar 12, 2023

    Customer service is lacking. When I received my personalized PBN, it was so disgusting that I couldn't complete it. The faces were orange; the backgrounds were not like the original. And as I was, it was referred customer support or email. SCAM...

  5. Mark Dexter
    1 rating


    Mar 11, 2023

    Terrible. This is undoubtedly an enormous fraud. No contact numbers for the website. Does it state that their office is at Elizabeth street, Melbourne, but they also ship paint-by-number kits to China? I was provided with a tracking number, and it claims that the equipment was delivered one week ago. I typed in their email address to mail an email, but I received an auto-reply telling me that the email addresses don't exist. I replied to emails they sent me, and each one was dismissed. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. I wouldn't even consider giving it one star.

  6. Lorraine Robinson
    1 rating

    I placed an order in June for an anniversary present

    Mar 10, 2023

    I placed an order in June for an anniversary present. My purchase hasn't yet been delivered, and I can't trace it through the system, and the company hasn't responded to any of my Instagram messages or emails. Hoping it is delivered or I receive an amount back. It's been a terrible incident for me. It isn't enjoyable, and it feels like I've been scammed out of money.

  7. Dennis Curran
    1 rating

    Alexandra is the most ineffective, unprofessional customer service rep I've ever met.

    Mar 9, 2023

    Alexandra is the most ineffective, unprofessional customer service rep I've ever met. I'm disgusted by the person. I placed an order three months ago, and it's not been delivered; she hasn't responded to my emails and will not even offer me an exchange. I would like to see her fired. I've contacted my bank for the chargeback, although the paint-by-numbers website states that you'll be entitled to an exchange if your order doesn't arrive in four weeks.

  8. Andrew Chun
    4 rating

    Overall, it was a great experience overall.

    Mar 5, 2023

    Overall, it was a great experience. Secure and legal. The site is simple enough to find and purchase, while the process is simple. The delivery time is slightly longer than I had envisioned; however, even on Christmas, I received my painting promptly. When I ran into difficulties getting my orders tracked, I called the customer service department, and they responded quickly and were friendly and accommodating.

  9. John Taylor
    4 rating

    The customer service was great and the product was excellent.

    Mar 4, 2023

    The customer service was great, and the product was excellent. The delivery was slow considering the current times that we live in. However, the customer service was friendly and prompt in responding to emails. I also appreciated how they checked back to see whether the item had been delivered. Also, they offered to send a new one if the first did not arrive.

  10. Harish Doshi
    2 rating

    I am very disappointed with the waiting time since

    Mar 3, 2023

    I purchased two canvases at Paint By Numbers. A tracking code was given immediately; since it was delivered from China, I knew it would take a while to arrive. I contacted By Numbers Paint By Numbers 2 months later to inquire if I'd get them shortly; Alexandra explained I would receive them soon. They have not arrived for another month, so I emailed again asking for an exchange. We were told that another set of canvases would be delivered urgently, but there was no mention of the possibility of a refund. Finally, I received an email from Alexandra 6 months after purchasing the canvases that said they were in the post office and ready to be picked up. Since I received the canvases, they seem to be of good quality. However, I'm not sure how good the painting materials are since I haven't opened the canvases yet. I am very disappointed with the waiting time since I hoped to start painting the canvases a few months back!

  11. Deborah Palmer
    1 rating

    Don't purchase directly from the company

    Mar 2, 2023

    Don't purchase directly from the company. I was extremely excited to buy a product on the website for more than the past 80 days. The product hasn't been delivered to me, and upon reading the website, it says I am entitled to a refund in full within 40 days. Although I understand the general situation and that shipping has been delayed for quite a while, as it's been more than two times the timeframe stated, it is a reasonable request for a refund. Service has been prompt in responding to me but has not offered a refund and has offered only an additional painting if the item doesn't show up after 12 weeks (expected within less than six). The guarantee to refund stated on the website has not been followed through; There is no guarantee that you'll receive the item you ordered or compensation in any way, if at all, for the business's inability to deliver the product you bought. I do not recommend buying from this business in any of these issues are important to you. They also filter reviews and do not publish ANY negative reviews on their website.

  12. Bernard Downey
    4 rating

    The customer assistance was excellent.

    Mar 1, 2023

    It took two months for my order to arrive, but everything went smoothly. I'm not blaming the company (shipments across borders are highly restricted because of COVID-19). I'm delighted with the product, and the customer assistance was excellent.

  13. Dean Moriyama
    4 rating

    Highly recommend!

    Feb 28, 2023

    I enjoyed the painting process. It was enjoyable and relaxing. I want things at a slower pace, and this was right. It took me a while to complete the painting, but it was well worth it. Highly recommend!

  14. Laresa Flake
    4 rating

    I was extremely pleased!

