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Is Daisy Maison legit?

Daisy Maison has 27 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.6 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Daisy Maison customer care?

You can contact Daisy Maison customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 1253607998

Where is Daisy Maison located?

Daisy Maison is located at address Kitty Lane, Blackpool FY4 5EG, United Kingdom.

27 Reviews on Daisy Maison

  1. Rebecca
    1 rating

    Missing Pebble and Customer Support Abysmal.

    Dec 31, 2023

    I bought a pebble Christmas tree decoration for my son and family. It arrived without pebbles, the moment I contacted customer service, I was told that it was too late to ship another one before Xmas I was also told to apply glue to them myself. I'm not expecting to spend PS21 for a homemade pebble decoration. Customer service is abysmal.

  2. Rebecca
    1 rating

    Pebble Ornament Purchase

    Dec 27, 2023

    I bought a Christmas tree ornament made of pebbles for my son and family members, and it was delivered with pebbles falling off. When I complained, I was informed it was not possible for a second delivery before Xmas and that I should put them in my own hands, I do not expect to spend PS21 for a homemade pebble decorations, and the service was terrible.

  3. Jenna
    2 rating

    Disappointing Ruby Wedding Anniversary Heart

    Dec 1, 2023

    The personalized heart for a Ruby wedding anniversary unfortunately fails to meet expectations. The color discrepancy, with the heart appearing more pink than the advertised vibrant red, is a notable issue. The inclusion of pebbles, intended to add aesthetic value, instead cheapens the overall appearance. Quality concerns are further highlighted by the presence of scratches and a fault at the heart's point. This product's shortcomings, particularly for such a significant occasion, are disappointing and detract from its intended sentimental value.

  4. Phil Siegel
    1 rating

    Disgusting customer service

    Jun 6, 2023

    I returned it for a second person to add and bought it. I paid for tracking through Royal Mail which showed it was not returned. The company claimed they had never been able to get it back and hadn't given me the amount I spent. Therefore, I'm not paying in the pocket the price of the picture in its original form Cost paid for adding a new person, or the costs paid for returning the image—disgusting customer service.

  5. Terri Snellgrove
    5 rating

    Experience was excellent

    May 6, 2023

    I recently ordered a personalized pebble frame for my daughter's wedding. My experience was excellent, and she was thrilled with it..definitely recommend it..you will not be satisfied.

  6. Jackie Goard
    1 rating

    Not acknowledged

    May 4, 2023

    The frame arrived damaged. Some messages were being read but not acknowledged. The print was different from the image shown on the website. Pebble dropped and glued all over the frame and glass; the structure was broken

  7. Casey Smith
    4 rating

    A beautiful keepsake

    May 2, 2023

    I got a photo of pebbles this past week that I bought for my mother on her 60th birthday. It was a present from the children. It's a perfect size and a beautiful keepsake. The only issue was that I asked for a name and a pebble of the dog in our family. It had been included, but the rock wasn't there and looked a bit weird. Apart from that, it is a fantastic gift.

  8. Jessica Brogan
    3 rating

    No other resolution provided

    Apr 15, 2023

    I'm a fan of Daisy Maison's products, but I was disappointed when I received my second purchase. The print was wrinkled, and the seller suggested I return the image. However, it was already presented, and it wasn't proper to request the person receiving it to remove a frame and resolve the issue. I was highly disappointed with the answer to Daisy Mason, with no other resolution provided. I would advise you to review your purchases attentively and give yourself enough time to fix any issues.

  9. Renee Mercurio
    2 rating

    The birthday person I received from them has passed, well-paid but lacks service for a defective product.

