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  1. Robert Patterson
    September 26th, 2022

    Great selection

    I’ve been visiting this store for a long time. Great selection, but a bit expensive, but my top place. However, they’ve been becoming a little more strict with their rules regarding what you are allowed to do, where you can go, and the way you must be asking for assistance to pick something. One of the clerks got angry with me for taking an item when I overlooked the ask to assist sign. There were some complaints regarding it through other clients, too. It was once an inviting space, but it now seems crowded and threatening.

  2. Gerry Mercado
    June 18th, 2022

    I was interested in was too expensive

    The store has a decent range. One star was removed because everything I was interested in was too expensive.

    There were some very nice acrylic stands. However, the majority cost around $30 each.

    I know that the shop must make a profit and also cover shipping costs, but it isn’t enough for something that wouldn’t be that expensive to create.

    I’d be amazed when I find out what it costs in Japan.

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