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3 Reviews on Animegastore

  1. Ryan Beachum
    Jan 21, 2023

    There were no issues identified.

    Everything I ordered arrived in excellent and in good condition. The quality of the items is acceptable. Cheap, and the discounts are great. There were no issues identified.

  2. Alison Dyke
    Sep 26, 2022


    LOVE YOUR STORE! Great deals! I purchased a costume from Kakashi for a mere $1 compared to other stores of similar prices. You can get it if you follow their social media accounts, where they post new deals.

  3. Jose Cajas
    May 26, 2022

    Anime is a great place

    Anime is a great place to find anime-related products. It’s convenient, as everything can be found in one place. Free shipping is something I appreciate. Unique anime-related items are only available here at such low prices.

    This is my favorite store right now. Because of the great deals and discounts, I buy a lot from this store. It is amazing that shipping is free! It is incredible that no other discounters sell low-priced products and don’t charge shipping.

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