    Jan 22, 2023

    Pebble Family Photo I placed an order on 28th December, received it on 18th January, and it was gorgeous, but after waiting three weeks for delivery, the picture broke head from the person; when I sent an email, I received a quick response, either to return it or glue the head put back on, but there was no option to return it after waiting for three weeks. The birthday person I received from them has passed, well-paid but lacks service for a defective product. :(

  10. Veronica Barbis
    1 rating

    I am not satisfied with this service

    Dec 16, 2022

    I placed an order for a pebble image on the 2nd of June, giving me a week for delivery, However, after receiving an email saying that my order was completed for delivery, I have not heard anything further. Now it's been ten days, and after having emailed four times, I have received nothing from the company. I tried calling them, too, but they did not answer. I am not satisfied with this service, and, more importantly, the birthday celebrations have been missed.

  11. Allison Hoyt
    5 rating

    Very pleased with the service. Thank you so much.

    Dec 16, 2022

    I placed an order for my first pebble photo, which was delivered very quickly. It's going to be a wonderful Christmas present. I also ordered a second for an entirely different family. After a few days, I had not heard when it was due, and I called Daisy Maison ......The lady who reassured me. The parcel was being prepared, and then I got my email to inform me that it was available for delivery. The package arrived after a couple of days because of postal strikes. However, it's just as gorgeous as the first. Very pleased with the service. Thank you so much.

  12. Robert Horvath
    1 rating

    Three days later, no one had responded

    Dec 14, 2022

    I ordered over PS130 worth of products... there was no communication, only half of it. I ultimately left out. Then I was informed that after a month without contact, they were out of pebbles... Yet, people who ordered after me received their orders! I received a hollow apology and apologies from the company's owner, along with promises to assist me. Three days later, no one had responded. Could you not buy from them? But one positive thing was that the two shown frames were stunning.

  13. Robert Ruby
    1 rating

    Do not use this company.

    Dec 11, 2022

    Do not use this company. I placed my order on the 22nd of September, but it took over one month. The name was misspelled on the image, and it was their fault. They promised to send me another print, but I have not received it. They've not responded to any messages I've sent following this issue. When I made a comment on a Facebook post,, they blocked me. The company was awful, and the image was of poor quality, too. Do not purchase from this company!!

  14. Madeline Laviana
    1 rating

    They are not responding with Emails

    Dec 9, 2022

    Poor service. I ordered a time-stamp of delivery for Christmas, but nothing was delivered. They are not responding with Emails or Facebook Messengers (they have received that message). In a bid to make comments on posts, they're taking time to delete them, but they did reply. They're responding to new posts by customers, but any that have ordehavemissing seems to be quite a lot that they delete without responding.

  15. George Theobald
    5 rating

    Thank you so much for everything,

    Dec 6, 2022

    I purchased a picture frame with ornamental pebbles, and it's stunning. It arrived in an extremely short time as I went with an express delivery option because it was a present for Christmas and I needed to arrive within the timeframe. Overall, I am happy with how it looks, and it is safe and securely packed to prevent potential damage: it is of excellent quality and highly accommodating service. I will take some other items Daisy Maison makes following this one. Thank you so much for everything, and best greetings, Steve Hughes, a delighted customer.

  16. Rick Martinez
    5 rating

    Very thoughtfully made and fun.

    Dec 5, 2022

    I purchased a Xmas ornament for the tree made of pebbles ..it arrived today ( the courier took almost three weeks ); however, it wasn't daisy's fault. After I asked when I would receive it, they immediately jumped on it, thinking that they were the owners .to shorten the story short, they were creating another to mail using an alternative postal address .when it was delivered. I promptly advised the company not to send me another, and they immediately contacted me. I couldn't be happier with the service provided by daisy .first first class customer service .first quality gift that I received .very thoughtfully made and fun. I am going to shop with this company once more.

  17. Phillip Deaton
    1 rating

    Stay far from this site!

    Dec 4, 2022

    What! I can't believe this site is still promoting items to purchase! I bought two photos last year. I paid for them but received nothing I tried to contact them, but they ignored all my messages and never offered the moneme y back!! Fraudsters! Stay far from this site!