    Feb 26, 2023

    The delivery time was long, so I'm giving an average rating of 4 stars. However, the support email team was terrific and quick to reply and help, and I was extremely pleased!

  15. Tracy Weldon
    4 rating

    Everything was fine

    Feb 25, 2023

    Everything was fine, except that the delivery took a prolonged duration. However, there's a reason behind that covid-19. We can't blame the company. It was very nice that the sales rep called me to inquire if the parcel had arrived. Thank you very much.)

  16. Boris Yamnizki
    5 rating

    I was very pleased with my purchase from this business

    Feb 23, 2023

    I was delighted with my purchase from this business. They were all accommodating and friendly. When I received my parcel, it gave detailed directions on finishing the process. I would buy from them again.

  17. Shane Evans
    1 rating

    Don't purchase from them!

    Feb 22, 2023

    Don't purchase from them! They are not the company I would ever order from ever again! I bought it in May last year and have sent mail to Them several times, and received a response via "Alexandra." However, I have not received a response to my three emails to them.

  18. Pamela Damian
    4 rating

    We thank you for your time

    Feb 20, 2023

    Happy discovered that all questions were handled in a friendly manner. It was a pleasure talking to a decent and responsive team. We thank you for your time. You can use this review however you like.

  19. Paul Metsger
    4 rating

    I will purchase more products from them shortly!

    Feb 18, 2023

    While the delivery time was longer than anticipated, the product was exactly as described. Customer service was fantastic! I sent them an email because I was concerned the product was missing; however, they promptly responded promptly. I was surprised when they contacted me one month later to confirm whether I had received ved the item! I will purchase more products from them shortly!

  20. Stuart Rachlin
    4 rating

    Outstanding customer service.

    Feb 17, 2023

    Outstanding customer service. The order took over two months, and tracking information wasn't up-to-date, But every query was promptly answered with excellent details. It was of excellent quality, and I will order from them again once it is no longer a pandemic.

  21. Susan Ronde
    5 rating

    Highly recommended!

    Feb 16, 2023

    Paint By Numbers was super helpful when my purchase was delayed due to COVID. They were easy to connect with, and follofollowedia an email after I received my purchase to confirm that I received it—excellent quality for the price. I highly recommend it!

  22. Aaron Talbot
    4 rating

    Delighted with the product!

    Feb 16, 2023

    I was sent the wrong item initially. However, the company graciously gave me the correct item and allowed me to keep the original one for free. I placed another order following that and am delighted with the product!

  23. Joan Knurek
    4 rating

    The delivery was a bit slow, but it was ok given the distance length

    Feb 15, 2023

    The delivery was a bit slow, but it was ok given the distance length. Alexandra was accommodating in providing the status of the shipment and tracking. The contents were meticulously wrapped and packed into multiple layers.

  24. Stan Kaminski
    4 rating

    Excellent customer service.

    Feb 15, 2023

    Excellent customer service. It took some time for delivery; however, now it's here, and my niece will love it. Canvas feels like excellent quality. I'll likely order more for my friends as well as myself.

  25. Adam Sommers
    5 rating

    The painting arrived in perfect and in perfect condition!

    Feb 12, 2023

    The painting arrived in perfect and in perfect condition! The quality of the paint is quite good as well. I've purchased from other stores with way too liquid colors, but this one is perfect. The wait was a bit long. However, that's normal since I bought it at Christmas time.

  26. April Castronovo
    5 rating

    I rate five stars for this service due to the mistake

    Jan 22, 2023

    I rate five stars for this service due to the mistake I made in my purchase (I paid for two canvasses but only received one). The customer service response was quick and very accommodating. I could get my other painting without paying additional for the canvas or shipping.

  27. Terrence Keenan
    5 rating

    I'll definitely purchase again

    Sep 26, 2022

    The painting is fantastic. I have completed one of them, exactly like the one on the website. While it took a while for the artwork to arrive because of covid, their service to customers is outstanding, and they responded to all my questions quickly, so I was constantly aware of what was going on when the package was delivered, and it was clear they care about each customer. I'll purchase again.

  28. Donna Zimmermann
    3 rating

    Bad reputation for delivering parcels

    Jun 7, 2022

    The company is fast in responding to inquiries. The order, however, did not arrive, even though two parcels were sent.

    I'm not sure where the issue was. However, I would guess it was on a South African end as the country has a bad reputation for delivering parcels.

    I would suggest that any companies that deliver parcels to South Africa use a courier firm to ensure delivery, as the post office can be challenging.

    My request for a refund took only a few days. It was awe-inspiring.

    I'm confident that delivery to other countries will go well, and my delivery experience won't change this.

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About is an online store selling paint by numbers kits for adults. These kits include a numbered canvas, paints, and brushes. They offer various designs like animals, cities, and abstract themes. The site provides painting tips and a tracking system for orders. They have policies for refunds and exchanges and ship internationally.

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