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6 Reviews on Wildgoose Events

  1. Ursula S Atweh
    Jan 22, 2023

    The experience was highly entertaining.

    Personal, enthusiastic, and demanding activity, delivered flawlessly. Wildgoose was able to conduct the GPS Treasure Activity so well remotely. They took care of our needs before the event and joined us for the day with excitement and confidence, making us feel that the event was individual. Specific assignments were challenging, making it enjoyable to discover what each group would think as the response. The experience was highly entertaining.

  2. Nancy Lahovski
    Sep 22, 2022

    I enjoyed the evening and got a lot of laughs

    I enjoyed the evening and got a lot of laughs. The only issue was that I could not enable the app on my Android phone. Permissions wouldn’t accept my settings. Luckily, I wasn’t an administrator for the team, so this wasn’t a problem.

  3. Carmin Gallo
    Aug 1, 2022

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event, and the instructor was great at explaining the process and keeping everyone interested. The photo and video challenges were well-thought-out and fun, resulting in an excellent conversation and lots of laughter during the process. It was a perfect mixture of technology and teamwork that we’d check for a second time.

  4. Todd Chuntz
    Jul 12, 2022

    Excellent Team building

    As an organization, we’ve utilized Wildgoose two times for in-person events and once to host an online. The events were all a huge success. We laughed a lot, and it was a great competition, and it helped us become more acquainted. Even after the event was over, people continued to talk about them.

  5. Joyce Sims
    Jul 2, 2022

    It was a great event and an unforgettable experience

    It was a great event and an unforgettable experience provided by the Wildgoose Team from A to Z with excellent care, attention to detail, and remarkable support. We took part in the game of survival in the jungle, making it a great team-building experience with many memorable memories to treasure. We are looking forward to the next event!

  6. Jonathan Shreves
    May 24, 2022

    wonderful break

    Lauren did an excellent job keeping the energy up and the game moving. Although we were not completely clear on how to play some points, it didn’t seem to matter as long as we had fun.

    The Hybrid version was very easy to play in the office or at home. It was fun to see my team laugh and play, and it was great to get copies of Shark Tank videos.

    Since the event, we’ve been quoting them every day. Wildgoose, thank you for providing a wonderful break for our team!

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