  18. Ingmars Fridmanis
    1 rating

    I'm extremely disappointed

    Dec 2, 2022

    I'm incredibly disappointed with the appearance and quality of the product I bought. I saw it as an appropriate 'gift' to mark a golden wedding anniversary. I'm now looking for a replacement, and I am not able to find one since the anniversary celebration is set to begin within three days!......to gift this item to give as a present is seen as a cheap gift since it's nothing more than an ornament.

  19. Deborah Handy
    1 rating

    The service was terrible and disapointing

    Dec 1, 2022

    The service was terrible and disappointing. I placed an order more than ten days ago to celebrate Father's Day, but no communication was received from the seller. I have constantly been having to call to inquire and was informed earlier this week that the order was coming within the time promised. No delivery has been made, so I will have to go to the shops to find another present tomorrow. It's a terrible service and could have any respect for customers. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from this business. You are likely to be disappointed and unhappy, and the event you purchased the gift will truly be lost!

  20. Sharon Haywood
    5 rating

    Absolutely gorgeous items

    Nov 25, 2022

    These are absolutely gorgeous items, I purchased two pebbles and the planner, both beautiful! I paid for express delivery and amid all, the postage issues, we received the items in time to send our package to America. Thank you

  21. Carol Merck
    1 rating

    It's a complete disappointment

    Nov 22, 2022

    The website is a disaster. It was a nightmare to order a hanging heart decoration using six pebbles. However, options for pebble 4 weren't available regardless of how many attempts I made. We decided to go with three stones, and the selection was changed to a new design without my knowledge. The wrong design was delivered with a glue line all over the heart. It's a complete disappointment, and I feel taken advantage of. Customer service claims not to allow returns unless they offer 20% off a different purchase! Beware of them if you don't wish to be utterly dissatisfied and annoyed!

  22. Karen Stashick
    2 rating

    It's a waste of money

    Sep 22, 2022

    Unfortunately, the item purchased looks poor quality. Instead of being as vibrant and bright as the picture before buying it, it's well and appears very worn. In what was meant to be a wedding present, it's disappointing and feels like it's a waste of money.

  23. Meloney Terrell
    5 rating

    I'm very happy with them

    Aug 1, 2022

    I ordered two bracelets for my flower girls to wear for my wedding in the last few weeks. I received them just now, they are beautiful, I'm very happy with them. I am sure that both of my bridesmaids will adore the bracelets!

  24. Robert Cherkiss
    5 rating

    The product is exactly what I needed

    Jul 12, 2022

    Service: Putting my order in was easy, and I got confirmation immediately—regular updates on the progress of manufacturing, dispatch, and delivery of my product. I am delighted with both the service and the product. Daisy Maison has exceeded expectations in both areas.
    I received a high-quality product! Didn't cut corners or minimize my personalization. The product is exactly what I needed.

  25. David Brown
    5 rating

    Excellent service, satisfied with my purchase

    Jul 2, 2022

    I was pleased with the personalized Mancave design for my husband's father's day gift. It looks nice on his shed—he's father to his step-son, who is disabled, and also our cat. The delivery was quick and of good quality. It's also more than I expected. Excellent service, satisfied with my purchase.

  26. Scott Smith
    4 rating

    This was my Mother's Day gift

    May 18, 2022

    This was ordered for Mother's Day. It's beautiful.

    However, I noticed a brown smudge in print.

    This is a minor issue for me.

  27. Rhonda Fould
    1 rating

    The poor product quality and the lack of customer service

    Apr 16, 2022

    To add, I called up to resolve the matter amicably. However, Shelley, the company owner, screamed at me and said she was Shelley and that she would not call me again. She also stated that the product was not what I had ordered.

    Xmas presents also cost me PS30. I bought two pieces of plastic that a five-year-old could have made. There was no friendship texting, and the plastic was not made of hard or pebble. They refused to give me a refund and I want to let people know about the poor product quality and lack of customer service.

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