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12 Reviews

12 Reviews on Nash Painting

  1. Rendalee Singleton
    Jan 22, 2023

    I am so grateful that I came across NashPainting

    I discovered NashPainting after another painting service had left an unfinished job. They arrived promptly and quickly to finish the work and then redo the painting in a few areas. The people I dealt with were beneficial and knowledgeable. I still have a few rooms that need to be painted. I’ll book them again shortly. Luis and his crew were excellent and did a fantastic job. I am so grateful that I came across NashPainting.

  2. Britt Rentschler
    Dec 22, 2022

    Nash Painter was professional

    Nash Painter was professional, performed high-quality work, and delivered excellent value. When a need was required to be resolved, the company was responsive and completed the task—highly recommended.

  3. Bradley Hanson
    Dec 19, 2022

    We paid more than $1,800 to get our new deck painted

    We paid more than $1,800 to get our new deck painted. I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I am in this project. We were ecstatic when we started working with them because of the positive reviews. We were informed that there would be sanding and taping off, which would be approximately a two-day job. The person they sent out took up to five hours painting the deck and two sets of handrails. The screws broke on the spindles they cut off, left screws on top of the spindles that they put back on, and went screws scattered on the ground for our dogs to discover. We complained to them, and they sent the people back out, but they failed to finish their work and were sent a second time. We then moved on, but now it’s even a week after, and the paint is already beginning to peel and flake off.

  4. Conrad Dudziak
    Dec 15, 2022

    Fast, efficient and professional.

    Fast, efficient, and professional. With the never-ending construction boom, Nashville can be a difficult location to finish work. Nash Painting allowed us to complete the task correctly and swiftly. The entire process was professional, and the cost was affordable. We recommend them to anyone who requires painting to paint their house’s exterior or interior.

  5. Jacinta Florent
    Nov 17, 2022

    Professional and extremely efficient

    Professional and extremely efficient. Great communicators. Highly disciplined, which prevented the typical misunderstandings with contractors. Excellent work. It’s more expensive than other options but well worth the cost. We’ve attempted to get a lower price but were disappointed. Nash provided the high-quality service we expected for the price. We highly recommend Nash. They exceeded my expectations.

  6. Karla Alvarez
    Nov 13, 2022

    Very simplified procedure!

    Very simplified procedure! It was quick and accessible from the estimate until the actual painting project. I am thrilled with the result, as my house looks fantastic! They even helped to put everything back into order. We will be using Nash Painting again!

  7. Dawn Harris
    Nov 8, 2022

    It looks like a completely different home!

    Nash Painting painted the outside of our home and stained the deck. The entire process, from start to end, was easy. I had been anxious about painting the house myself for a while. I’m happy we finally gave up and decided to contract the work. The team was excellent. Fast. Efficient. Also, be careful. I am amazed at the change a new coat of paint can make. It looks like a completely different home!

  8. Nagham Nashour
    Nov 4, 2022

    Nashville Painting did an excellent job staining my deck

    Nashville Painting did an excellent job staining my deck. The only reason I did not give it five stars was after looking at the pressure washing done. I needed them to return a second time since many areas were not adequately cleaned. In other words, I was satisfied with the work, and Linda helped me schedule the appointment quickly.

  9. Jamie Owens
    Nov 2, 2022

    I would highly recommend Nash Painting!

    I’ve had the pleasure of working in conjunction with Nash Painting several times over the past few years. I’ve worked with another painting company in Nashville, and from how that experience was compared to the ones I’ve experienced with Nash Painting, I’m not sure I’ll work with anyone other than Nash once more! Nash Painting is super responsive and will arrive at your location promptly to give you an estimate. The communication during the whole process will be transparent d smooth, and you’ll know what to expect. Their teams arrive promptly and are professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects with Nash Painting on some interior painting (drywall and cinderblock) and painting exteriors (deck and fencing). I would highly recommend Nash Painting!

  10. Kristin Eakins
    Nov 1, 2022

    The entire process was smooth

    The entire process was smooth. After I submitted my request online, I was contacted the next day, received my quote, and was in the process within three days. Linda was very accommodating and promptly sent me all the details regarding the process they follow, such as choosing paint shades and sheens, what to prepare for my home, and more. I was very impressed. The team was always punctual and courteous, and professional. They explained exactly what they would complete and how long this would require. The painting was professional, neat, and meticulous. They cleaned up after themselves, and there was no visible mess while they worked. I’m very impressed. It’s definitely worth the price. IMPECCABLE quality of service and quality of work.

  11. Jose Germenos
    Sep 26, 2022

    I would recommend Nash again

    I have utilized Nash at least three times. The most recent one involved fixing many cracks in drywall, crown molding, caulking, and painting. The price quoted was reasonable, and a fair price for the work was included. A few months later, three cracks were reoccurring. Then, Nash sent a top-notch drywall specialist to fix the mentioned. The result was completed, and I would recommend Nash again.

  12. Alan Robertson
    Jun 19, 2022

    high-quality painting

    I would suggest Nash Painting if you want high-quality painting done.

    I recently purchased an apartment in the Nashville areathat required an entire painting.

    My realtor suggested them, and they were able to complete the estimate in a short time and could begin the work immediately.

    It took around five days to finish the whole townhouse.

    The finished product shows such care for detail.

    For instance, the woodwork and doors are so clean and pop against the walls.

    Linda was in touch with me regularly to ensure that everything was working as it should.

    I am very satisfied with their work and would I would recommend them to anyone needing painting.

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