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4 Reviews on All Time Locksmith

  1. Evgueni Minev
    September 24th, 2022

    Will never again!

    A shrewd Eastern European chap turned up amid solid lager. He charged me PS249 for drilling out the barrel of a locked lock and putting a PS19 barrel back into it. It was not there for 15mins. Inexpensive, cocky, and lacking English communication skills. Will never again!

  2. Bryan Lynch
    July 13th, 2022

    Highly recommend!

    I was locked in my car. Used All Time Locksmith. Extremely quick response time. Excellent service, and managed to gain access to my keys without harm. Friendly and efficient. Highly recommend!

  3. Esmeralda Morales
    June 30th, 2022

    no response, no keys

    Good start. We got our business and funds. I purchased security keys and was advised to call them to request additional master keys. They didn’t respond to messages or emails. Finally, I got through on a phone call and was told I could provide other master keys. I don’t have any security questions, and then four weeks later, no response, no keys, and I’m not able to give access to any new workers.

  4. Julie Loco
    June 11th, 2022

    the issue in order to attempt to make more money

    The experience with regards to the speed at which the locksmith was able to arrive during the night was fantastic.

    However, on the phone, they offered PS80, and the locksmith cost me PS106 even though the locksmith only did the opening for me.

    I was tired and unable to fight since it was already 4 am when I arrived. He also informed him that the key cylinder of the lock was damaged and suggested replacing it with an additional PS32; however, I chose to hold off until the following day.

    A locksmith came in the next day and informed me that there was no issue with the lock because the lock’s key bent. However, they worked when I tried my spare keys inside the lock.

    It seemed like they were trying to scam me with more money. If they had told me the truth, I wouldn’t have called another locksmith the next day to fix the cylinder.

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